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"The Strategic Information Service (SIS) is the Republic’s premiere intelligence and espionage agency. Chartered and overseen by the Galactic Senate, the SIS is responsible for information gathering and covert operations both inside and out of Republic space, as well as for assisting the military, local law enforcement and the Jedi Order. The SIS is the latest in a long line of Republic espionage agencies founded and disbanded over the centuries. Originally a monitoring and decryption arm of the Senate library, the SIS rapidly expanded during the war against the Empire. It remains smaller, more focused and comparatively underfunded in comparison to Imperial Intelligence, but has proven its effectiveness many times over. Although by no means a secret organization, the SIS keeps a relatively low profile. SIS operations are rarely revealed, and its administrators almost never appear alongside Senators or other officials. This is a public relations gambit–the SIS believes that the Republic citizenry would be uncomfortable with the nature of its work, and so avoids attracting attention and unwanted questions."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

Republic Strategic Information Service, commonly known as the SIS, is the Galactic Republic's relatively new covert Intelligence Agency.


The SIS was established in the early years of the Great Galactic War to provide the Republic with a covert Intelligence service. All though extensive it maintained a far smaller network than it's Imperial counterpart, Imperial Intelligence, and had no arcane bureaucracy. By the Cold war it was headquartered in the Heorem Complex on Coruscant.[1]

Operating morally and within Republic Law was something that marked the SIS as different from Imperial Intelligence, with the exception of rare occasions where straying from the law was necessary to complete their objectives. Despite this is was known to be an effective intelligence agency.[1]


While also headquartered on Coruscant, the SIS conducted an operation to disrupt hijacker activities. An undercover Twi'lek operative convinced a Republic ally to partake in this mission.


After the Republic discovered an ancient Rakatan prison on Belsavis the Republic Strategic Information Service conducted classified talks and decided to reopen this detention facility, dubbed The Tomb, as a last resort for holding prisoners where execution was either not possible or impractical.[2] This brought the SIS into direct conflict with Imperial Intelligence, as they carried out the Imperial Prison Break Initiative to liberate captured Sith.[2]

Known operatives

Theron Shan

SIS Spy Theron Shan.


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