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Rage (Skill Tree)
Faction: Sith Empire
Base Class: Sith Warrior
Advanced Class:

Sith Marauder
Sith Juggernaut

Rage is the shared skill tree of the Sith Warrior.[1] This tree is a melee combatant that has gained control over the Force.

The following table contains the known skills that can be gained from this tree:


Skill Type

Level Available


Obliterate Obliterate Active <20 Jumps to a target, impaling it for moderate weapon damage. Strikes with both weapons if dual wielding.
Shockwave Shockwave Passive <20 Each tick of Force Choke and Force Crush grants Shockwave, increasing the damage the next Smash deals by 25%. Stacks up to 4 times.
Force Crush Icon Force Crush Active ? Progressively slows the target from 90% to 10% movement speed over 5 seconds and deals low kinetic damage every second. At the end of the duration, the target is crushed, and takes an additional amount of moderate kinetic damage.

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