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Repelling Invasion

Level 20 mission

Planet [[Balmorra]]
Area [[Sundari Flatlands]]
Start Mission Objective
End [[Darth Lachris]]
Previous Sith Empire [19] The Siege of Balmorran Arms

Repelling Invasion is a level 20 mission available to characters belonging to the Sith Empire. It is obtained on Balmorra by completing the previous mission in the Balmorran Arms Factory.


Darth Lachris has taken command of the war effort on Balmorra. Grand Marshal Cheketta, formerly of the Republic, is bringing Republic reinforcements led by Jedi to help the resistance. Stop their landing.

Destroy the docked fighters on the landing pads and the guidance systems in the Balmorran Arms Factory.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Repelling Invasion mission description


  • Destroy the Guidance Systems
  • Destroy the West Docked Fighter
  • Destroy the South Docked Fighter
  • Destroy the Northeast Docked Fighter
  • Locate the Docked Ship
  • Speak to Grand Marshal Cheketta
  • Defeat Grand Marshal Cheketta
  • Defeat Jedi Knight Senn
  • Defeat the Jedi Padawan
  • Choice: Take confession and let Republic troops go
  • Light Side Icon.png +150 "Okay. I'll show mercy."
  • Choice: Refuse confession and take Republic troops
  • Dark Side Icon.png +150 "I don't need your confession."
  • Speak to Darth Lachris


  • 5887 XP
  • Credit.png 515
  • Light Side Icon.png +150 -or- Dark Side Icon.png +150

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