This lore can be found on Coruscant. X:2441, Y:978

This Lore is located in the Old Galactic Market. Like most Lore Objects it takes the form of a plaque. It is located between a pair of crates by the loading docks in the first area after passing the republic security forces' position and encountering Migrant Merchants Guild forces.


The Republic capital was the Empire’s final target during the war, and the bombs dropped in the Sacking of Coruscant left large swathes of the city in ruins. The reconstruction effort began almost immediately after the Empire’s withdrawal, but in a crowded city-world where skyscrapers can be kilometers high, simply demolishing one safely can take months. Although donations flowed freely from the Republic, corruption and political squabbling caused further delays. Finally, Vanara Kayl, Senator for Coruscant, gave an impassioned speech claiming that deliberate interference in Coruscant’s rebuilding verged on treason. Impressed by her fervor, the Supreme Chancellor gave Senator Kayl full authority over the reconstruction efforts, which have proceeded relatively smoothly ever since.

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