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Rakghoul DNA Canister
Rakghoul DNA Canister
Binds on Pickup
Cryogenically sealed Rakghoul DNA. Can be traded for special rewards at the THORN Reputation Vendor.

Rakghoul DNA Canisters are primarily obtained by defeating The Eyeless and completing certain missions in the Contagion Zone.

Rakghoul DNA Canisters can only be obtained during the "Rakghoul Resurgence" event.

Rakghoul DNA Canister is a Rakghoul Resurgence currency item. It can be earned from defeating operation bosses and from certain missions. It can be used to purchase specialty items from T.H.O.R.N. Reputation vendors.


Rakghoul DNA Canisters are obtained as mission rewards and from an operation boss.

Mission reward
Sith Empire [55D] The Tunnel Network
Sith Empire [55H4] Fungal Corruption
[55D] Spreading Infection
Operation bosses
The Eyeless


Rakghoul DNA Canisters can be used to purchase a variety of weapons, armor, and companion customizations.

Vendor Store
8B306181 317E48225C0287FB.png Outbreak Response Assault Cannon Powercore.png 6

CF09BAB6 9CF88999B66B324E.png Outbreak Response Blaster Powercore.png 4

80AC21BF 809EC3D0AD431530.png Outbreak Response Blaster Rifle Powercore.png 6

65FB9FB9 56F50CC43B63A35D.png Outbreak Response Lightsaber Powercore.png 4

236929F3 F221121B856785E4.png Outbreak Response Saberstaff Powercore.png 6

E2D8C891 4E0B5B99914DFA46.png Outbreak Response Sniper Rifle Powercore.png 6


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