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Rane Kovach was a Human Cyborg who worked undercover for the Republic Strategic Information Service during the Galactic War. After the Sith Emperor escaped confinement on Yavin 4, Kovach was dispatched and set up inside Sith Intelligence as an executive officer to Lana Beniko. While undercover, he answered directly to Theron Shan and another Republic-aligned individual who had landed on-world.


Kovach was an SIS agent during the first stages of the Galactic War. After the Republic and Empire ended their momentary truce to stop Revan from unleashing the Emperor, Kovach was sent undercover and planted deep within Sith Intelligence. He traveled with Lana Beniko, the new Minister of Intelligence, to the planet Ziost, where they discovered that Vitiate, no longer the Emperor, had assumed control of the majority of the Imperial forces stationed there.

Having learned that a shuttle had transported a contact to a hanger on Ziost, the two fought through demented forces and reached the individual. After Beniko was called away, Kovach revealed that he was an agent of the SIS and helped the contact through to the central armory. After being retaken, Kovach informed the contact that killing controlled Imperials only fueled Vitiate's power, and that the only way to stop him would be to find a non-lethal method in stopping him. Soon after, a deranged Jedi Knight attacked the armory, but Kovach activated a force field before Vitiate could kill them.

At some point during the chaos, Kovach contacted Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh and informed her that a massive Imperial stronghold planet was in disarray and ready for a Republic invasion. Saresh promptly scrambled a fleet to send to Ziost.

Kovach and the individual rushed to an administrative office in the heart of the city, where they shut down the planetary defense cannons under control of Vitiate's pawns. After a confrontation with Shan in the office, Kovach retreated from the building just as Saresh contacted Shan and informed him that a Republic naval fleet had arrived in orbit. Kovach's retreat was mainly to inform Saresh that he wished the fleet to exit the system so that Shan, the contact and himself could complete the mission without giving Vitiate more power. Saresh refused, and Kovach hung up the call just as the contact advanced on the office. Admitting his guilt, Kovach coordinated an assault with the individual on a security center in the city of New Adasta.

After the center's takeover, Kovach made his way inside, but before he was able to accomplish anything else, he was contacted by his superior. Kovach admitted his guilt, and any connection between him and either the SIS or Sith Intelligence were severed after he admitted his guilt. He dropped out of contact shortly after.

Personality and traits

Rane Kovach was a brave man for undertaking such a dangerous task as an undercover agent, especially knowing the price of treason should he have been caught by the Sith. After being found out, he admitted that he respected the Empire, but preferred a galactic ruling society that valued all life and decency, where any person could rise to greatness and everyone was equal.

Behind the scenes

Kovach first appeared in the story arc Rise of the Emperor, released by BioWare in 2015.

Kovach's fate and revealing of allegiance differs depending on the player's faction and actions.. Republic players are informed during their first story mission of his allegiance, while Imperial players find out during his holocom call with Chancellor Saresh. At the security station in New Adasta, Kovach will be called by Theron Shan if the player is Republic or Lana Beniko if the player is Imperial. Kovach can be made to reveal his allegiance himself for light side points, killed for dark side points, or the player can chose to say nothing and force Kovach to leave the planet for no alignment points. If the player forces Kovach to reveal that he was a double agent (or reveal that he was the reason that Saresh sent a fleet to Ziost if the player is Republic), Kovach will leave on his own terms.

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