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Rancor render

Rancor renders

Rancors are large, bipedal carnivores native to the planet Dathomir. Their size, strength, naturally armored hide, and terrifying appearance makes them a favorite of crime lords and others for use as war-beasts and fodder for gladiator arenas. While normally docile, they can be prodded into monstrous aggression by numerous stimuli such as starvation, torture, or territorial disputes with other creatures. Thus, rancors kept in captivity are often in poor health, though you wouldn't notice it from the way they so vigorously try to rip you in half.

Because of the profitable export of rancors as pets for war-lords and the such, they can now be found all over the galaxy, some even escaping into the wild and starting populations on planets that had never seen one before. However, since these creatures are so specialized for life on Dathomir, populations on other planets become more aggressive to make up for being ill-suited to an environment.

On a whole, rancors both wild and in captivity should be treated respectfully and with extreme caution.



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