Republic Transport ship
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Republic Transport ship
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Turbolaser cannons
  • Diplomatic transport
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The Republic Transport ship was used by the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War as a multi perpose vessel.


These transports were oblong in shape with a rounded hull, painted grey with blue accent markings. A defensive turbolaser cannon was mounted on the dorsal surface of the ship and large viewports ran along both sides of the vessel. While the propulsion system consisted of two large drive engines.


In the days before the opening of the Great Galactic War, Harrower-class dreadnoughts appeared on the edge of the Tingel Arm, not knowing the origin of the warships the Republic sent a diplomatic convoy, lead by a Republic Transport ship with a small starfighter escort, to investigate the fleet. The vessels belonging to the resurgent Sith Empire, held position as the Sith Emperor wanted the Republic and the Jedi to know the full extent of his military might before he attacked, the diplomats aboard the transport had just enough time to send disturbing images back before they were killed when their ship was destroyed.

One of these transport ships belonging to the Republic Military was carrying stealth field generators when it was shot down in 3,665 BBY, during the Battle of Hoth, it crashed in the region later known as the Starship Graveyard.

After the Treaty of Coruscant came into effect, Jedi Master Dar'Nala and Jedi Knight Satele Shan were on their way to Korriban to oversee the withdrawal of Republic troops. After passing through the Kuat sector of the Core Worlds, the transport they were traveling in, the Envoy, came under attack by a Oppressor-class battlecruiser. After seeing Master Dar'nala captured by Sith forces, Shan fled the ship, with Imperial droid SP-99 in an escape pod.

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