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==External links==
==External links==
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Reflex Barrel 5
Reflex Barrel 5
Binds on Equip
Barrel (Item Modifications)
Total Stats:
   Item Rating Weapon Damage/Power Rating 46
   +8 Mastery
   +6 Endurance

Requires Level 15

This Blaster Barrel can be used to upgrade your blaster. Blaster Barrels will change the level of the item.

Reflex Barrel 5 is a prototype aim and endurance based barrel.


Reflex Barrel 5 can be crafted by Armstechs with a skill of 60.

Armstech materials

The schematic can be obtained by reverse engineering a Reflex Barrel 5.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering this barrel has a chance of teaching the Advanced Reflex Barrel 5 schematic.

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