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The Republic Superweapon Initiative was a scientific and engineering division run by the Galactic Republic.


The Initiative was founded by Doctor Nasan Godera during the Great Galactic War and was the launchpad for several different weapons of mass destruction that could be used against the Sith Empire during the war. However, when the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, the Initiative was officially shut down and Godera retired from the service.

The Initiative was quietly restarted by Republic General Var Suthra during the Cold War as a means to bring new weapons to the fight should the Republic and Empire ever break out in open warfare again. Suthra brought on Doctor Eli Tarnis to oversee the Initiative, specifically the Planet Prison project. Other projects, including the Power Guard Enhancement System, Shock Drum and Death Mark laser were moved to facilities on Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, and Alderaan, respectively. When Tarnis was revealed to be a Sith Lord who had infiltrated the Republic, Var Suthra sent a Jedi Knight, the former Padawan of Orgus Din, to apprehend the Sith and recover the plans for the Planet Prison. Tarnis was killed and the plans were safely reclaimed, but the death of Tarnis was witnessed by the Sith Lord Darth Angral, who raged at the death of his son and sent other Sith to claim the other projects within the Initiative.

The Jedi recovered Godera from retirement on Taris and asked that he return to service so that all his old projects could be shut down. Working together, Godera and Suthra provided the Jedi with intel on all other projects such that they could be destroyed or at least rendered useless enough that the Empire wouldn't be able to utilize them. Upon the destruction of all but the Planet Prison, Angral used it to attack the Jedi homeworld of Tython


Planet Prison

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The Planet Prison was a device capable of blockading planets without the use of massive capital ships. It would supercharge the planet's upper atmosphere as with a massive ion blast, making it so any ships attempting to enter or leave the planet's atmosphere would be rendered useless.

Power Guard Enhancement System

The Power Guard Project was created by the Galactic Senate after the Great Galactic War as a means to create Jedi-like warriors should their numbers grow too thin. It combined cybernetic enhancements and adrenal stimulants, and could be applied to anyone to make them into a mindless supersoldier.

Shock Drum

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The Shock Drum was a generator-like device that generated intense vibrations capable of anything from droid deactivation to planet destruction. The longer it was left on, the more power would be accumulated, and resulted in massive seismic groundquakes of any planet upon which it was stationed.

Death Mark

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The Death Mark laser was an orbital airstrike-type weapon that would kill any tagged target through any substance. Once a target was marked, a satellite in orbit would make incredibly precise calculations and fire enough energy to kill the target, even through a roof, and not leave a mark on the building itself.


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