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Occasionally, items are removed from the Cartel Market, usually holiday specific items, like Life Day.

No longer available[]

16092159 8250D0DA6E4CAAEC.png Czerka LD-1 Celebrator Cartel coin.png 1,800

A108A07D 9135718E18C3449F.png Life Day Bundle Cartel coin.png 3,720

Mtxholotree.png Life Day Holo-Tree Cartel coin.png 600

Mtxlifedayorb.png Life Day Orb Cartel coin.png 60

Mtxtinselbomb.png Life Day Tinsel Bomb Cartel coin.png 300

F9141EEB 4FB579A6665D94C8.png Life Day Robes Cartel coin.png 960

Ipp.class.inq.bis.hdps1.t6x1.chest.png Dire Taskmaster's Robe Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.inq.bis.cheal.t6x1.chest.png Dire Overlord's Vestments Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.war.bis.mdps1.t6x1.chest.png Dire Warmaster's Body Armor Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.war.bis.mtank.t6x1.chest.png Dire Eliminator's Chestguard Cartel coin.png 325 Guard Captain's Chestplate Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.spy.bis.theal.t6x1.chest.png CZ-27K Stealth Ops Suit Cartel coin.png 325 CZ-18X Avalanche Chestplate Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.jco.bis.hdps1.t6x1.chest.png Honored Master's Vestments Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.jco.bis.htank.t6x1.chest.png Honored Champion's Robe Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.kni.bis.mdps1.t6x1.chest.png Honored Saberist's Harness Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.kni.bis.mtank.t6x1.chest.png Honored Adept's Shroud Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.tro.bis.rheal.t6x1.chest.png MA-52 Med-Tech Chestplate Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.smu.bis.theal.t6x1.chest.png Emergency Responder's Overcoat Cartel coin.png 325

Ipp.class.tro.bis.rtank.t6x1.chest.png MA-53 Overwatch Chestplate Cartel coin.png 325

Jawagram heart.png Jawagram: "I Love You!" Cartel coin.png 20

Jawagram gift.png Jawagram: "It's a Surprise!" Cartel coin.png 20

A108A07D 9135718E18C3449F.png Fireworks Bundle Cartel coin.png 300

Small unmarkedcrate.png Republic Fireworks Cartel coin.png 125

Small unmarkedcrate.png Finale Fireworks Cartel coin.png 75

Small unmarkedcrate.png Imperial Fireworks Cartel coin.png 125