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Darth Malgus during his fight with Jedi

Return is the third trailer released by BioWare for Star Wars: The Old Republic . It was released on 6 June 2011.


This trailer highlights the initial encounter of Malgus, Jace Malcolm and Satele Shan, characters first presented in the Hope and Deceived cinematics. Return also introduces Darth Vindican, Kao Cen Darach, and Nico Okarr. The storyline depicts the return of the Sith Empire to known space, with a full-scale attack on Korriban. This attack leads to the fall of the Republic forces stationed there and the Sith reclamation of the planet. It is the first of many battles between Shan and Malgus.



The trailer starts above the planet of Korriban with a voice-over narration by Satele Shan, naming the planet, noting its connection to the Sith and the current beliefs about that order. A shuttle flies on-screen, heading towards a Republic space station in orbit.

On the station, Kao Cen Darach , Shan, and two Republic troopers escort an Unnamed Smuggler. The smuggler has been arrested and restrained for smuggling Sith artifacts, but argues for his release. After a short diversion as a green-skinned Twi'lek walks by, Shan senses a great darkness. Darach puts his arm around her and questions her, then turns his attention to the viewpane. Several Sith Battlecruisers come out of lightspeed over the space station and immediately launch fighters.

Darach identifies the Sith and announces the immediate need to warn the Republic. The corporal notes that the Republic ships won't be able to escape the Sith starfighters, so the smuggler offers his services, claiming that his starship is the fastest in the sector.

The group starts out for the hangar, but the space station's defenses are quickly breached and the evacuation order is given. At the hanger, Darach and Shan go forward to clear the way, ordering the others to hold back. Seeing a Sith soldier farther down the hall, the smuggler, now freed from the binder-cuffs, tries to warn his once-captors, but the blast tosses the two troopers into the air. A Sith squad rounds the corner at the far end of the corridor. As the surviving trooper recovers and removes his helmet (revealing Jace Malcom), the smuggler steps forward as the rear-guard. He draws two powerful blaster pistols, activates their targeting scopes, spins to evade return fire, and drops the four Sith soldiers in as many shots. Two Sith war droids press the attack, but Malcom takes up a heavy repeating blaster and joins the smuggler in destroying the droids.

In the hanger, Darach and Shan cut down the remaining Sith soldiers. Malcom and the smuggler race to their escape craft. Once inside the blast doors, Malcom shuts them and destroys the controls to lock out any pursuit.

Central Combat

In the docking bay, the smuggler's Corellian XS Stock Light freighter is covered with wreckage, but he assures Darach that, despite the ship's appearances, it is still flight-worthy. The group's escape is interrupted, though, as a Fury-class Imperial Interceptor enters the hangar and lands. Darach, still mindful of the more urgent mission, tells the smuggler to prepare the ship for takeoff.

The Fury's boarding ramp descends and Darth Vindican, with his apprentice, Malgus, emerge, lightsabers in hand. They ignite their weapons and rush to battle. Aboard the freighter, the smuggler rushes towards the cockpit, ordering his T7 maintenance droid to prepare the ship's ion cannons, while Malcom races down a side-corridor.

Darach and Shan sprint towards their Sith adversaries, and as they close, Darach and Malgus launch into the air, then land to engage the opposing Force-wielder: apprentice against apprentice, master against master. In close quarters, all four exchange blows, then suddenly whirl to strike out against their companion's erstwhile opponent. After this clash, they return to their initial dueling matchup and spread apart, saberstaffs and sabers flashing and stabbing, leaping high as well as sliding low. Malgus dominates in combat, grabbing the hilt of Shan's weapon and swiftly striking her with his knee. Shan drops her dual-bladed saber and also drops to the floor, giving Malgus the opening for an easy kill.

However, as he raises his blade, Darach combines attack with defense, spinning and throwing his lightsaber out at Vindican, who ducks aside, then guiding his green saber to deflect Malgus' coup de grace, then recapturing it to continue trading cuts with Vindican. Shan takes advantage of this respite to deal Malgus a roundhouse kick that sends him out of action. Then she regains her saberstaff and leaps to help Darach, who has been forced off balance by Vindican's spinning weapon. The Sith Lord jolts Shan with lighting then springs forward for a powerful attack against Darach, but the Jedi Master smashes him with a telekinetic blast that sends him flying across the hangar.

Shan again reclaims her lost saberstaff as Darach reflects momentarily on the situation. The freighter's repulsorlift engines rev as Darth Vindican regains his feet. The Sith lashes out against the ship itself with a cascade of Force lightning. But before he can damage the vessel too much, Malcom, standing in the still open boarding ramp, fires down an explosive round that Vindican is barely able to withstand. Malcom shouts down for his comrades to join them, but Darach decides that the most important role he can play is to ensure the starship gets away safely. Once more putting a hand on her shoulder, the master insists that Shan must now take a different path, then he starts off at a run. Willing to sacrifice as well, Shan throws her own saber to him as he launches into combat he can hardly hope to win. With this aid, Darach drives in lethal grace against his two, black-clad enemies.

Now committed to this course, Shan sprints, vaults, and finally hurls herself into the air towards the passing ship. Malcom catches her outstretched hand in a firm grip and pulls her aboard, the ramp sealing shut just before the smuggler leaves a parting insult with the Sith, clipping their starship and possibly collapsing its landing gear. Immediately taking charge, the smuggler orders his new crew to man the laser cannon turrets, and, as well-trained professionals, Shan and Malcom follow through without hesitation.

The fierce hand-to-hand battle in the hanger continues, with all three combatants slashing and deflecting, feinting and smashing with their deadly energy blades. Darach combines saber and saberstaff into a defense that stops both Malgus and Vindican's blows. Then he cunningly deactivates one end of the double-bladed saber, ducks away from the impasse, slices at Malgus with both weapons to send him off balance, and raises his sabers just in time catch another blast of Vindican's lighting on his crossed weapons. While that energy is still crackling around his green lightsaber, he shunts the blast off onto Malgus, sending the Sith warrior staggering back once more. Without pause, Darach spins towards the dark Lord, lashing out with a backhand strike that knocks Vindican's helm away and leaves the Sith Pureblood with a searing scar. Vindican rushes back into battle with renewed rage.

In the asteroid field outside, the smuggler weaves his ship between the chaotic shapes of space rock, leaving a series of explosions in his wake as less-skilled pursuers find they are not up to such a challenge. The smuggler pilots the ship towards two of the Sith cruisers, as Shan and Malcom continue to pick off starfighters.

The duel rages on aboard the space station, with Darach pressing the attack against Vindican, while spinning round again and again to keep Malgus from approaching for a decisive confrontation. The Jedi Master slams one hand down to create a Force shockwave that knocks both his assailants back. But Vindican renews the fight, whirling his saberstaff and pushing aside the Jedi's stabs. Darach accepts the strength of this block, though, turns with it, and drives the newly ignited back-blade of Shan's saberstaff into Vindican's torso. The shocked Sith Lord falls heavily, as Darach again deactivates that second blade, pausing to seek out his final adversary.

Roiling power of the Dark Side washes through the hanger as Malgus reaches out with the Force to wrench his Master's lightsaber from his dying grip. The Sith warrior, learning from the Jedi's method, ignites both crimson blades and offers the Jedi a grim salute. Darach seems to realize that fighting on Malgus' terms---saber against saber---would be foolish, so he calls on the Force to project huge pieces of debris as missile weapons. However, Malgus, on the verge of taking his fallen Master's place, armed with seething anger, merely slices through these enormous battering rams. And when Darach resorts to flinging a massive sub-light engine, Malgus throws himself against it, driving through in a fiery explosion, and landing a powerful stroke down on the Jedi. He quickly knocks his enemy's second weapon away, then makes an underhand stab that sears the Jedi's shoulder and renders the Zabrak's left arm just as useless. Malgus pushes his foe back farther and farther with Vindican's blade, raining a devastating series of double-strikes down on the Jedi. Finally he smashes his foe's remaining weapon out of his hand, leaving him defenseless, and two simultaneous, crossing slashes finish it.

Sacrifice and Escape

On the ship Satele senses her master's spirit joining the Force while he falls down to the ground. She then continues to shoot the ships ion cannons in order for them to escape. The ship flies close to the hull of on of the Sith Battlecruisers before going into a tunnel leading to the back of the ship where they clear it and engage the Hyperdrive for a jump into Hyperspace.

On the Station Vindican is seen on his knees in front of the Hangar bay opening, looking at Korriban. Malgus tells him that they failed because Satele and the others escaped, but Vindican corrects him by saying that this is only the beginning. Malgus acknowledges that and welcomes his master to Korriban before striking him down.

The Final scene shows Vindican dead on the floor with Malgus standing beside him looking out where the Sith Fleet is seen heading towards Korriban.

The Sith Have Returned!


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