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Rakghouls are creatures that live on the lowest level of Taris. Rakghouls have existed for as long as anyone on Taris could remember. They even existed 300 years ago when Darth Reaven himself visited Taris. Rakhouls are basically mutated humanoids suffering the effects of the feared Rakghoul disease. The disease has three phases. The first phase of the disease involves flu like symptoms such as: chills, vomiting, and sweating. The second phase begins with the shedding of the skin to be replaced with a rough exoskeleton, and the eyes turning yellow. The third and final phase of the disease is the absolute worst: the full transformation into an actual Rakghoul. The actual origin of Rakghoul Disease is commonly debated on by doctors, historians, and even Jedi. It could have been the hideous creation from an ancient Sith ritual, or the effect of a bio-weapon experiment gone horribly wrong, along with many other possible origins. Rakhghouls were once managed to be contained to Taris' Undercity, but after Darth Malak's bombardment of Taris, they managed to escape. Now thousands (possibly millions) of Rakhouls walk the barren surface of the post-apocalyptic Taris. Thankfully, an expedition of the Republic's finest Jedi, smugglers, and soldiers managed to recover a vial of the vaccine from the abandoned hospital Dynamet General. The cure is mass-produced and sold at Republic medical stations today. |} |}