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Enforcer's Contraband Pack
Regulator's Contraband Pack
Cartel Market Item
Use: Right-click to open this Regulator's Contraband Pack. This pack contains 4 items, including 1 boost item, 1 companion gift, 1 rare bonus item and 1 Contraband Resell Corporation item.

A pack of assorted goods purchased from the Cartel Market.

The Regulator's Contraband Pack is a Cartel Pack containing a sampling of items from the Cartel Market including exclusive rare items not available in any other pack. It is the first Cartel Pack from Shipment Two along with the Enforcer's Contraband Pack.


Regulator's Contraband Packs can be purchased from the Cartel Market for Cartel coin.png 160.


Possible items found in the pack

Primary article: List of Cartel Pack contents/Shipment Two

Regulator's Contraband Packs contain four items, one experience or social points boost, one rank 5 companion gift, one rare and a Bounty Supply Company reputation trophy. Rares include moddable armor, color crystals, emotes, pets, social items, titles, and vehicles.


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