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The Republic Boarding Party is the second boss in the Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint if you and your party are Imperial players.

This is a council style fight that consists of 4 bosses; Keenor, Teklan, Magnus, and Ezeraline.


Since the Republic boarding party is composed of the playable classes in the game,it resembles PvP.

Ezerline the Jedi Knight:(Sentinel)This guy is the muscles of the party.This Jedi must be taken out first because he will aim the healer available in your group,cant be crowd controlled(but not certainly all)leaps,and drops threat

Magnus the Jedi Consular(Sage):She might be a simple Jedi but the only thing that makes her dangerous is her AOE damage

Keenor the Trooper(Commando):Range DPS with some explosives Soft enrage when final boss left,

Mortar attack which can be stun interrupted or avoided. HIGH Damage. He can be stunned

Taklan the smuggler (Scoundrel) : Dual wielder healer (No cloak/invisibility)

Notes: Each time someone dies, they get stronger so keep them at 20-10% until your group have killed the Knight but kill the trooper first because he'll massacre your group.


Hard Mode

Binds on Equip
Light Armor (Rating 126)
257 Armor

Total Stats:
Requires Level 50
Requires Light Armor

Normal Mode

Binds on Pickup
Heavy Armor (Rating 64)
376 Armor

Durability: 120/120
Total Stats:
+23 Strength
+37 Endurance
+15 Power
Item Modifications
Armoring (26)
+11 Strength
+14 Endurance
Mod (26)
+12 Strength
+13 Endurance
Enhancement (26)
+10 Endurance
+15 Power
Requires Level 25
Requires Heavy Armor