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A Republic Special Force trooper

"A unique operational group within the Republic Army, the Special Forces division was devised by General Garza and officially founded in the aftermath of the Sacking of Coruscant. Unlike most army divisions, Special Forces is composed almost entirely of small squads of elite, highly trained soldiers specializing in irregular warfare. Relying on high mobility, extensive training and the latest military technologies, SpecForce squads exploit weaknesses that larger forces can’t, giving the Republic military greater flexibility in addressing enemy threats. Standard assignments include reconnaissance, sabotage, asset recovery (enemy or friendly, personnel or materiel), search and destroy operations, and training and support for allied personnel."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

The Republic Special Forces is a special elite combat unit which was founded by the famed General Garza in the Great Galactic War as an elite force to counter the greater strength of the Sith Empire. One of its most famous squadrons is Havoc Squad.


These Republic elite troopers would sometimes cooperate with the Jedi Knights. In some parts of the galaxy, they constituted the only military combat unit available in the field of battle. A special force's squad can only consist of a max of 6 members.
Trooper Commando
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