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"An influential figure in both the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, the man known as “Revan” was Jedi, Sith and general across his long career. As a charismatic young Jedi Knight, Revan ignored the Jedi Council’s orders to remain neutral in the Mandalorian Wars and led many Jedi, including his friend Malak, into battle. While pursuing the remnants of the beaten Mandalorian fleet, Revan encountered the Sith Emperor on Dromund Kaas and–also alongside Malak–fell to the dark side. Becoming Darth Revan, he led his followers in a war to conquer the Republic and re-establish a Sith Order, until he was betrayed and nearly killed by Malak. As a result of his injuries, Revan lost his memory and was given a new identity by the Jedi Council. The reborn Revan fought against his old followers, defeating Malak and redeeming himself–but the existence of the true Sith Empire, hidden away in the dark of the galaxy, remained a secret. In the aftermath, as his memory began to return, Revan left the Republic to confront the Sith Emperor–but his plans to destroy the Emperor failed. Revan’s allies were killed and Revan himself was imprisoned, kept alive by unnatural means for three hundred years while the Sith Emperor fed on his strength. However, the link between them went both ways, and Revan was able to subtly keep the Emperor in check. With Revan now free, questions remain–both about the possibility of renewed aggression from the Emperor, and what effect such a long exposure to the Sith Emperor’s mind may have had on Revan himself."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Revan, renowned as "The Revanchist" and dreaded as the Sith Lord Darth Revan, was an eminent Jedi Knight turned conquering Dark Lord of the Sith until, stripped of his true persona, he returned to the crumbling Jedi Order and helped defeat the Sith Empire he had established. A human male, and acknowledged as a very gifted Force-sensitive pupil, he was trained as a Padawan by Kreia and a number of other Jedi Masters, both on Coruscant and at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

Being very charismatic, by 3,964 BBY he was a Jedi Knight respected enough to amass a notable following that argued for Jedi intervention in the Mandalorian Wars. Though opposed in this by the Jedi Council itself, Revan could not be dissuaded. Revealing the horror of the Mandalorians' genocide of the Cathar, Revan bolstered his support base and then quickly circumvented the Council, exploiting a technicality that forced it to begrudgingly "sanction" the intervention he desired. With the Council sidelined, the charismatic young Jedi and his closest friend, Malak, were able to recruit and lead a faction of the Jedi Order to war without fear of reprisal.

A talented military tactician and strategist, Revan directed the Galactic Republic to victory after assuming command of its forces in 3,961 BBY, finally ending the conflict the following year with the defeat and execution of Mandalore the Ultimate, the destruction of Malachor V and the disarmament of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, acts which earned him a reputation among the Mandalorians as Revan the Butcher. In the wake of this triumph, Revan, his loyal Jedi followers, and the third of the Republic fleet that remained under his direct control ventured into the Unknown Regions, ostensibly in pursuance of Mandalorian stragglers—and ceased all communications with the known galaxy.

In those unknown regions of space, on Dromund Kaas, Revan and Malak came face to face with the long hidden Sith Empire and its Emperor. Thus, having already embraced the seductive Sith teachings he encountered at the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, Revan's induction into their traditions was finally completed. Bid by his newfound master to acquire the Star Forge—a superweapon of the Infinite Empire, on his behalf, Revan successfully tracked down the last Rakatan Star Maps required to reveal its location. Upon securing the ancient space station, however, he returned to the civilization he had left behind openly as Darth Revan, proclaiming himself to be the Dark Lord of the Sith. Commanding the continued obedience of many veterans of the Mandalorian Wars, and alongside the man who was now his Sith apprentice, Darth Malak, Revan betrayed the Jedi, turned against the Republic, and plunged the known galaxy into the Jedi Civil War.

Utilizing the Star Forge to spawn an immense armada, Revan cut a carefully calculated path of conquest through the Outer Rim, building his own powerful Sith Empire to which new converts regularly flocked. Though the Republic staved off total defeat for two years, thanks to the extraordinary battle meditation of the gifted Jedi Bastila Shan, Revan's ultimate triumph seemed inevitable until he and Malak were ensnared by a Jedi trap. As a Republic fleet engaged that of the two ruling Sith, a strike team led by Shan boarded Revan's flagship and battled its way to the Dark Lord. Moments before the Jedi engaged Revan in combat, however, Malak—sensing an opportunity to be rid of both the Jedi and the Master whose power he coveted—had his own vessel open fire on the distracted Sith Lord's bridge. Caught by surprise, Revan was incapacitated by Malak's attack and then captured by the strike team while his traitorous apprentice, believing his Master destroyed, seized control of his Empire.

His mind shattered, his memories scattered, and soon thought dead by the galaxy-at-large, Revan's life was preserved by none other than Shan, an act that forged a Force bond between them. Either unable or unwilling to restore their prisoner's true self, but requiring the knowledge buried within his mind, the Jedi Council used the Force to rebuild Revan with a new identity loyal to the Republic. Almost one year later, after Revan, still oblivious to his true past, rescued the captive Shan alongside Commander Carth Onasi and an eclectic band of allies on Taris, the Jedi Council on Dantooine opted to retrain him. Reawakening to his former skills and charged with unearthing the source of Malak's colossal fleet, Revan and his loyal comrades thwarted all obstacles and adversaries as he and Shan were guided by shared "visions", in truth Revan's own memories—to the Star Maps on Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, and Korriban.

In the midst of this odyssey, the group was ensnared by Admiral Saul Karath, commander of the Sith fleet, and imprisoned aboard the Leviathan. Though Revan and his friends escaped, killing Karath along the way, Darth Malak confronted his former Master, revealed his true identity and ultimately recaptured Shan, the woman Revan had come to love. Continuing in the face of this loss, Revan and his allies successfully discovered the final Star Map and the location of the Star Forge. There, in the Rakata System, Revan rejected the darkness of his past, turned Shan—whom Malak had broken to his will—back to the light and vanquished the reigning Dark Lord, playing his part in the battle that brought the war he had instigated to a close. Two years onward, having driven the warring Sith factions from Korriban, and becoming a Jedi Master, Revan—with more memories returning—left the known galaxy behind on a solitary quest against the true Sith Empire. As of 3,641 BBY, he was thought to have never returned.


Early life

"Some said that Revan was born in the Outer Regions, beyond the Rim, and that's what called to him during the Mandalorian Wars… and after. It was the call of home."

The exact details of Revan's early life cannot be ascertained. Though there were some that claimed he had been born beyond the Outer Rim Territories, the exact details of his parentage and homeworld remained a mystery.[1] Regardless of his unknown origin, he was eventually deemed suitable at an early age for instruction in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order.[2]

Jedi training

286px-Revan's teachers2

Three of Revan's many teachers

"Revan had many Masters, Zhar, Dorak, Master Kae before Kae left for the Wars. Towards the end of his training, he sought out many to learn techniques. It is said that he returned to his first Master at the end of his training, in order to learn how he might best leave the Order."

By the Jedi Master Kreia's account, it was she who undertook Revan's initial instruction in the Jedi Arts[1] and, along with his closest friend Alek, Revan was trained both on Coruscant[2] and at the Jedi Academy on Dantooine.[3] Though both Revan and Alek would visit Twi'lek Jedi Master Zhar Lestin for additional training, the elder Jedi noted Revan's "insatiable" desire for knowledge in particular. At the time, he dismissed it as mere exuberance and eagerness, believing the youth to be a future champion of the Jedi Order—a sentiment shared by Master Vandar Tokare. Master Vrook Lamar, on the other hand, later claimed that Revan was perhaps too eager to learn more about the Force, and even suspected Revan of seeking knowledge of ancient "Sith magics".[2]

Revan was said to have left his first Master's tutelage entirely, going on to study beneath numerous Jedi Masters, including the aforementioned Lestin, as well as Master Dorak, the Jedi chronicler of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave,[2] and Arren Kae. Some years later, the former Jedi hopeful Mical would claim that Revan had deeply studied the process of Force bonding, among other techniques, during his time as a Padawan learner. Eventually, however, it was said that Revan returned to Kreia, his first Master, when "he realized there was nothing more to be learned from the Jedi—except how one could leave them forever".[1] By 3,956 BBY, the general consensus amongst the Jedi Masters on Dantooine was that, though a very promising Padawan, Revan had been headstrong, proud and far too quick to dismiss the dangerous temptations of the dark side.[2] Some time before 3,963 BBY, Revan, along with Alek, attained the rank of Jedi Knight.[4] The two friends were acknowledged as being among the Order's most promising members, although Revan was always recognized as the leader—the more powerful and intelligent of the pair.[2]

The Revanchist

"Who I am is not important—my message is."
830px-Revan Jedi Council

Revan defies the Jedi High Council.

During the early Outer Rim skirmishes between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, Revan—by this time a well known, very powerful and charismatic Jedi Knight—moved throughout the Jedi Order, arguing his case for Jedi intervention. At first, he was a lone voice among the Jedi, causing the Republic Media to brand him as the "Jedi's own crusader".[4]But as the Republic's military and civilian casualties increased, Revan gradually gathered a small but dedicated following of like-minded Jedi. The first to be drawn to Revan's cause was his best friend Alek, who then aided him in further recruitment.[5] By late 3,964 BBY, Revan was considered as the honorary "Master" of those who followed him—specifically Alek.[4] With the backing of Alek and the rest of his followers, Revan made the decision to journey to the Mandalorian front against the Jedi Council's wishes, so as to scout out the enemy lines. On the way, he and his followers briefly stopped by Taris. An acquaintance of the Jedi Master Lucien Draay, Revan hoped to recruit more Jedi to his cause from the academy on the world, yet neither Draay or any of the other Jedi on the planet were willing, or allowed, to oblige.[6]

Sometime after leaving Taris, Revan left the majority of his followers on the planet Suurja while he investigated events on Onderon and Dxun. Though he reported his "disturbing" findings to the Jedi High Council shortly after the onset of the Mandalorian Wars proper, the Council told him yet again that there was "no place" for the Jedi Order in the war and sent him on a mission to rescue those of his followers that had been captured during the Fourth Battle of Suurja. As he departed the Council chambers, Revan encountered Lucien Draay once more and, after a brief conversation about an undefined "truth", he left to complete his task.[7]


Alek and his "Master" sense a great disturbance in the Force.

Ultimately, however, Revan's captive "learners" were saved from the experiments of the sadistic Demagol by the fugitive Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick, who was framed by his former Master Lucien Draay for the Padawan Massacre of Taris,[8] and the rogue Mandalorian Rohlan Dyre.[9] Once reunited with his disciples, Revan's campaign for Jedi intervention in the war against the Mandalorians continued, albeit somewhat differently than before. Whereas his efforts had previously been considered a curiosity at best, in the context of a larger Mandalorian War he suddenly found himself a celebrity. As the Revanchist movement behind him grew, the Republic media cast Revan in the role of crusading savior, wrongfully ignored by the aloof High Council. Though first referred to as "the Revanchist Leader" in reports, it was not long before the young Jedi Knight was given a new, "snappier" moniker: the Revanchist.[4]

Revan continued to travel the galaxy during this time, taking his message of Jedi intervention to all who would listen. During the Battle of Serroco, while on the planet Cathar alongside Alek, he—along with many other Jedi across the galaxy—felt the deaths of thousands on Serroco as the Mandalorians rained nuclear warheads onto the surface. Doubled over in empathic pain, the most he could say to his best friend was: "I feel it!"[10] A short time later, Revan was invited to bid on the exogorth superweapons that the leader of Adascorp, Arkoh Adasca, was selling on behalf of his increasingly large faction within the Jedi. Unable to attend due to pressing business elsewhere, Revan sent Squinquargesimus in his place. Several Jedi had visions concerning Adasca's exogorths and the role they could play in the war, so Revan instructed Squinquargesimus to ensure that the danger they presented was taken "out of the mix".[11]

Shortly after the Adasca affair, the siege of Taris, and the bombardment of Jebble, Lucien Draay was appointed to the Jedi Council. He reported to the Council that Republic intelligence reports indicated that there was a blow to the Mandalorian's plans of conquest, reportedly by an insurrection within their own ranks, and stated that the "interventionist path" sought by Revan was wrong for both the Republic and the Jedi. The Council approved his motion, which ordered the recall, or if necessary, detention, of the "prowar renegades".[12] The Jedi Council sent Squinquargesimus back to Revan and his followers with a final warning.[13] after Squinquargesimus, now going under the guise of "Captain Malak",[14] testified to the Jedi Council against the secret cabal known as the Jedi Covenant.[13]

The Mandalorian Wars

"When the Mandalorian threat first arose, Revan and Malak were eager to defeat the enemy of the Republic. But the council thought it best if we moved with care and caution. The true threat, the council feared, had not yet revealed itself. But Revan would not be dissuaded. Charismatic and powerful, it was inevitable many of the Order would flock to Revan's seemingly noble cause. Malak was the first to join his closest friend. Others followed, many of our youngest and brightest, intent on saving the galaxy from the Mandalorian threat."
Zhar Lestin[src]

Revan and his followers being confronted by Vrook Lamar.

When Malak returned from Coruscant to Cathar, both he and Revan, along with their followers, were confronted by Vrook Lamar and a large group of Jedi who were prepared to arrest the renegades and end their quest before it had even begun. It seemed as though their efforts would be for naught, as the Revanchists were unwilling to be taken into custody. Revan, however, discovered something in the dirt—a Mandalorian mask. Suddenly, the group was beset by Cathar fleeing toward the ocean, followed by a swarm of Mandalorians. The Jedi ignited their lightsabers and tried to help the Cathar, only to discover that both the refugees and their pursuers were only visions of the past. The incident that the Jedi were witnessing occurred years earlier, when Cassus FettMandalore's primary strategist—unleashed the Mandalorians upon the defeated Cathar. The Jedi watched helplessly as the frightened Cathar were herded into the ocean where Cassus intended to murder them all.[15]


Revan dons the Mandalorian mask for the first time and vows to avenge the victims of Cathar.

One Mandalorian, however, flew in front of the Cathar and pleaded with Cassus on their behalf, arguing that they were defeated and genocide was unnecessary. Cassus declared that the Cathar had to be annihilated for dishonoring the Mandalorians during the Sith Wars, and that if the warrior wished to stand with the Cathar in their final moments, then she could perish alongside them as well. Cassus saluted her efforts before authorizing his warships to fire away, thus killing the female Mandalorian and all of the Cathar. It was this woman's mask that Revan had found, and after being inspired by her sacrifice, he placed the mask on his face and vowed to wear it until all of the Mandalorians were brought to justice for their atrocities.[15]

Even the Jedi Council was affected by the details that were discovered behind the massacre of the Cathar. Although they were still unwilling to lead the entire Jedi Order into the war, the Mandalorians' war crimes were sufficient enough for the Council to begrudgingly sanction the intervention of Revan and his Jedi faction on behalf of the Republic.[15] Officially, they still denounced Revan's actions as unwise and too hasty, and continued to dissuade the rest of the Order from joining Revan's cause. But in reality, the Mandalorians' own actions made it impossible for them to stand in the way of Revan's seemingly noble cause. Soon afterward, thousands of Jedi, sympathetic to the suffering of the Republic's citizens, flocked to Revan's banner as he took overall command of the Republic's war effort.[2]

830px-Unmasked Revan

The intervention of Revan and his Jedi Crusaders into the Mandalorian Wars marked a turning point in the Republic's favor. Revan's brilliant military strategies and tactics, coupled with Malak's courage and fiery determination, saw the pair becoming the foremost heroes of the conflict. Claiming victory time and again, they were propelled through the ranks of the Republic

The intervention of Revan and his Jedi Crusaders into the Mandalorian Wars marked a turning point in the Republic's favor. Revan's brilliant military strategies and tactics, coupled with Malak's courage and fiery determination, saw the pair becoming the foremost heroes of the conflict. Claiming victory time and again, they were propelled through the ranks of the Republic military and were eventually given direct control of a full third of the Republic's fleet. With his new-found authority, Revan spearheaded the Republic war effort and began to steadily push the Mandalorians back to the edge of the galaxy. Together, Revan and Malak liberated Taris, fought Cassus Fett at Jaga's Cluster, and defeated much of the Mandalorian army at Althir. Yet, despite such victories, there were concerns raised over the Jedi's behavior. Though Revan's tactics were virtually flawless and Malak's righteous fury unmatched,[2] the two young Jedi Knights began to adopt very similar characteristics to the Mandalorians they were fighting. Far from the optimistic Jedi who were moved by compassion and desire to safeguard for innocent lives, Revan and Malak grew to despise weakness and indecisiveness in all its forms.[1] At some point in the year 3,961 BBY, Revan found a Rakatan Star Map on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. He then discovered the ancient Sith world of Malachor V, which was considered a taboo to the Mandalorians. On its surface, he stumbled upon the Trayus Academy,[16] a Sith Temple on the surface of Malachor. While unearthing the planet's buried secrets, Revan learned the exact location and immense significance of the planet Korriban, the homeworld of the Sith species. Though further details of what transpired in that ancient Sith bastion remain unknown, Kreia would later imply that it was there that Revan discovered the continued existence of the "true" Sith, causing him to voluntarily surrender himself to the dark side in hopes of gaining the power to unite the galaxy against a far greater threat than the Mandalorians.[1]


Revan engages Mandalore the Ultimate in a fight to the death, emerging victorious over the leader of the Mandalorians.

Returning to the front of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan forced a final confrontation with the Mandalorians over Malachor V. In order to ensure victory, he ordered the recently constructed Mass Shadow Generator placed on the planet, where the majority of the Mandalorian forces had gathered in a final attempt to defeat Revan's forces and determine the fate of the galaxy once and for all. With all of the pieces in place and his plans set into motion, Revan personally confronted Mandalore the Ultimate, intent on killing him and preventing the Mandalorians from ever rising to threaten the galaxy again. A young female Jedi Knight, who had risen to become Revan's most trusted general—second only to Malak—was entrusted with the responsibility of activating the world-devastating weapon.[1] In the final battle of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan single-handedly killed Mandalore in single combat. However, as Mandalore laid dying, he confessed to Revan what had led him to attack the Republic: a Sith had approached him and, using the influence of the dark side, manipulated him into attacking the Republic, saying that it would be the Mandalorians' greatest triumph. In fact, the Sith had never meant the Mandalorians to win, but instead used them to weaken the Republic for their own planned attack. In order to prove to Revan that he was telling the truth, Mandalore gave him the coordinates for the planet Rekkiad, where he would find a way to track down the Sith.[17] Meanwhile, the majority of the Mandalorians came within range of the Mass Shadow Generator's effects, and Revan's trusted Jedi General activated the secret weapon to finally end the war for good.[1] As the entire planet was crushed and fractured to its core, everyone on its surface was killed—Mandalorians, Jedi Crusaders and Republic soldiers alike.[18] The battle resulted in catastrophic losses on both sides. Nevertheless, the Republic was joyfully elated to see the Mandalorian Wars concluded in victory. Revan was hailed as a hero of the Republic and the savior of the galaxy. His triumph over the Mandalorian forces even caused the Jedi Council to question its position on the war.[19] The once proud Mandalorian clans were on the brink of extinction from which they could never truly recover from, just as Revan had intended. Defeated and humbled by Revan's superior skills, what was left of the Mandalorians unconditionally surrendered themselves to the mercy of the victors. After the battle, Revan denied the vanquished force their leader's ancestral mask, and with it their ability to choose a true successor. Revan and Malak journeyed to Rekkiad, where they found Mandalore's proof in a Sith burial chamber at the top of the Twin Spears, and hid the mask there. He then ordered his forces to strip the Mandalorians of their weapons and armor, and to dismantle their Basilisk war droids. Deprived of their pride and sense of purpose, the Mandalorians unquestioningly complied as Revan condemned them to perpetual exile. With their sense of unity shattered, the Mandalorians broke apart from each other as they dispersed themselves throughout the galaxy. Some remained together to form small groups while many others chose to live in isolation. Overall, Revan's actions caused most Mandalorians to become bounty hunters, bodyguards and mercenaries willing to serve whoever paid them enough money.[2]

830px-Birth Darth Revan Darth Malak

The end of the Mandalorian Wars saw both of its greatest heroes, Revan and Malak, descend into darkness.

Unknown to those who were praising Revan as a champion of the Galactic Republic and a paragon of the Jedi Order, Republic soldiers were devoutly loyal to Revan in gratitude for saving them. They had also developed a burning hatred towards the Jedi Order for allowing the Republic's soldiers and civilians to die by the billions. Their devotion to him was so complete that they even renounced their allegiance to the Republic and its Senate. Also, the Jedi Crusaders that rallied behind Revan's leadership fell from the path of the light and accepted their new calling as adherents to the dark side of the Force.[1] Instead of returning to the Republic, Revan and Malak took the remainder of their fleet and disappeared from the known galaxy. To avoid suspicion, they excused their actions by pretending to search for the remnants of the Mandalorian fleet—those who had fled the final, devastating battle at Malachor V. In reality, Revan knew that the Mandalorians were no longer a threat to the galaxy. Neither the Republic or the Jedi suspected that Revan was actually leading his followers in a quest to discover the location of the Sith whom had manipulated the Mandalorians into attacking the Republic.[17]

Mantle of the Sith

"We know nothing of what transpired when Revan and Malak met the Sith Emperor. One thing is certain: when they returned, they did so on behalf of their new dark Master."
830px-Revan Malak Sith Emperor

Revan and Malak meet the Sith Emperor on Dromund Kaas.

Unbeknownst to the galaxy at large, Mandalore gave a message to Revan on his deathbed, stating that he'd been betrayed by the Sith who had come to him with a promise that he could successfully overthrow the Republic. Mandalore told Revan where he could find the tomb of a Sith Lord on the planet Rekkiad, and Revan and Malak headed there with Mandalore's Mask to hide it. Upon entering the tomb, Revan gradually became aware of the power of the dark side flooding the tomb. Upon reaching the chamber where the Sith Lord was buried they opened it and found it empty of bones, as the Sith who had spoken to Mandalore had removed the body. Revan placed the helmet within and removed the datacron, on it was information pointing to the former inhabitant's home planet, Nathema.[20]

Despite leaving with a large number of Jedi to head to Nathema, Revan and Malak arrived at the planet on their own, and searched the planet, finding it to be void of not only life, but of the Force itself. They did locate records pointing the way to the planet Dromund Kaas, and proceeded to head to the fabled planet. Upon arriving and finding themselves in the midst of a vast Sith Empire, Revan and Malak took on the guise of mercenaries, and stayed for several months, spying on the Sith.[20] During their time as mercenaries, Revan and Malak discovered the existence of the Dark Lord known as the Sith Emperor and laid a plan to attack and kill him. They met with one of his personal guards several times, and laid a trap to get in and kill the Emperor, unaware that the guard was reporting every meeting with them to her master. Upon arriving in the Emperor's throne room, they prepared to attack him, but the Emperor was ready for them, and unleashed a Sith spell on them to control their minds, enslaving them to him.[20] Revan and Malak, having already surrendered themselves to the Sith teachings of the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, agreed to fight for the Sith cause rather than destroy the Emperor.[19] Desiring the immense power of the Star Forge to accelerate his machinations, and to spy out the Republic, the Emperor returned his new acolytes to Republic space to seek out the final Star Maps that would reveal the Star Forge's secret location. The addition of the Star Forge to the Emperor's control would allow him to begin the preparations for a full scale Sith invasion, with Revan and Malak acting as the vanguard of the Sith war machine, thus enabling the Emperor to exact his vengeance against the Jedi and Republic centuries earlier than he had anticipated. But shortly after discovering the Star Map on Dantooine, Revan and Malak began harboring ambitions of forging their own empire. Just as he had secretly renounced their allegiance to the Jedi and the Republic near the end of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan turned against the Sith Emperor and intended to use the Star Forge for his own purposes in his path to becoming a Dark Lord of the Sith.[19]

Recovery of the Star Maps

"If we pass beyond this door, we can never go back. The Order will surely banish us."

Revan and Malak discover the Star Map on Dantooine.

Revan's recovery of the ancient Rakatan Star Maps, though eventually co-opted by the Sith Emperor, took place between the waning years and the immediate aftermath of the Mandalorian Wars.[16] Though Revan may have discovered the Star Map on Kashyyyk alone, the first Star Map that he and Malak discovered together was on Dantooine. Avoiding detection by the Jedi, the pair entered the old burial mounds located near the Jedi Enclave. After successfully completing the "trials" set for them by the guardian that had been left behind by the so called "builders", they were given access to the Star Map.[2] But before they entered the room that contained a piece of the overall map to their intended destination, Malak—still new to the dark side,—warned Revan that stepping beyond such a threshold would mean that they could never return to the Jedi Order. Whether or not Revan considered the consequences of his actions, or even cared by then, as he paced in front of the sealed door is unknown. But if he had any doubts, he swiftly cast them aside and unsealed the door. After examining the Star Map on Dantooine, Revan and Malak went on to uncover Star Maps on several other planets, including Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan and Korriban. Although the order in which they did so is unknown, Bastila Shan was aware that the pair had visited Korriban "at least once" when they were known as Jedi, suggesting that they had began their search for the Star Maps during the Mandalorian Wars, rather than after the conflict's end.[2] Once they had pieced together the Star Maps to ascertain the location of the Star Forge, Revan and Malak traveled to the previously unknown Lehon system. But upon their arrival, their starship immediately crashed on the planet Lehon. Shortly after, they were attacked by the primitive Black Rakata, who attempted to take them prisoner. The Dark Lord and his apprentice bested them easily, and though Revan could not understand the Rakatan language, he was able to use a Force technique to rip it from their minds, while also driving Basic into their skulls in turn through a unique Force power. Having been cowed into submission by the Sith Lords' Force powers, the Black Rakata took them to meet their leader, The One. After "teaching" the Rakatan leader Basic, Revan explained that he was pursuing the power of the Star Forge, and that he would require access to the Temple of the Ancients. Yet, from the superstitious, primitive ramblings he received in response, it soon became clear that neither the One nor his followers had any true comprehension of their species' past, nor the technological might that they had once commanded. Nevertheless, the One promised to help Revan enter the Temple, providing he used his "strange magics" to slaughter the Elders, a competing Rakatan tribe that had so far resisted his might. Revan swore he would do so.[2] Revan soon realized that the "Elders" were likely in possession of the answers he sought and, rather than destroy them, he instead approached them in peace. This proved wise, as from the Elders, Revan learned much of the Rakata and their old empire—and of the disruptor-field that had caused his ship to crash. Sensing the Elders' abhorrence for their species' violent past, Revan proclaimed himself to be a servant of the light, searching for a way to destroy the Star Forge. Trusting him entirely, the Elders gave Revan and Malak access to the temple, and thanking them, the pair promised to destroy the Star Forge and return.[2]Instead, Revan took control of the Star Forge and with it, he was ready to execute his plans as the new Dark Lord of the Sith.[16]

The Star Forge


The Star Forge

"All you saw was an enormous factory, all you ever imagined was an infinite fleet rolling forth to crush the Republic."
―Darth Malak[src]

Leading his hidden forces to the Lehon system, Revan began to realize his plans. Though the Star Forge was capable of granting vast power to those who fully embraced its dark nature, Revan minimized his exposure to the ancient space station, using it purely to construct an enormous fleet with which to conquer the Republic. Darth Malak, horrified that his Master would reject such strength, would later balk at what he perceived to be Revan's stupidity, yet the truth was that Revan was far from ignorant.[2] Revan, unlike his apprentice, understood the dangerous consequences of drawing upon the Star Forge too heavily. The artifact had led the Infinite Empire to its doom: fueling the Rakatan species' hate, driving them to civil war. Revan had no intention of letting over-reliance on the Star Forge disrupt the order he planned to bring to the galaxy. As with everything else, he would use it for as long as he needed it, then discard it.[2][21] Once ready, Revan led his powerful new Sith armada back into known space, finally revealing himself as a Sith Lord and plunging the galaxy into war once again. As his old teacher Dorak would later say: "The hero had become a conqueror".[2]

The Jedi Civil War

"Revan understood one thing–the real battle was going to be fought between the Jedi on both sides. That was the only battle that mattered. […] Whoever had the most, the strongest Jedi were going to win the Civil War. If Revan couldn't convert Jedi, then Revan would kill them."
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In the year 3,959 BBY, Revan began a campaign to end the "tyranny" of the Jedi Council once and for all.[22] They returned to Korriban, and seized control of the planet, establishing a new Sith academy.[16] The war, while bloody, was orchestrated to topple the Republic while doing little damage to its underlying industrial infrastructure. Under his leadership, Sith forces have bypassed militarily vital planets that would be required for the defense of the galaxy against the threat of the "True Sith". Revan's plan was to keep the Republic largely intact for the purposes of post-war rebuilding. He even took out a number of political figureheads, such as Yusanis of the Echani,[2] Senator Mimas Yoon of Corellia and Lelin-Dor of Serroco. As such, he could begin his rule with a relatively functional military and economy rather than starting from scratch. Also, had he failed in conquering the galaxy, he believed the end result would be much the same: a stronger Republic, more capable of defending itself.[1]

A year after they returned to the Republic, Revan and his Sith carried out a successful attack at Foerost, capturing a majority of the Republic fleet; they also carried a successful attack on the world of Telos IV. Revan had intended for Telos to be conquered,[source?]but his apprentice Darth Malak ordered the former Republic admiral Saul Karath to prove his loyalty to the Sith by destroying Telos. Karath complied, earning the wrath of surviving Telosians such as the Republic captain Carth Onasi, whose wife died after the attack.[2] Revan knew that, with Jedi in the war, this contest would come down to whoever had the most and strongest Jedi. He pioneered new Sith tactics relying on secrecy rather than brute force. His Sith assassins quietly flooded into the Republic to kill and/or abduct Jedi throughout known space. Revan reestablished strongholds and academies upon worlds of ancient power such as Lehon, Dxun, and Korriban. On these particular planets, his most faithful servants broke captured Jedi and converted them to the dark side. Revan also kidnapped some of his own Force-sensitive troops and converted them into Dark Jedi. Utilizing assassin droids—such as HK-47, whom Revan created after the Battle of Malachor V—Revan eliminated threats to the stability of his fledgling Sith Empire.[1]

With Revan at the helm and Malak as his head general, the Sith forged vital alliances to expedite the support and deployment of their forces. They conspired with the Czerka Corporation, one of the richest and most powerful galaxy-spanning companies of the time, to amass much needed resources, and they secured diplomatic relations with the ocean planet of Manaan so that they were able to export the healing agent kolto.[2] At some point during the war, Malak saw Revan as being too soft, resulting in a tension that culminated in a lightsaber duel in which Revan removed Malak's entire jaw with a single stroke from his lightsaber. Malak's injury necessitated a cybernetic jaw guard,[16] which allowed Malak to speak, albeit with a gruff electronic tone which created an intimidating effect. During this time, Malak had asked Revan's assassin droid HK-47 what he thought of him. When Malak was informed by the droid of his "meatbag" status, Revan found the term amusing and programmed HK to call all organics such.[23]

The apprentice betrays the Master

"I betrayed you when I realized my own strength was greater than yours."
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The reinvigorated Sith won battle after battle, until a young Jedi Knight named Bastila Shan entered the fray with her battle meditation, a powerful Force ability that increased the combat effectiveness of the Republic's forces and sapped the will of enemy combatants. Yet, even with Shan's aid, the Republic forces knew that they could not hold out forever against the Sith. In 3,957 BBY, in a desperate attempt to end the war, the Republic and the Jedi set a trap for Revan and Malak, luring them into battle against a small fleet. During the space battle, Shan led a team of Jedi that boarded Revan's flagship and managed to corner the Dark Lord on the bridge. Revan, however, seemed unfazed by the strike team, as he quickly eliminated all the Republic soldiers while the Jedi took down the Sith Lord's Dark Jedi.[2]


Bastila Shan and other Jedi confront Darth Revan just prior to his apparent death.

As the Dark Lord prepared to battle with the Jedi, Darth Malak, in the hopes of destroying both Revan, Shan, and the Jedi, betrayed his Master, ordering the ships under his command to fire on the bridge of Revan's flagship. Although Malak believed himself to have been successful in killing the man who had been his best friend, this was not the case. Revan survived the turbolaser blasts that had rocked through the bridge, although rendered comatose. Shan also survived, and was faced with a choice. Upon regaining her wits, she was confronted with the broken, comatose body of Darth Revan. The Dark Lord was nearly dead—by Shan's own admission, just a tiny spark of the Force remained alive within him.[2]

For whatever reason—perhaps a sense of duty to the Republic, pity, or a simple urge to save his life—young Shan made the decision to grab a hold of that waning spark and keep Revan alive. Through that act, she somehow tied Revan's life to her own, unwittingly forging a very powerful Force bond. Shan took Revan and escaped the cruiser, while the Sith, believing their Master dead, retreated from the battle. Shan had stabilized Revan, but the Sith Lord was still in critical condition and his mind remained heavily damaged. Shan brought him to the Jedi, and a huge debate enveloped on what to do. Eventually, the Jedi Council decided that in order to find out how Revan had made a practically unbeatable fleet, they had to rely on Shan's bond with the former Jedi Knight to draw out Revan's memories and find the answers. To do this, Revan's broken mind was reprogrammed by the Council to conceal the Dark Lord's old identity. Shan was charged with keeping Revan's identity hidden and drawing out the former Dark Lord's memories.[2]

Crash-Landing on Taris

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"Taris? The planet's all one big city…"
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A year later, Revan, who was under an implanted name and with no recollection of his real history or of his former mastery of the Force, was enlisted as a common soldier in the Republic army,[3][24] and placed under Shan's command on the Republic warship Ender Spier. Darth Malak, thinking his Master dead, had devoted all his forces to the hunt for Shan, and in orbit above the world of Taris, his fleet ambushed the Endar Spire. Revan awoke in the middle of the battle and proceeded to fight his way off the ship with the aid of fellow Republic soldier Trask Ulgo, who sacrificed himself to save Revan from a "Dark Jedi"—none other than Darth Malak's apprentice, a former Jedi named Darth Bandon. Along with the Republic captain Carth Onasi, he managed to escape in the last escape pod on the Endar Spire just moments before it exploded.[2]

The Search for Bastila


Revan escaping the Endar Spire's destruction.

After crash-landing on the surface of Taris, Revan was knocked unconscious. Onasi dragged Revan from the crash site, where Revan began experiencing flashbacks through the Force of his buried past. The two men discovered that Shan had been captured by the Black Vulkars swoop gang and was being offered as a prize to the winner of a swoop race tournament called the Tarisian Season Opener.[2]

With help from the Vulkars' rival, the Hidden Beks, as well as a young Twi'lek female by the name of Mission Vao and her Wookiee friend Zaalbar, who swore a life debt to Revan after being rescued by him from Gamorrean slavers, Revan entered the tournament himself and was able to win Shan's freedom. These accomplishments were enough to attract the attention of the Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo, who gave Revan an offer to escape Taris: stealing the Ebon Hawk, an extraordinarily fast freighter from the Exchange crime lord Davik Kang.[2]


After Revan and his companions were able to steal the bypass codes to the Sith blockade overhead from the Sith base, with the help of their new droid companion T3-M4, Ordo introduced Revan to Kang as someone wanting to join the Exchange. While Kang ran a background check, Revan and his newfound crew broke into the hangar in an attempt to steal the Ebon Hawk. There they were confronted by Kang and the infamous bounty hunter Calo Nord. During the short firefight that ensued, Malak ordered the Sith admiral Saul Karath to bombard the planet saying "Wipe this pathetic planet from the face of the galaxy!" The resulting bombardment resulted in Kang's death, and allowed Revan and his crew to make their getaway.[2]

Return to the Jedi Enclave

"I have not heard of any new apprentices being accepted for training recently. What brings you to this place, may I ask?"
―Deesra to Revan upon arrival on Dantooine[src]

The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine where Revan was re-trained in the Jedi arts

Deciding that they needed to regroup, Revan and his companions fled to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Shan spoke to the Jedi Council of "recent developments", and once being informed of Revan, the Council requested an audience with him. Onasi found that the invitation was unusual for someone who was apparently not even a Jedi yet, and the Twi'lek Jedi Deesra Luur Jada remarked that he had not seen anyone accepted for training recently. Normally, the Council would not accept an adult for training, but Revan was a "special case".[2] Shan presented Revan to the Jedi Council. Jedi Master Zhar Lestin, a member of the Council, told Revan that they had been discussing him, and that Shan had told them that he was strong in the Force. However, contrary to the other Masters, Vrook Lamar said that they needed indisputable proof of his strong connection to the Force before they could even consider training him. Shan argued that surely all of them could feel the strength of the Force within Revan. Lestin said that they could indeed, though the power was wild and untamed, and that they could not ignore it. Knowing Revan's former identity, Lamar further argued that if they trained him, perhaps the Dark Lord–Revan himself–would return. Not wanting to reveal Revan's identity to him, Master Vandar Tokare declared that they would discuss the matter in private.[2] While the Council debated, Revan and Bastila shared a vision of himself and Malak, as Jedi, visiting Dantooine's ruins when they found the first Star Map. After Shan and Revan told the Council of the event, Master Dorak claimed that the ruins had long been known to them, but they believed them to be merely burial mounds. Revan learned from the Masters that he and Shan shared a Force bond, and the Council believed that together, they would both be able to defeat Malak. The Council decided to send them to the ruins in their vision, where they believed they would find some clue as to why he and Malak had been corrupted by the dark side.[2]

Jedi training and disputes on Dantooine

"What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them?"
―Bastila Shan — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Before Revan was to be sent, he was trained in the ways of the Force–unknown to him to be the second time. Revan's progress was amazing, and Zhar Lestin, his teacher, said that he had never seen anyone who had mastered the initial training so quickly. He was soon welcomed fully into the Jedi Order. Before ending his apprenticeship and becoming a Padawan, he was to complete three tests. First, his knowledge of the Jedi Code was tested; second, to build a lightsaber. After succeeding in both the trials, he was told by Lestin of his third trial: to cleanse a meditation grove of its dark taint.[2] There, he found the source of the dark taint: a Cathar female Dark Jedi named Juhani, who, before his mind was destroyed, he had encouraged to become a Jedi after rescuing her from the Exchange on Taris. After Revan dueled and defeated her, Juhani, realizing that he was stronger, explained who she was. Revan spared her life and persuaded her ask the Jedi Council for mercy. The Jedi Council was pleased with his success, and his decision to redeem her. He had passed the final test, and therefore became a Padawan. Meanwhile, during his stay at the Enclave, he learned of the history of the Mandalorian Wars and of his turn to the dark side, as well as Malak's.[2] Revan also helped the farmers and settlers of Dantooine. He met a farmer named Jon, who demanded justice for the Mandalorian's murder of his daughter. While Revan did not initially rebuke Jon, he was not one for wanton violence, and so continued on his set tasks. Inadvertently, Revan was forced to kill several Mandalorians in combat, due to their ambushing him on the fields around the Enclave. Returning to Jon with the news, Revan inquired deeper into the situation.[2]


Bastila and the Dantooine Jedi Council.

Jon told him that the carnage would not stop until the ringleader, Sherruk, had been killed. Despite Revan's constant avoidance of the lure of the dark side, he set out after Sherruk, with the justification that he would be helping the farmers. On the grassy plains of Dantooine, he confronted Sherruk, and killed him along with his cronies in combat. Revan returned to Jon with the news, which calmed the volatile farmer down. Jon insisted that Revan take his reward of a hundred Republic credits.[2] Another situation he influenced involved the Matale and Sandral families. The Matales had a long running feud with the Sandrals, and even with assistance from the Jedi Enclave, no compromise could be reached to settle the arguing. Later, Shen Matale was kidnapped by Nurik Sandral, who believed his son Casus was killed by the Matales. When Revan arrived at the Sandral estate, Rahasia Sandral, Nurik's daughter, told Revan about Shen's kidnapping. Due to Revan's interference, Shen escaped with Rahasia, but both were ambushed by their parents outside the estate. Revan was able to convince the fathers to allow their children to live their own lives, and the two agreed to purchase a new house for their children.[2]

The ancient ruins

"You're a neophyte Padawan who's been saddled with the responsibility of tracking down these Star Maps. Why? That's not normal!"
Carth Onasi[src]
After this, he and Shan went to investigate the ruins that they had seen in their vision of Revan and Malak. Once inside, they were confronted by a droid speaking the language of the Rakata, which were, at this time, completely unknown to the rest of the galaxy. It switched to a language resembling that spoken by the Tusken Raiders, but finally changed to something Revan understood. The language happened to be an archaic and ancient dialect of the Selkath language. The droid said that it had been programmed to serve the "builders" if they sought knowledge of the "Star Forge". When asked whether he knew of Revan and Malak, the droid replied that they were neither builders nor slaves, like him, but they had proven themselves worthy, and that they themselves must now do the same.[2]


Revan's mind flashes back to his reign as the Dark Lord.

After passing the tests, they gained access to the room which contained a Star Map, which would help lead them to the Star Forge. Though the Map was not complete, it pointed the way to the worlds of Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, and Korriban, on which it was suspected more Star Maps could be found. Only with the combined information of these five worlds would Revan be able to rediscover the location of the mysterious Rakatan artifact. Revan and Shan reported their findings to the Council immediately after, and the Jedi Masters agreed that the Star Forge must be found. The Council still wanted Shan to continue drawing out Revan's memories to find the Star Maps. They were also curious to see if Revan could complete this mission without falling prey to the dark side, and reclaiming his former title as Dark Lord. Juhani requested that she join Revan's party in their search for the Star Forge. Onasi expressed confusion over the Council's choice of sending Revan on an assignment that could be the deciding point of the war.[2]

The second search for the Star Forge

"Who do you bring before me, Yuthura? A young human, bristling with the Force?"
Uthar Wynn on Revan[src]
584px-Man starmap

Revan locating a Star Map on the ocean bed of Manaan.

Revan, Shan, and their companions journeyed to these worlds, tracing the steps Malak and his Master had taken years before. During these travels they gained two new companions; on Tatooine, Revan purchased the assassin droid that he created as a Sith Lord, HK-47, and on Kashyyyk, the self-exiled Jedi named Jolee Bindo joined his party on the search for the Star Forge. On each planet, the powerful dark side aura of the Star Maps created perilous conditions that made accessing the Maps difficult.[2] Additionally, the crew of the Ebon Hawk found themselves hunted by Sith and bounty hunters, such as Calo Nord on his last stand on Tatooine, and confronted with the problems of the local populace at every turn. One of their greatest challenges was Darth Bandon, Malak's apprentice, who met his end in a duel at the hands of Revan after he had found the fourth Star Map on Manaan. Throughout their journey, Revan and Bastila grew closer due to the feelings created by their Force bond. However, Bastila feared their love, thinking it would only lead to the dark side. In truth, she was afraid to face her feelings, out of fear of who Revan once was. She attempted to resist the feelings, yet their love for each other was undeniably strong.[2]

Revelation on the Leviathan

"You cannot hide from what you once were, Revan! Recognize that you were once the Dark Lord - and know that I have taken your place!"
―Darth Malak to his old Master[src]
As the crew was searching for the fifth and final Star Map, Revan and his allies were captured by the Sith flagship Leviathan which was under the command of Admiral Saul Karath, Onasi's former mentor. As the Ebon Hawk was being brought in via tractor beam, its crew discussed their escape, and Revan chose a member of his party to escape the Sith and save them from capture.[2]

Revan, Shan, and Onasi were put into Force cages and interrogated by Admiral Karath. After Onasi argued with him and insulted him for the deaths on Telos, Saul said that he was insignificant part of events anyway, and that Darth Malak was far more interested in the two Jedi, who both said that they would never turn to the dark side. From Revan's words, Saul found, unexpectedly, that he did not know of his former identity. He, however, said that he would not be the one to deprive Malak of the pleasure of telling him himself. Karath suspected that he would not succeed in the interrogation, and said that the Dark Lord would no doubt torture them for information and for his own twisted pleasure. He knew, however, that at the time Malak was in another sector and that it may be some time before he would arrive, and so he began torturing them himself.[2]


Onboard the Leviathan, Revan and his friends are tortured.

Knowing that Revan cared for Shan, Karath made her suffer each time when Revan refused to answer his questions. He used this to test Revan's loyalty when he asked him where the Jedi base was. Revan's will weakened, but he still gave no answer to the former Republic Admiral. Karath revealed that the question was only a test, for Malak, of course, being a former Jedi, knew the location of the Jedi Enclave and had destroyed it. Karath then left the three alone until Malak would arrive, leaving Shan greatly upset by the Academy's destruction, and hoping that the Jedi had managed to escape. Both Jedi soon felt a disturbance in the Force, and they knew that Karath had sent a message to the Dark Lord of their current location. Meanwhile, the party member Revan had chosen to free them found them and deactivated their force cages. Feeling Malak's dark presence approaching, the Jedi devised a plan to escape; go to the bridge, in secrecy, and disable the tractor beam. Onasi was also included in the plan, for he wanted to kill Karath, who would be on the bridge, in revenge. Revan also sent Canderous Ordo and the rest of his crew to the docking bay so that they could deal with the guards.[2] They fought their way to the bridge and confronted Karath and his guards. The Admiral said that if they lay down their weapons, he would ask Darth Malak to be merciful when he arrived–he could have arrived at any minute–but Onasi said that he had seen enough of Sith mercy and attacked him. Revan, Shan, and Onasi slew the Sith troopers and left Karath mortally wounded. His dying words to Onasi were the revelation of Revan's identity. Furious, Onasi accused Shan of keeping the secret from him, and Shan pleaded with Onasi to not let Revan know at the time, and said that she would explain everything to both of them when they had escaped the flagship. Just before they would be able to arrive in the docking bay which held the Ebon Hawk, they were confronted by Darth Malak, the Dark Lord of the Sith. After discovering that Revan still had no knowledge of his time as the Dark Lord, Malak was amused and told him his true identity, which had been wiped by the Jedi. Stunned and bewildered, Revan refused to believe that he was the former Dark Lord of the Sith, the infamous Darth Revan, until Malak's assertion was reluctantly confirmed by Shan, who said that she had been part of the Jedi strike team sent to capture him. Darth Malak took advantage of Revan's shock and made every effort to sow discord between his former Master and the Jedi who had manipulated him, yet Revan refused to turn against his allies.[2]


The Ebon Hawk escaping the Leviathan

Following the intense debate, Malak created a stasis field around both Shan and Onasi, and prepared to end his former Master's life. Malak had always regretted betraying his Master from afar, for because of it, others claimed that he was afraid to personally face Revan for the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith, but now he had been given a second chance to prove himself. Revan fought valiantly, proving himself a capable swordsman. Malak, however, caught Revan off guard by using Force stasis on him, but before Malak could finish his former Master, Shan ultimately sacrificed herself so that Revan and Onasi could escape. Reluctantly, Revan and Onasi left, and they and the rest of the crew escaped the ship. Revan was forced to deal with Malak's revelation and the loss of his beloved Bastila. When Onasi told the crew of her sacrifice, Jolee Bindo suspected that Malak was planning to turn her to the dark side and use her Battle Meditation against the Republic. Revan then revealed the shocking revelation to his companions. Onasi, who had been told by Karath on the bridge of the Leviathan, was furious but said he would try to accept it. This made no difference to Mission Vao, who said that he was a different person than he was before, and Zaalbar agreed with her, stating that he had sworn a life debt to the redeemed man Revan had become, not the Dark Lord. Bindo claimed that he had known his identity all along but felt that it was not his place to tell him, and that he would still follow him. Canderous Ordo was simply glad to battle alongside his people's conqueror. HK-47's deleted memory core was restored, and he revealed that Revan was his creator. He also recalled once calling Malak a meatbag, which Revan had found humorous, and programmed the droid to call all organics a meatbag.[2]

Confrontation on Lehon and the Battle of the Star Forge

"Well done, Revan. I was certain that the defenses of the Star Forge would destroy you, but I see now that there is more of your old self in you than I expected."
―Malak to Revan[src]
After finding the final Star Map, Revan and the crew discovered the Star Forge in the home system of the ancient Rakata. Upon arriving, the Ebon Hawk was forced to crash on the unknown planet because of its disruptor field. Revan was assaulted by warriors of the Rakatan tribe, but after seeing Revan's power, he and his crew were granted an audience with the One. The One told Revan about his original promise to kill the Elders and gain their secrets to enter the Temple of the Ancients, so Revan sought out the Elder tribe. When the Elder Council revealed how brutal and warlike the One and his tribe were, Revan and his crew decided to help the Elders. The Elder Council was very reluctant to trust Revan again due to his betrayal the last time they had met.[2]


The Republic fleet assaults the Star Forge.

They tasked Revan with rescuing an Elder scout from the One's enclave in order to regain their trust. Upon arriving at the One's enclave, the One and his tribe turned on Revan and his crew. The entire tribe fell under Revan's strength, and Revan freed the scout. After gaining the support of the Elders, Revan, Jolee Bindo, and Juhani entered the Temple of the Ancients and defeated the hordes of Dark Jedi that Malak had left in the temple. At the top of the temple, Revan was forced to confront a fallen Shan. Following a week of torture at Malak's hand, she had at last given in to her hate and had embraced the dark side. She was now, she claimed, the Dark Lord's new apprentice, replacing the slain Bandon. After a short duel, Shan realized Revan was still powerful in the Force, despite what the Council had done. She attempted to entice Revan to reclaim his former identity as the Dark Lord of the Sith with her as his apprentice. Revan was faced with a decision that could alter the course of the galaxy.[2] Revan chose the path of a Jedi, and rejected Shan's temptation and ultimately chose the light side. Enraged, she retreated to the Star Forge. Revan and the crew repaired the Ebon Hawk and pursued Shan as a Republic fleet that had arrived commenced an assault on the Star Forge. Surviving Jedi from Dantooine's destroyed enclave boarded the Star Forge in hopes of disrupting Bastila's battle meditation so the Republic capital ships could close in to destroy the Star Forge. Aboard the Star Forge, Revan displayed his restored affinity for the Force and mastery of lightsaber combat by nearly single-handedly confronting and defeating Malak's army of Star Forge battle droids and Dark Jedi. In the Star Forge's war room, Revan faced off against Shan once again, this time, alone. Though Shan was able to draw on the Star Forge to renew her strength, Revan still bested her. She begged Revan to kill her after all she had done, but Revan attempted to convince her to return to the light side by drawing on the powerful bond of love they shared. He succeeded, and Shan used her battle meditation to aid the Republic, turning the tide of the climactic battle.[2]

Final confrontation with Darth Malak

"Once again, we shall face each other in single combat, and the victor will decide the fate of the galaxy."
―Malak to Revan[src]
Shadows and Light

The defeat of Darth Malak at the hands of a redeemed Revan, as seen in Duron Qel-Droma's vision.

Revan then confronted Malak who, upon his arrival, used the Force to choke two Jedi prisoners, and threw his lightsaber into one and blasted the other with Force lightning, killing both. The former Dark Lord told Malak that if he surrendered the Jedi might show him mercy, but Malak replied that the wiping one of one's identity was no act of mercy, and that he would rather die. He then unleashed the unlimited army of Star Forge battle droids upon Revan and escaped to the Star Forge's observation tower. Revan, however, managed to stop the droids from attacking and followed Malak to the observation tower. Realizing that Revan had become stronger than he ever was as the Dark Lord, Darth Malak said that he could break his former Master's will and bind him to him as his apprentice, but he continued that perhaps Revan was too powerful to be his apprentice, and perhaps that when, or if, Revan became stronger than him, he would betray him, as he himself had betrayed Revan. The former Dark Lord said that he would never turn to the dark side again, which Malak said were "foolish words".[2] They then began a lightsaber duel, whose victor, unlike in their previous duels,[25] would decide the fate of the galaxy. During the vicious duel between the two, Malak withdrew from battle, explaining to Revan that he could not be defeated. He told Revan that he had brought the bodies of Jedi from the Jedi Academy on Dantooine to the Star Forge, but instead of letting them become one with the Force, he drained the life from them, transferring it to himself. Revan, instead, freed as many of the Jedi as he could and allowed them to become one with the Force, successfully shortening Malak's supply of energy and delivering a fatal blow. At last, Malak was brought to his knees, mortally wounded.[2] Before he died, Malak wondered and asked Revan what would have happened had their roles been reversed, or if Revan had never led him down the dark path. Revan apologized for starting him down the dark path, but reminded Malak that he had continued down it willingly. Malak accepted his apology, realizing that he had no one to blame for his fate save himself. Thus, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Malak's life ended in darkness and regret immediately prior to the Star Forge's destruction. Revan and his crew were given a hero's escort back to Lehon. There, they were each rewarded with the Cross of Glory, the Republic's highest award. Vandar also thanked Revan, re-bestowing his rank of Jedi Knight, and proclaiming him the Prodigal Knight, and his friends as the heroes of the era and galaxy.[2] This ceremony was broadcasted across the HoloNet.[20]

A New Journey Begins

"He left a lot of people who cared about him behind. But I think he did it because he thought it was the right thing to do. But whatever he set out to do, I… I don't think he succeeded."
Admiral Carth Onasi[src]

Following the Battle of Rakata Prime, it was rumored that Revan intended to return to the warring Korriban so as to subdue the threat of any potential Sith insurgents.[1]Thousands of years later, Revan was indeed credited with having "driven the Sith from Korriban".[26] Not long after that, Revan was elevated to the rank of Jedi Master. Since defeating Malak, Revan regained more and more of his memory, including his knowledge of the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, and the Sith teachings he had harnessed there. According to Kreia, Revan's first and last Jedi Master, Revan rediscovered the threat posed by an ancient Sith faction known only as the "True Sith" that lurked within the Unknown Regions and resolved to battle against them.[27]She would later say to her last student that she did not believe the Jedi Council had changed Revan as they claimed, but that they had merely stripped away the surface and allowed his true self to emerge once again.[28]During Revan's final duel with Malak, Malak said to him that the balance was tipped one way, but that it could easily be tipped again.[2] After the Jedi Civil War, Revan had settled in Coruscant and was happily married to Bastila Shan. Revan's mind had fully healed, many of his memories had returned, along with his sense of self. But Revan knew that parts were still missing. He was experiencing visions of a great darkness in the form of a planet covered in never-ending storms but was unable to recognize this world.[20] Revan—Jedi; hero; traitor; conqueror; villain; savior. He was all these things and more. He was a living legend; the embodiment of myth and folklore; a figure that transcended history. However, Revan preferred anonymity and was not encashing his celebrity status. Revan had chosen to reside in Coruscant because its enormous population would make it easy for him to blend into the crowd. Even now, two years after rediscovering his true identity, he still had trouble reconciling the face in the mirror with the man he had been before the Jedi Council had turned him back to the light. Revan was also on shaky terms with the Jedi Order.[20] As Revan frequently experienced visions of a world he did not recognized, he became determined to uncover the mystery behind it. He ventured in to the Galactic Market, and met Canderous Ordo in the cantina Dealer's Den, and told him of his dreams. He also questioned the Mandalore on why the Mandalorians suddenly decided to attack the Republic, and Ordo revealed that it was the idea of Mandalore the Ultimate, though no one quite knew his reasoning. Revan asked Ordo to look into it, and he reluctantly agreed, despite having spent the past five years attempting to avoid all contact with other Mandalorians.[20]

The search for the truth about Jedi Exile

"Still trying to recapture your lost memories?"
―Atris to Revan[src]

After meeting with Ordo, Revan headed to the Jedi Temple to seek information on one of his most trusted generals during the Mandalorian Wars, a powerful Jedi named Meetra Surik who returned to the Jedi Order after the Battle of Malachor V to face judgment. Revan knew that she was banished from the Jedi Order but did not get the chance to meet her since. According to the rumors, she had left Republic space and simply disappeared. Yet Revan felt there was more to the story. Revan once tried to reach out to her with the Force. Such was the command of Revan in the Force that even across the breadth of the galaxy, he should have been able to get some vague sense of her presence. Yet he had felt nothing. The simplest explanation was that she had become one with the Force, but Revan was not convinced that she was dead. He wanted to know the truth.[20] The young Jedi hailed Revan as a hero, a living legend. However, the more conservative Jedi Masters resented him because of his Sith past. But Revan had not attempted to explain his position to the Jedi Council either.[20] Revan managed to get into the temple without seeking attention, as he preferred, and along the way recalled on his shaky terms with the Jedi Order; the Jedi Council had offered Revan to retrain him in the ways of the Jedi but he refused—Revan had learned too much about the Force, both the light side and the dark side, to take instruction like some common Padawan. His contrariness might have been overlooked had his wife, Shan not chosen a similar path. At one time Shan was recongized as a bright young star of the Jedi Order. But Malak had temporarily turned her to the dark side, and the Jedi Council believed that she also needed to be retrained. When she refused, some of them saw a familiar pattern—Revan leading a promising young Jedi away from the accepted teachings of the Jedi Order. Their marriage further exacerbated the situation. The Jedi Order opposed emotional attachments, believing they were a stepping-stone to destruction. They taught that love begat jealousy, which led to the dark side. But Revan believed otherwise as he had seen its redemptive powers firsthand. It was his love that had brought Bastila back to the light; their emotional bond had wrought salvation for both of them. Revan felt that denying or attempting to utterly control emotion was a fool’s game. Jealousy was actually the result of ill-prepared Jedi being overwhelmed by feelings they had never learned to face. Revan believed Jedi could be taught to use positive emotions like love and happiness to strengthen their connection to the Force in the same way that hatred and anger gave power to those who followed the dark side.[20] As Revan emerged from the entrance, he noticed a familiar view; a mixture of Jedi Padawans, Knights, and Masters, filled the area. Some made their way quickly through the garden paths on business. Others lounged on benches or by fountains, taking a break from chores or training exercises. Revan kept the brown hood of his traditional Jedi cloak up to avoid being recognized. He wanted to conduct his business and be on his way as quickly as possible. The sooner he left the Temple, the better.[20] Revan hadn't always felt this way. In the first few weeks after Malak's defeat, when he was still being honored and feted as the savior of the galaxy, he had approached the Council with an offer to share his new understanding of the Force with the other members of the Order. He had expected some resistance naturally. The Jedi Council was stuck in the old ways. The Council members did not understood the Force in the manner Revan did. They couldn't accept that it had evolved beyond their staid teachings. Yet he had been unprepared for the sheer hostility of the Council's reaction. Not only did they reject his offer, but a handful of Councilors had wanted to banish him from the Order. Fortunately, cooler heads had prevailed. Revan was a hero. The tale of his redemption and return to the light had spread throughout the galaxy. The wiser members of the Council understood that the legend of Revan was far too valuable to throw away simply because they no longer had any use for the man himself. Eventually a compromise was reached. The Jedi would not speak out against his marriage to Bastila. Officially, both would still be recognized as Jedi in good standing, with all corresponding rights and privileges. In exchange, Revan promised not to spread his heresy to other members of the Order.[20] Revan headed towards the Temple Archives. Inside the archives, he opened the file on Surik and found it lacking in information about her whereabouts. Behind him, a voice spoke out, and he turned to face Atris, a research room worker and former friend of Surik's. During the conversation, Atris revealed that Surik had cut herself off from the Force in her own shame at her actions during the Mandalorian Wars. Now Revan realized that why he had not felt the presence of Surik when he once reached out for her with the Force across the span of the Galaxy.[20] Revan couldn't help but feel responsible for Meetra. He refused to give Atris the satisfaction of seeing his guilt and grief, but after she left, the emotions came flooding to the surface. Most of his specific memories of Meetra were gone; he could recall only disjointed bits and pieces. But she had once been one of his closest friends, and he still felt a powerful emotional connection to her.[20]

Departure to Rekkiad

"I have to do this. It's the only way I'm ever going to find out what that vision actually means."
―Revan to Bastilla[src]
830px-Revan departure

Revan departs for the Unknown Regions in the Ebon Hawk.

Not long afterwards, Revan returned to the Dealer's Den to meet with Canderous, who insisted upon meeting Revan in person. Despite this, it took a good deal of persuasion for Ordo to reveal his news. Eventually, he said that the Mandalorians were gathering again on the planet Rekkiad, where they believe the Mandalore's Mask to be hidden. Revan experienced a sudden vision of himself and Malak standing on top of a mountain in a pair of mountains on a snow-covered planet resembling Rekkiad, examining a hidden door buried in the peak. He told Ordo that he thought the Mandalorians were right, and asked if it would be possible for Ordo to head to Rekkiad with him and join the hunt for the mask.[20]

After some thought, Ordo decided to accompany him, and they discussed who else should go with out of Revan's previous companions. Juhani and Jolee Bindo were eliminated for being too close to the Jedi Order, which was likely to greatly dislike a united Mandalorian nation again, Zaalbar and Mission Vao were left out due to Revan not wishing to disrupt Mission's life again or break up the unbreakable team, Carth Onasi was too busy with his time serving the Republic, and HK-47 was dismissed for being too likely to cause an uproar over the Mandalorians and to start slaughtering people, leaving Revan, Ordo, T3-M4 (who remained in Revan's possession), and Bastila Shan. With plans to start the next morning, Revan took his leave of Ordo and the Dealer's Den and headed for home.[20] Later that night, Revan returned home to Bastila Shan to announce what his future plans were, only to be met with Bastila's own news that she was pregnant. Revan sensed the presence of their child through the Force. After the two discussed both sets of news for a while, Revan established that it wasn't safe for Bastila or their child to head to Rekkiad, or to the Unknown Regions, where Revan expected to head afterwards, and determined that the best choice would be for Bastila to remain on Coruscant. The next morning, Revan, Ordo, and T3-M4 took off in the Ebon Hawk for Rekkiad, leaving a fairly mournful Bastila Shan behind.[20]

Retrieving the Mask of Mandalore

Revan and Canderous arrived at Rekkiad and walked to the Ordo camp, with Canderous asking Revan to let him do all the talking while everyone greeted their old brother. Revan decided to hide the fact that he was a Jedi due to the Mandalorians' general dislike of Jedi after the war between them and the Republic, and his Mandalorian friend thought up the name "Avner" for him on the spot, rearranging the letters of "Revan". In the camp Canderous met his wife Veela Ordo as the Ordo clan's leader, and she told him that their clan was attempting to find Mandalore's mask to reunite their people under one leader again. During his stay at the Mandalorian camp, Revan again thought of the vision of himself and Malak on top of the mountain finding a secret entrance, and brought it up with T3-M4, who had remained at the Ebon Hawk, and asked the droid to scout the area to locate twin mountains. T3 soon responding with a positive. Revan asked Canderous about it, and the Mando asked Veela about twin mountains, which she mentioned to be the Twin Spears in clan Jendri's territorial claim. After a bit of persuasion, she was convinced to move the camp, and they spent an hour packing up before starting the daylong journey to the mountain twins, fully expecting an attack by clan Jendri.[20] The night of the move, they were attacked as expected, and the pilots were cut off from their Basilisk war droids by the Jendri's own war droids. In order to distract clan Jendri's own Basilisks, Revan felt forced to draw his lightsaber, which met with the expected immediate draw of fire by the enemy pilots. Revan managed to destroy one of the Basilisks, and the distraction allowed the Ordo pilots, including Canderous and Veela, to reach their own ships and take to the skies. Outnumbering the Jendri Basalisks two to one, the Ordo side managed to obtain victory, and claim the territory for their own. Revan pocketed his lightsaber, but it was noticed by Veela, who voiced displeasure with her husband over his friend being a Jedi.[20] The next morning they began to climb the nearest spear, Veela having split the climbing team (which consisted of Revan, Canderous, Veela, and the other five Basilisk pilots) into two teams of four. The team with Revan and Canderous reached the top first, and the pair found a hidden ladder, they told the others to wait for Veela and went inside alone. Revan recovered more memories of the last time he was there, to the point where he couldn't tell past from present and fell to the floor overwhelmed. It only lasted a moment, and he got up somewhat more oriented. They continued onward, with Revan soon feeling a fairly faint, though not malevolent, aura of the Dark Side, and they soon located a crypt. Upon opening it they discovered no body, but did find the mask, and the datacron, still in it. Revan then had yet another vision, this time of his final moments in the battle with Mandalore the Ultimate, where the Mandalorian revealed that it was a Sith who'd led him to attack the Republic. Revan started to tell this to Canderous, but Veela and the other pilots entered. They saw the mask, and Veela decided that Revan (whose identity she had ascertained from the moment she learned he was a Jedi) needed to die, as well as her husband when he refused to aid in his friend's death. Canderous tried to convince Veela otherwise, but she refused, and a fight ensued, that ended with Veela and the pilots dead, and Revan and Canderous slightly battered themselves.[20] Feeling too weary to attempt to climb down during the night, the pair spent the night in the crypt (next to the pile of the dead). Before they laid down, Revan explained to Canderous that the datacron was a chronicle of Lord Dramath, one-time ruler of Nathema and enemy of the Sith who'd spoken with Mandalore the Ultimate. The next day Revan more fully explained to Canderous the history of how the Sith tricked the then-Mandalore into going to war and how he found the crypt, and the datacron contained coordinates for Nathema. Revan decided to go alone, giving Canderous the helmet and telling him he needed to help the Mandalorians rebuild themselves as a nation for the times ahead. Canderous wished to help his friend into his certainly dangerous quest into the unknown regions, but he followed Revan's request. He took and wore the helmet and declared himself Mandalore the Preserver.[20]

On Nathema and prisoner

"Watch him closely. He is powerful and extremely dangerous."
―Nyriss to Scourge on Revan[src]

At that point, having entrusted Carth Onasi with the Republic's safety and said goodbye to Bastila Shan, Revan left the instructions for Canderous Ordo to unite the scattered clans of the Neo-Crusaders and departed alone of all his companions except T3-M4 to head to Nathema. He traveled to this mysterious planet, totally devoid of life and even Force, but as he approached the planet, his ship was noticed by Dark Councilor Darth Nyriss and Lord Scourge, that had just left the planet at the same time, and Nyriss fired with the Ion cannon of her ship at the Ebon Hawk. The shot was good and all but knocked out the ship, leading the Ebon Hawk to crash on the planet, into the side of a skyscraper. Scourge and Nyriss took as their prisoner the shocked Revan from the wreckage and left the rest of the ship as it was, not noticing T3-M4. They proceeded to torture him for several months until after much pressure, he revealed all that he knew, which wasn't anything that interested the power-hungry Nyriss in the end, but was enough to tantalize Scourge, who was growing attached to Revan. In totally solitary confinement for the next three years, Revan spoke to only Scourge after a while, and was the only person to whom Scourge could say anything he desired without fear.[20] Revan's decision to leave behind everyone he cared about haunted Bastila Shan, who never truly understood why he left, even as she gave birth to and cared for their child. Kreia believed that Shan would have been better off if Revan had made her understand his reasons, especially since she was strong-willed and did not comprehend war as Revan did.[1] Unknown to Revan, however, T3 was ordered by Shan, who had learned how to sense Revan's mind to a certain extent through their bond, to return to the Republic and contact her, or anyone else who could help, in case anything happened to Revan. Alone on Nathema the small astromech droid slowly repaired the starship and after set out to find assistance aboard the Ebon Hawk, and found one of the last known Jedi Knights in 3,951 BBY,[29] Meetra Surik, who also happened to be sought by another of Revan's acquaintances, his first Jedi Master, Kreia. Surik came under Kreia's tutelage and took ownership of T3 and the freighter.[1] Mandalore the Preserver later joined her against the remnants of Revan's former Sith Empire. She also met Admiral Carth Onasi following the Battle of Telos IV and eventually learned of Revan's ties to her companions.[1] When the former Jedi General asked T3 if he had acquired the Ebon Hawk with Kreia, the droid had little to say on the matter, and since T3 had the only means of accessing the ship's voice-locked navicomputer,[30] Surik had no way of knowing whence the ship came from either.[1] During Surik's search for Master Lonna Vash, she discovered the ancient tomb of the Sith Lord Ludo Kressh, hidden deep in the Shyrack cave. Upon entering the tomb and facing several trials, including encounters with apparitions from her past, Surik entered a room containing the resting place of Ludo Kressh. In front of the sarcophagus, however, stood an apparition of Darth Revan and a version of herself who was immersed in the dark side of the Force. When Surik's dark half disappeared, the former Sith Lord silently approached Surik, who was shocked to see her former comrade once more. When Revan attacked her, Surik was forced to defend herself against the dual lightsaber-wielding apparition. Ultimately she triumphed over the final test, causing the vision of Darth Revan to disappear.[1] After Surik defeated and mortally wounded Darth Traya, the true identity of Kreia, her former master offered knowledge of Revan's whereabouts before succumbing to her injuries. It was Traya's hope that Surik would leave the dead world of Malachor V to its final destruction and pursue the same path that Revan took in his quest to destroy the Sith Empire. Following the destruction of Malachor V and the Sith Triumvirate, Surik left to join Revan again as she did in the Mandalorian Wars. Like Revan, she also left behind her companions (excluding T3), knowing that such attachments would be a weakness and that her new journey would be a solitary one.

Prison Break

Along with T3-M4, Surik headed to the home of Bastila Shan, where the part-time Jedi was taking care of her young son and laying low in the aftermath of the recent battle with the Sith Triumvirate for her son's sake. After conferring with Shan for a while on the last known status of Revan, Surik took off for the planet Nathema as Revan had done before her. Upon arriving she found it precisely as T3 had left it, including the remains of the crash of the Ebon Hawk into a skyscraper. T3 had shown her a holographic video of Revan being taken by two red-skinned Sith earlier, but she found no trace of the Sith or Revan in the Force, as it was as non-existent in the Force for her as for anyone else. She did locate information on the planet Dromund Kaas via archives in a governmental building in a major city, and decided it was likely that that was where Revan had been taken, or that it would at least lead her to the current Sith Empire. She and T3 returned to the Ebon Hawk and flew to Dromund Kaas.[20] After much searching and information brokering with the Sith Sechel, Surik was able to find the Sith Lord Scourge, who had been keeping Revan captive the past three years under the orders of the Sith Council Member Darth Nyriss. Seeing an opportunity no one else in the Sith Empire would take, Scourge personally demanded to speak to the Sith Emperor, even at the cost of his life. Pleased with his boldness, the Emperor allowed an audience with Scourge, and accepted his (modified) evidence of the dealings of Nyriss and her conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor as valid, declaring that he would have Nyriss and her followers destroyed. Scourge, expecting an assault soon, returned to Surik and led her into the palace under the guise of his slave, only to realize that the Emperor's Guards were moving far faster than he expected, and already attacking not just Nyriss, but the Entire Sith Council.[20] In his cell, where Revan had spent much time conferring on the matters of Jedi philosophy with Scourge, Revan was speaking with two guards who were nervous about the incoming invaders, and planned to kill Revan, but feared his power. Revan convinced them that if they'd not attack him and would instead free them, he would spare their life, and they let him out. At that moment, Scourge, Surik and T3 rushed in, and Scourge prepared to slay the guards, but Revan halted him, saying he'd sworn to protect them. Scourge relented. Surik, recalling something Shan had given to her shortly before leaving, returned to Revan his mask, and upon seeing it, Revan had a sudden rush of memories, every last one returning to him. In his weakened state (after three years in the cell) he couldn't stand them all, and fainted.[20]

Confrontation with Darth Nyriss

"I am Revan reborn, And before me you are nothing."
―Revan to Nyriss[src]

Shortly after Revan temporarily fainted, T3-M4 raised alarm about the arrival of a potential enemy. Surik recognized the sign and alerted Scourge, who ordered the two guards to get ready to help them. Suddenly a blast of power sent T3-M4 tumbling down the stairs and the droid landed in an awkward position in a corner. With consent of Scourge, Surik then dragged Revan into his cell to keep him out of the danger.[20] Then upon the nod of Scourge, the two guards headed to the entrance to check on the potential enemy, only to be blasted by a powerful burst of purple Lightning. The deadly bolts reduced those unfortunate guards to charred smoking husks in an instant. Scourge now recognized the culprit as Darth Nyriss. As she approached the cell of Revan, she noticed the presence of another Jedi in the room. Nyriss questioned Scourge about his motives but upon receiving no response from him, she realized his betrayal, and attacked him and the Jedi simultaneously. Neither Scourge and nor Surik could withstand the might of Nyriss. With combination of her impressive speed, skills with the lightsaber, and power of the dark side, Nyriss subdued both of her powerful opponents simultaneously.[20] Nyriss then paused to prepare for the killing blow as the air around her began to crackle and grow hot. While she gloated about her past accomplishments, Revan emerged from his cell, with his Jedi robe pulled over his head and his mask on his face. Nyriss unleashed a swirling storm of pure dark side energy to incinerate her opponents. Revan stretched out his hands, and absorbed the deadly power of the dark side. Revan mocked Nyriss and redirected her power back at her. Nyriss got engufled by her own power and failed to prevent the deadly bolts from ripping her apart, reducing her into a pile of ash.[20]

Revan then inspected his surroundings and felt sad for the guards. The four remaining figures then prepared to leave, with Scourge returning to Revan his lightsaber as they exited. Revan's victory over Nyriss convinced Scourge that only this man possessed the power to stand up to the Sith Emperor, Lord Vitiate.[20]


Revan and his companions exited Nyriss's compound via Scourge's landspeeder, which the Emperor's Guard kindly left in one piece for them when they destroyed every other one. They exited the city to the caves where Surik and Scourge had met earlier, and Scourge decided to leave again for Kaas City, to check out the situation and see about the possibility of overthrowing the Emperor as he threw all his resources into eradicating the Sith Council. Revan asked him to bring supplies back as well, he wasn't in too great of condition after three years in prison wearing the same clothes. Scourge answered an affirmative and left.[20] Upon looking at Revan, Surik feared for Revan as Shan did, that recovering his memories might bring back the Sith influence upon him, and even make him a servant of the Emperor again. Instead, he seemed strangely calm, wishing to view a holorecording of his wife and son Surik gave to him over and over. To Surik's relief, Revan removed his mask again as he watched. Surik took the chance to change from a slave's uniform to her Jedi robes, and realized that she was following Revan's lead again, and wasn't sure how that made her feel. She spoke to Revan again, and he thanked her for finding him, as he felt no one else could have done it, though she underplayed her own role in it. He then asked her to watch the holo with her, and she complied.[20] Scourge returned with the supplies and saw the holo of Shan and Revan's son, but T3 turned it off, and Scourge got the idea he wasn't too welcome to watch it, which he agreed was wise, as he felt a Sith had no friends. He began to explain that all twelve members of the Dark Council were wiped out by the Emperor and his guards to let the Sith know who really did rule them all. He'd also imposed martial law and a curfew on the planet, as well as forbidding the lift-off or touchdown of any ship on Dromund Kaas. Surik wondered if the man was insane, and Revan explained that he'd peered into the Emperor's mind on his last visit. He saw his greatest fear, that despite his vast power and ability to keep himself alive long after his time, that he could still be killed, and had the desire to kill every last threat in the universe, which potentially meant killing everyone in the universe. Surik asked if it weren't possible that he was using the current crisis as a chance to make Dromund Kaas into a repeat of Nathema, which frightened Scourge, but Revan countered by explaining how much the Emperor had on the planet in the way of resources, not to mention how it would expose the secret he'd tried to hide on Nathema if he killed his capital planet. But it was certain he would do it, someday. The three then decided the only course was to kill the Emperor, and determined to do it at dawn, though dawn had little meaning on a planet of eternal storms.[20]

Final confrontation with Lord Vitiate

"The Force always strives for balance. The Emperor is an agent of darkness and destruction. It is inevitable that a champion of the light will one day rise to oppose him. I may be that champion."
―Revan to Scourge[src]

At dawn the four left the cave, and all of them prepared in their own way for what lay ahead, as they rode in the speeder in silence. Revan silently observed his companions to analyze their philosophies. Surik meditated, as she would try to center her emotions, cleansing herself of all fear and hatred lest the imminent violence draw her toward the dark side. She believed she could transform herself into a perfect conduit for the Force, an incorruptible weapon of light. Revan perceived this act of Surik as her warrior's trance which she always performed before every major battle. While witnessing Surik in her act, Revan recalled his past during the Mandalorian Wars when he also used to assume that he would be impervious to the lure of the dark side of the Force. However, Revan knew he didn't have to worry about Surik or T3-M4. Scourge was another matter though. The concept of self-sacrifice came easily to those who walked the path of the light.[20] For the Sith, there was no such thing as a noble death. Scourge understood the concept of sacrifice, but only when it came to sacrificing others. He had been taught to value survival above all else. Even his willingness to join with Revan and Meetra was driven by his desire for self-preservation; ultimately he wanted victory only for his sake, and not for the sake of others. Revan knew that Scourge was troubled.[20] After the Jedi Civil War, Revan was wiser and understood the Force in a vastly different manner then any Jedi or Sith. He understood that both the light and dark sides of the Force were more closely intertwined with each other than either the Jedi or the Sith would ever admit. He had learned to balance on the knife-edge between them, drawing on both the light and dark sides for strength. However, Revan still embraced the nobility of the idea of self-sacrifice.[20]

Confrontation with the Imperial Guard

"Assassins! Kill them all!"
―Yarri to other elite soldiers[src]

Upon approaching the outskirts of Kaas City, Scourge decided to land his speeder, in case the ion cannons were set up to take out approaching vehicles. Scourge and his allies continued on foot to the Sith Emperor's Citadel. When they finally reached the citadel, there were no sentries standing by the entrance at the top of the stairs. They were only a few meters away from the entrance when the door flew open and six red-uniformed elite soldiers (i.e. members of the Imperial Guard) came out, armed with blasters and electrostaffs and intercepted the four visitors. Scourge revealed his identity to the elite soldiers and demanded another meeting with the Sith Emperor. The elite soldiers initially decided to let only Scourge in, but the Sith Lord demanded that his allies should be let in as well. The elite soldiers reluctantly accepted his demands but on one condition that the Captain of the Imperial Guard will determine who could meet the Sith Emperor.[20] Revan understood the nature of the Imperial Guard of the Sith Emperor. During his previous visit to Dromund Kaas, several years ago, he learned everything about the Imperial Guard. Though not attuned to the Force in the classical sense, the members of the Imperial Guard had a special connection with the Sith Emperor, allowing them to draw strength from him and were nearly immune to Force powers when close to him. They were formidable opponents, even for a Jedi.[20] The members of the Imperial Guard led the four visitors to the entrance of the throne room of the Sith Emperor which was composed of two enormous and heavy durasteel doors. Scourge pressured the elite soldiers to let them in without waiting for the captain of the Imperial Guard to arrive. According to the plan, the instant the sealed doors would be opened, all four visitors would charge inside. While Revan would engage the Sith Emperor, Surik and Scourge would hang back and hold off the Imperial Guard long enough for T3-M4 to close and seal the doors and join him afterwards.[20] However, the Captain arrived just on time as the sealed doors were about to be opened—bringing the escort up to a total of seven members of the Imperial Guard at that place. When the Captain's name Yarri was spoken by one of the elite soldiers, Revan recognized her as she had led him and Malak to the Sith Emperor's trap during their previous visit, several years ago, but Revan was not looking at her. Captain Yarri ordered Scourge to go in alone and signaled the other 3 visitors to step aside from the entrance. One member of the Imperial Guard attempted to shove Revan aside, but he slapped the his hand away and turned to face his old nemesis. When Captain Yarri caught sight of Revan' mask, she was shocked and ordered the elite soldiers to kill all four visitors after assuming them as assassins.[20] Revan lashed out with his foot, delivering a side kick to the chest of the elite soldier who had grabbed his shoulder earlier, sending the man stumbling back. T3-M4 then sprang in to action by firing off his built-in blaster; the beam struck the soldier square in the chest. At the same time, Surik engaged two members of the Imperial Guard blocking the entrance to the throne room with her lightsaber. Ordinary soldiers would have been chopped down before they could even draw their weapons, but the Imperial Guard were not so easily felled. The first soldier met her charge and parried the first strike with his electrostaff, the resilient metal of his weapon deflecting the energy blade of the Jedi off to the side so that it carved a deep scar in the wall. The second soldier leapt into the fray, forcing Meetra to fall back a step to absorb their coordinated attack. Slightly farther away, Scourge and Captain Yarri were also already engaged in close-quarters combat, his lightsaber clashing against her electrostaff as they battled in the narrow confines of the entrance hall.[20] An alarm began to ring out in the hall, triggered by one of the other three remaining members of the Imperial Guard. Before they could join in the fight, Revan gestured in the direction of the two enormous, heavy, and sealed durasteel doors and blasting them wide open with the power of the Force simultaneously. He ordered his allies into the throne room, and charged towards one of the opened doors. From the two members of the Imperial Guard who were dueling Surik, one broke off and intercepted Revan.[20] Revan performed an acrobatic move, tucking his knees in tight to somersault over his opponent. The elite soldier attempted to counter the unexpected move by using his electrostaff but missing Revan by only a few centimeters. Revan landed on the ground and wheeled around to face his opponent. He thrust out with the Force to overwhelm his opponent but instead of sending his opponent flying, it only staggered him back half a step—at such close proximity to the Sith Emperor, the Imperial guard was able to draw on his power to protect themselves from the Force powers. Still, the slight stumble gave Revan enough time to draw out his lightsaber and go on the offensive. He came in with a high, overhand chop—an obvious feint meant to draw the defenses of his opponent upward, leaving his legs exposed to a quick follow-up strike. The elite soldier recognized the familiar ploy, countering it by parrying the overhand chop then quickly dropping his blade low to intercept the inevitable slash at his legs. But Revan didn't go for his legs. Anticipating that his opponent's defenses would go low, he kept his blade up high, allowing him to end the battle with a horizontal cut across the opponent's suddenly exposed throat.[20] Revan then entered the throne room and T3-M4 followed him, but Surik and Scourge were still locked in combat with the Imperial guard in the hall outside. They were waging a fighting retreat; they had maneuvered themselves so they could back into the throne room while keeping the Imperial guard at bay. Revan witnessed the arrival of six additional members of the Imperial Guard at the far end of the hall outside. He used the Force to rip apart the vaulted stone archway free from its setting in the ceiling above them. A shower of dust and debris rained down in front of the reinforcements, sending them into temporary retreat. This move paved way for the Surik and Scourge to break free of the fight and rush into the throne room, followed by Yarri and the three surviving members of the Imperial guard excluding the reinforcements. Revan then used the Force to slam the two enormous and heavy doors of the throne room shut and ordered T3 to seal them.[20]

The Sith Emperor

"I did not expect you to return"
―Vitiate to Revan[src]

Revan now turned his attention to the other end of the throne room where the Sith Emperor was seated on his throne, watching the events unfolding before him with cold detachment. The Jedi Master felt the physical manifestation of his opponent's malevolent power, but charged towards him nonetheless.[20] While Scourge and Surik battled the Imperial guard, T3-M4 was busy sealing the two enormous and heavy doors. At the same time, as Revan charged towards the Sith Emperor, the latter unleashed a wave of energy that swept Revan off his feet and sent him flying backward. Revan twisted in midair so that he was able to roll with the impact when he landed. He quickly sprang back to his feet and again advanced towards his opponent.[20] This time, Revan began to sense the oppressive presence of the dark side weighing down on him. The Emperor was trying to crush his will—to dominate and enslave his mind as he had before. However, Revan was prepared. Instead of charging forward, he opened himself up to the Force, letting both the light and the dark side flow through him like twin rushing rivers. Revan then released the Force in its purest form. There was brilliant flash as the air between the two combatants lit up. The energy unleashed was powerful enough to send the Emperor flying in the air in the backward direction.[20]

Revan again charged towards his opponent, the Sith Emperor got up on his feet and countered with a powerful blast of Force Lightning, which Revan intercepted with his lightsaber but the impact stopped his advance. The Sith Emperor unleashed another powerful blast of Force Lightning, which comprised three deadly bolts. Revan batted the first aside with his lightsaber, ducked the second, and deflected the third back in the direction of its source. It struck the Emperor in the chest, sending him sliding several meters further backwards on the floor. For the first time the Sith's emotionless veneer cracked as he let out a primal hiss of hate. The sound sent shivers down Revan's spine.[20] By this time, T3-M4 had finished the job of sealing the two enormous and heavy doors with a powerful contact adhesive to keep them shut, and Surik ordered him to help Revan.[20] The Emperor rose to his feet, his robes smoking and singed where the Force lightning had struck him. His black eyes flashed red, and he raised both hands high above his head. Revan understood that he was gathering his power to unleash a swirling storm of pure dark side energy, just as Nyriss had done before. The Jedi Master quickly calculated his options. Realizing he couldn't close the gap between them quickly enough to stop the assault, he gathered his own energy and spread his hands before him, ready to catch and absorb the Emperor's attack. A dozen devastating bolts of purple lightning arced from the Emperor toward Revan. He attempted to draw them in and contain them, but the Sith Emperor was far more powerful than Darth Nyriss. Revan felt his skin begin to boil and blister, and his mask began to melt and stick to his face as the Sith Emperor poured more and more power into him. Unnoticed by the Sith Emperor, T3-M4 closed in and unleashed his flamethrower at him, engulfing him in fire. The Sith Emperor cocooned himself in the Force to save himself from getting incinerated, breaking his focus on Revan in the process. Revan was badly injured by the extremely lethal swirling storm of pure dark side energy unleashed by the Sith Emperor, and was too weak to move. He managed to raise his head just in time to see the Sith Emperor turn on the brave little astromech droid. A tremor rippled through the air as the Sith Emperor unleashed the full power of the dark side on T3-M4, shattering him into an untold number of pieces in an instant, several of which rained down on Revan as superheated shrapnel.[20] Revan then instinctively, called on the Force to give him strength and heal his wounds. The healing properties of the Force were powerful, but Revan's wounds were severe and he needed more time to restore his strength. The Sith Emperor decided to take advantage of the vulnerable state of his opponent, came close to him, grabbed his lightsaber, activated it, and prepared to strike.[20] By this time, both Surik and Scourge had managed to cut down the members of the Imperial Guard including Captain Yarri. Surik then called to Scourge to help Revan, as she rushed forward towards the far end of the throne room to do so herself. But Scourge hesitated to do so, as he was confused by his earlier vision of their failure against the Sith Emperor. Surik was moving fast, but she was too far away to stop the Sith Emperor from killing the injured Jedi at his feet. In desperation, she hurled her lightsaber towards the Sith Emperor, guiding it with the Force so that it spiraled end-over-end to intercept the descending blade from the hand of her target, knocking it from the Sith Emperor's grasp, and sending it skittering across the floor. The Sith Emperor was taken by surprise by her assault. Scourge realized that she could have killed the Sith Emperor with her assault instead of choosing to save Revan's life but she wasted the golden opportunity. Surik was still rushing forward, using the Force to recall her lightsaber to her waiting hand. Socurge then sensed hesitation and uncertainty in the Sith Emperor as he tried to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of his new foe, and rushed forward to join Surik and Revan. Surik positioned herself between the Sith Emperor and Revan, valiantly protecting her wounded friend. As Scourge reached them, Revan managed to stand up again after healing his wounds with the Force. He then reached out with the Force and his lightsaber sprang from the floor and into his waiting grasp.[20] The Sith Emperor expressed his displeasure at inaction of Scourge, which led him to wonder if the Sith Emperor was stalling for time for his Imperial Guard to break through the sealed doors. Revan reminded the Sith Emperor that Scourge had come to his senses by realizing the true depth of his twisted nature. In response, the Sith Emperor made it clear that Scourge will also meet the same fate as his Jedi allies, if he has sided with them. Revan pointed out to the Sith Emperor that he cannot defeat all three of them but the Sith Emperor remained optimistic. For Scourge, the universe suddenly seemed frozen in place, as if time itself had stopped. He realized he was at a crux in history; fate and destiny would be forever altered in the next few moments. The Force washed over him in a wave, and many possible outcomes flickered through his mind simultaneously. In some, Revan triumphed and the Sith Emperor was no more. In others, the Sith Emperor defeated Revan and proceeded to reduce the entire galaxy into an empty wasteland. Scourge also saw variations of his own life and death played out over and over in every conceivable way, shape, and form. He had to choose, but there was no way to know which was the most likely outcome, or what actions of his would lead to which results. Revan had said visions could guide the Jedi, but for Scourge they brought nothing but confusion. The moment passed and the universe began to move again, though everything seemed to be happening in slow motion.[20]

Betrayal of Scourge

As Revan and Surik stepped forward to initiate the final confrontation, Scourge realized that he had to act now. In a sudden moment of clarity, Scourge saw a vision of the Sith Emperor lying defeated at the feet of a powerful Jedi but that Jedi was neither Revan and nor Surik. The Sith Lord had made up his mind. Instead of advancing with his current Jedi allies, Scourge positioned himself directly behind Surik. There was a flicker in his consciousness as the universe snapped back to full speed, and he slid the blade of his lightsaber between her shoulders. Surik gasped and toppled forward, dead before she hit the floor. Revan's attention got diverted by this move and he was shocked. The distraction gave the Sith Emperor the opportunity he needed, and he unleashed another powerful blast of Force Lightning into the Revan's chest. The Jedi Master was caught unprepared and lost conscious.[20] The Sith Emperor demanded Scourge to explain his position, who in order to save his skin, lied that the Jedi were in league with Nyriss, and that he led them to him so they could be killed. The Sith Emperor asked Scourge to prove his loyalty by killing Revan. Scourge walked over to the position of the knocked out Jedi Master and raised his lightsaber to do so, but the Sith Emperor telepathically prevented Scourge from doing so, and stated that he believed him. The Sith Emperor wanted Revan alive, as he still had one more use for him. The Sith Emperor also promised Scourge of a worthy reward in return of his services to him.[20]


Revan was trapped in a room that was part laboratory, part prison cell, and held in stasis in a special product of Sith Sorcery; he couldn't feel his body or the passage of time, but was still conscious. He could sense a mysterious 'powerful presence' near him, but was unaware of its identity. The 'presence' Revan felt was actually the Force ghost of Meetra Surik, dwelling in the same room to help him in any way possible. During his imprisonment, Revan was subjected to continuous telepathic assault by the Sith Emperor, who attempted to probe his mind and gain useful information, regarding the Republic, to plan his invasion accordingly. He also fed on Revan's Force energy to satiate his hunger. Unbeknownst to the Sith Emperor, Revan used the Dark Lord's telepathic assault against him by probing his mind, and manipulate it by planting seeds of doubt in it in an attempt to delay his plans as long as possible. In addition, Revan was replenishing his Force energy by feeding on the powerful presence near him (i.e. the Force ghost of Meetra Surik) to remain strong in his struggle against the Sith Emperor. He also used the Force to instill comfort and hope in the minds of his family members across the span of the Galaxy. Apparently, he was able to hold Lord Vitiate off for centuries, as the Sith Emperor didn't attack the Republic for at least 300 years, more than long enough for Revan's son to grow up and never face the fear of total annihilation.[20]

300 Years Later

"I lost everyone... betrayed from within. The Emperor imprisoned me, kept me alive with Sith alchemy... used me."

Revan after being freed from stasis.

After 300 years, the Sith finally invaded the Republic, resulting in the Great Galactic War. Revan, however, managed to stop the war by manipulating the Emperor into believing that peace was in his best interest, resulting in the Treaty of Coruscant. However, the peace was fragile, and broke down after a decade. During this time, Meetra appeared to a Jedi named Oteg and informed him of Revan's imprisonment. The Jedi Master assembled a strike force that raided the planet Taral V before attacking the prison itself. A strike team infiltrated the prison and managed to bring down the defenses, which included Grand Moff Rycus Kilran, and finally freed Revan.

See Revan Reborn

When he was freed, Revan was horrified at first, believing that the Emperor could now continue his plans without any hindrance. However, after Meetra appeared to him and explained that the peace was already broken, Revan decided to go with the Republic forces. Revan traveled to Tython, where he told the Jedi Council everything he knew about the Emperor and the Empire. After this, Revan made his way to a place known as the Foundry. Here, he started to build an army of battle droids, whom he placed under HK-47's command, to destroy the Emperor and the Sith once and for all.

However, the Emperor knew how great a threat Revan posed, and assembled a team of his own to destroy him. This team came to the Foundry and, after fighting their way through the defenses (including HK-47), managed to reach Revan. Revan tried to persuade the members of the strike team to fight the Emperor, but they refused to listen and a fight broke out. Revan's powers proved formidable, but in the end the strike team managed to weaken him. As they closed in, Revan quoted the last words of Malak, saying that he now understood how he had felt back on the Star Forge. But before the final blow could be struck, Revan disappeared in a flash of light. Not a trace of him could be found. It is not known whether he became one with the Force or somehow managed to escape.


"My time here is ended. Take what I have taught you and use it well."
―Darth Revan to Darth Bane[src]

Darth Revan on Lehon, the planet that hid his Sith legacy for nearly three millennia.

Three hundred years after his second disappearance from known space, Revan was regarded as a legend and a great hero of the Jedi Order. Despite betraying the Jedi and nearly conquering the Republic, the death of Darth Malak at the hands of Revan single-handedly redeemed his reputation in the eyes of most of the Jedi and the Republic, both of which welcomed him back with open arms. Although he left to confront the ancient Sith Empire on a solitary quest, Revan's victory over Malak provided the Republic with three centuries of relative peace and prosperity. However, the Emperor would use that time to simultaneously strengthen the military might of his empire and to weaken the Republic and the Jedi from within.[19] Though he eventually rejected the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith and returned to the light side, Revan's legacy as a very powerful Sith Lord would live on thousands of years after his death in a holocron that he had constructed during his reign. Hidden away on the planet Lehon, within the Temple of the Ancients, it would remain undisturbed for nearly three thousand years. Having become obsessed with the knowledge and prowess of the ancient Sith, Revan in particular, Darth Bane traveled to Lehon in search of power enough to topple the existing Sith regime, the Brotherhood of Darkness. Despite Revan's turn to the light side, Bane regarded him as one of the greatest Sith Lords in history.[21] Once there, he discovered Revan's holocron and from it received training and instruction that, he felt, surpassed the entirety of the Korriban Academy's archives. After obtaining all the trainings from Darth Revan's holocron, Bane destroyed it as was the way of the Sith to eliminate things that were of no further use. Partially through the wisdom and Sith philosophy imparted to him by Revan, Bane would acquire the strength, power, and knowledge necessary to reshape the Sith as he saw fit, destroying the Brotherhood of Darkness and establishing the Rule of Two,[21] thus birthing a new incarnation of the Sith Order; one that would go on to topple the Galactic Republic and all but destroy the Jedi Order.[31] During the New Sith Wars, the Zelosian Sith Lord Darth Rivan would choose his name from a corrupted Sith manuscript that misidentified Revan as "Darth Rivan, the most powerful Dark Lord of the Jedi Civil War".[32]

Personality and traits

Before his fall to the dark side of the Force, Revan was a very gifted Jedi whom possessed the potential to become a champion of the Jedi Order, as believed by Jedi Master Vandar. In addition to his exceptional skills, Revan was also noted for having a charismatic personality and insatiable desire for knowledge. His abilities in charisma and persuasion were more than powerful enough to win the personal loyalty of countless Republic soldiers, including thousands of Jedi who willingly stood with him against the wishes of the Jedi Council. As a general, Revan was acknowledged as the greatest military tactician of his time, especially due to the fact that his entry into the Mandalorian Wars was a pivotal turning point for the all but defeated Republic. Intelligent and decisive, Revan won the devotion and admiration of not only his followers, but also the Mandalorians, many of whom were humbled after being defeated by Revan's tactics. As a military strategist, his exploits were legendary throughout the Galactic Republic.

Revan's involvement in the Mandalorian Wars, including his descent into darkness, was ironically facilitated by his compassion for the crumbling Republic. From the beginning of the conflict, he was defiant towards the Jedi Council's decision to keep the Order out of the fighting while Republic civilians and soldiers died by the millions. As the Mandalorians grew increasingly aggressive, Revan reached his breaking point when he learned of the genocidal massacre on Cathar. Ultimately, it was his strong sympathy for the victims of the war and the desire to bring the Mandalorians to justice that compelled Revan to lead a significant portion of the Jedi Order against the aggressors.

As time went on however, Revan grew more ruthless to the point where he despised weakness and indecisiveness, thus becoming very similar to the Mandalorians he was fighting. Canderous Ordo noted the drastic change in Revan's approach to the war, most notably in his willingness to leave entire worlds defenseless in order to fortify key strategic planets that were vital to the Republic's defense. HK-47, Revan's personal assassin droid, recalled his master's cold and calculating nature by the end of the Mandalorian Wars—Revan not only destroyed Malachor V, but also used the planet's destruction to simultaneously annihilate the Mandalorians and to purge his growing army of the Jedi and Republic soldiers whose loyalties were not completely with him.

File:250px-Sith revan.png
Ultimately he turned to the dark side by becoming the most feared Sith Lord Darth Revan, determined to conquer the Galactic Republic that he originally tried to protect. It was believed by some, including his first Jedi Master Kreia, that he may have turned because he knew about the "true" Sith and sought to prevent a greater evil from being unleashed by willingly submitting himself to the dark side. Yet despite his turn to the dark side, Revan remained focused on his original goal to consolidate the galaxy into a stronger force better capable at defending itself. G0-T0 observed how Revan's strategy was based on a more complex plan than simply destroying all opposition in his path; Revan purposely spared planets that were essential to the Republic's economic and military infrastructure. In order to build a long-lasting Empire in a short span of time, Revan understood that he needed the Republic's overall structure to remain intact so as to avoid building an galactic-spanning empire from total scratch.

At the height of his reign as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan had given himself fully to the dark side. Honor and glory meant nothing to him any longer. The feelings of compassion, mercy and loyalty no longer held any relevance to him as they once did during his time as a Jedi; he had embraced the Sith philosophy for the sake of power and control through the dark side of the Force. As far as Revan was concerned, it was all or nothing—to walk the path of moderation was to be dragged down into failure by one's own conceits. By immersing himself in darkness, Revan understood that the nature of the dark side could be both the greatest strength and weakness of the Sith—to cull the weak from the ranks of the strong, yet also being forced to remain eternally vigilant for signs of treachery. To that end, Revan concluded that the strong had to be careful to avoid being overwhelmed by those serving beneath him. Hence, he believed that every master should train only one apprentice, or else risk falling to the combined might of multiple disciples.

Ultimately, Darth Revan became an uncompromising believer in rule of the strong. From Revan's point of view, there could be only one Dark Lord who would rule until he was overthrown by a more powerful opponent, thus insuring that his Empire would always be ruled by the strong. The strong rule and the weak serve was the underlying philosophy of the Sith that formed the core of Revan's beliefs, which he in turn made sure to pass on to all of his followers.

One of his greatest traits as the Dark Lord, however, was his ability as a manipulator. The combination of his charismatic personality and the allure of the dark side was more than enough to cause thousands of Jedi and countless Republic soldiers to break their former allegiances and flock to Revan's cause. The greatest testament to his skill in manipulation was in the person of his first follower and best friend Darth Malak, formerly the Jedi Alek who once possessed a strong affinity for the Jedi and the Republic. In training Malak, Revan turned a once prominent Jedi Knight, who staunchly upheld the values of the Jedi Order, into a brutish Sith Lord with a bloodlust for extreme violence and carnage.

But even while immersed in the dark side, Revan apparently retained a slight sense of humor. HK-47's reference to Malak as a "meatbag", including Malak's furious reaction, amused Revan enough to cause him to reprogram the assassin droid to refer to all organics as meatbags. HK-47's multiple use of the term in regards to Malak drove Dark Lord's apprentice to extreme lengths of frustration, much to Revan's amusement. Even under his programmed personality, Revan was still just as amused at the thought of Malak being the "original meatbag".

After being saved from a near-death experience by Bastila Shan in the aftermath of Malak's treachery, Darth Revan's identity was virtually wiped out by the Jedi Council out of fear of being unable to control the Dark Lord, essentially leaving Revan's mind as a blank slate. The Council then used the Force to insert an artificial persona with false memories into Revan's damaged mind, thereby causing the former Sith to initially forget about his past. Under the Jedi-created persona, Revan believed himself to be a native of the planet Deralia who enlisted into the Republic military as a raw recruit. As a result of the Jedi's tampering, the "new" Revan was fiercely loyal to the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order, constantly upholding their ideals and determined to end the threat of the Sith for good. Kreia, however, did not believe that the Jedi changed Revan as they later took credit for. She believed that the Jedi merely reversed the effects that war and the dark side had on Revan, thus allowing his true self to reemerge from the depths of his mind—a person who was willing to go to war to protect others.

Over time, however, Revan came to gradually piece back together the damaged memories of his former life. The revelation of his true identity shocked Revan to the core. In comparison between his original self and the artificial personality forged by the Jedi Council, some of his companions noted a few similarities and differences. HK-47 observed that his master was ultimately different from the man he once was, mainly regarding the fact that "Revan's" compassion for others contrasted sharply with Darth Revan's ruthlessness and cruelty. HK-47, suspecting that Revan's concern for life may have been an inherent trait rather than a side effect of memory loss, reluctantly concluded that Revan's new persona was an improvement on the person he once was. Canderous Ordo recognized that Revan was no longer the same person who defeated the Mandalorians in the war. Despite this, Revan had still managed to earn Ordo's respect a second time due to his prowess as a warrior and a leader. Darth Malak even commented that in spite of Revan's loss of his old personality, the former Dark Lord remained as charismatic as ever, inspiring loyalty in those who followed him just as he had done in his past life.

File:Jedi Revan.png
But unlike the first time, Revan avoided a second fall to the dark side of the Force, even when his lover Bastila Shan attempted to seduce him and instigate a rebirth of Darth Revan. He had become firmly entrenched behind his loyalty to the Jedi and the Republic, his devotion to the light side of the Force, and remained dedicated to saving Bastila and defeating Darth Malak. When Revan and Malak faced each other for the final time, he expressed regret at leading his former friend to the dark side, but also reminded Malak that it was his own choice to continue down the dark path. But as more of Revan's memories—as noted by Bastila Shan—returned to him shortly after the death of Malak, his former self subtly reasserted itself, mainly in his pragmatism and understanding of war. Realizing that his attachments to Bastila and their companions would only weaken him, Revan made the choice to leave behind all those that he cared about in order to take on a solitary quest to destroy the true Sith just as he originally intended to do so.

Physical appearance

Revan was an unprepossessing man, with fair skin, black hair and dark eyes. Revan described his own features as "unremarkable" and "average". During the Mandalorian Wars Revan took to wearing his hair long, sometimes tied back and sometimes flowing freely past his shoulders. At some point before or after his conscription aboard the Endar Spire Revan grew a beard, which he wore throughout the Jedi Civil War, and after. This beard eventually became a trademark part of his appearance. So much so, that after being awarded the Hero's Cross Revan shaved it off and ceased wearing Jedi robes in public, seeking to disassociate himself from the celebrity he had become.


Bastila Shan


Bastila Shan proved to be instrumental in Darth Revan's recovery and subsequent redemption.

The first known interaction that took place between Revan and Bastila happened on the bridge of his flagship when he was still the Dark Lord of the Sith. Bastila had been part of a strike team that was assigned to capture him. But before they could engage in combat, Malak betrayed Revan by firing on the bridge the ship. Revan was seriously wounded by the attack and on the verge of death. When Bastila realized there was still a chance to save Revan, she used the Force to save his life, and in doing so forged a Force Bond between them. Bastila would later tell Revan that she saved him because as a Jedi, she held all life sacred, even the life of a Sith Lord.

Bastila brought Revan to the Jedi Council, who decided to erase his memory and create a new identity for him. They did this because the bond between him and Bastila allowed her to see Revan's past memories, which they thought might lead to finding a way to stop the Sith. Revan became a soldier under Bastila's command and went on to rescue her on Taris. After returning to Dantooine, the Council there decided to retrain Revan in the Jedi arts. Revan was eventually deemed worthy of being a full fledged member of the Order again, and he and Bastila were assigned to track down the Star Forge.

During their search for the Star Forge, Revan and Bastila started to grow closer, and eventually fell in love. Although Revan believed they could be together, Bastila was reluctant since the Jedi forbade love. However, after resisting for a period of time, she opened up to Revan and they shared a kiss. But after that, she insisted that it was for the best that they stay on their mission and ignore the feelings they shared. Saul Karath would later attempt to exploit their feelings by torturing Bastila to gain information from Revan. But although seeing his love in pain was torture to him, Revan refused to tell Karath anything.

During the escape from the Leviathan, Revan discovered his true identity and the truth behind his memory loss. Soon after this, Bastila was captured by Malak and Revan was forced to leave her behind to continue the quest for the Star Forge. Revan and Bastila would meet again atop the Temple of the Ancients on Lehon. There, Revan found Bastila had fallen to the dark side and become Malak's apprentice. A devastated Revan tried to persuade Bastila back to the light, but Bastila attacked him, Jolee and Juhani. After beating her back, Bastila attempted to persuade Revan to reclaim the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith, even trying to manipulate his feelings for her to do so. After a struggle with his inner darkness, Revan refused Bastila's offer, and the fallen Jedi fled to the Star Forge.

180px-830px-Revan Shan Darth Malak

Gnost-Dural's interpretation of Darth Malak's death at the hands of the Jedi Revan and Bastila Shan.

Revan and Bastila's love would face its ultimate test when they confronted each other on the Star Forge. Bastila, under orders from Malak, attempted to kill Revan. But after several rounds, Bastila saw she wasn't strong enough to defeat Revan. She begged Revan to kill her, but Revan refused and once again implored her to return to the light. Although Bastila didn't believe she could be redeemed, she was proven wrong when Revan confessed that he loved her. This knowledge ultimately led to Bastila rejecting the dark side and declaring her love for Revan. After the confrontation, Bastila used her battle meditation to aid the Republic fleet in battle against the Sith armada while Revan went off to confront Malak for the last time. Both escaped the Star Forge before it was destroyed, and along with their companions, they were proclaimed the heroes of the Republic. Within two years of this, Revan and Bastila were married.

Despite this happy outcome, Revan and Bastila would ultimately have to part ways. In the years following the end of the war, Revan continued to remember more of his past, and he eventually remembered the True Sith Empire. Believing he had to do what he could to stop the Sith, Revan said goodbye to his beloved wife. Although he originally planned to ask her to accompany him, this changed when Bastila revealed she was pregnant with his child.

Bastila eventually gave birth to Revan's son, whom she named Vaner, and their family line would continue on for at least three hundred more years. Unfortunately, because of Revan's capture in the Unknown Regions by the Sith, he would never personally meet his son. However, Revan's love for both Bastila and Vaner gave him strength to continue to fight the Sith and the Emperor, and he was determined to ensure they could live out the rest of their lives in peace.

Power and abilities

Revan was the most powerful Jedi of his time, and proved his mettle during difficult and challenging scenarios. He defeated several powerful and dangerous adversaries in single combat including Mandalore the Ultimate, Yusanis, Calo Nord, Darth Bandon, Darth Malak, and Darth Nyriss. Revan was also very charismatic and could easily inspire others to join his cause.[20][2] He played a pivotal role in reshaping the Galactic events with his exploits.[20][2] When Revan once again walked the path of light, he managed to redeem several notable individuals on his way including Juhani,[16] Ajunta Pall,[2] Yuthura Ban,[2] and Bastilla Shan.[16]

Lightsaber training

830px-Revan fights Sith

A redeemed Revan fights his former Sith subjects.

Revan was a skilled swordsman. While dueling his opponents, Revan performed acrobatic maneuvers to increase his combat effectiveness. Revan also used his advanced precognition abilities to anticipate the dueling moves of his opponents in advance with high accuracy to effectively counter them, and outsmart his opponents. On Taris, Revan participated in the dueling ring to earn some credits under the alias of "The Mysterious Stranger". He defeated the top five duelists, Deadeye Duncan, Gerlon Two-Fingers, Marl, Ice, and Twitch, to become the Taris dueling champion. Revan accomplished this under an amnesic mental condition and without using the Force. After this accomplishment, Revan gained the attention of several notable individuals who helped him in escaping the planet. On Korriban, Revan single-handededly cut down a pair of terentateks in the tomb of an ancient Sith Lord, Naga Sadow, as part of Sith trials. Later on, he assisted Yuthura Ban in her struggle against the powerful Sith Master of the Korriban Sith Academy and redeemed her. With both individuals gone, the Sith Academy fell into disarray. On the Star Forge, Revan subdued Darth Malak in a lightsaber duel as apparent from the vision of Duron Qel-Droma. On Rekkiad, Revan single-handedly engaged a Basilisk war droid, killed its rider, and knocked out the huge machine by simply using his lightsaber inconjunction with acrobatics.

Revan saber

One of the Revan's several lightsabers.

Revan wielded a violet-bladed lightsaber when he acquired his trademark helmet on Cathar. By the end of the Mandalorian Wars, however, Revan's lightsaber shined a deep cyan. Upon falling to the dark side of the Force and becoming a Sith Lord, he would change his lightsaber color to crimson. Following his capture, reconstruction and redemption, Revan would once again utilize a blue lightsaber crystal in his fight against Malak and the Sith. After the end of the war he switched to a green lightsaber which he used during his journey to the Unknown Regions.

Force abilities

Revan chokes officer

Darth Revan using the Force to choke a female Sith officer.

Revan was very strong in the Force—the most gifted of his time—and eventually, by all accounts, managed to gain exceptional command of the Force. Many of his peers were impressed by his talents and skills. Another powerful Jedi, Meetra Surik, particularly noted that Revan's command of the Force was greater than that of anyone else she had ever met. Revan is among the few individuals in galactic history, who had significant exposure to both the light and dark sides of the Force, and he proved to be highly skilled in the use of both of these aspects of the Force. Due to these experiences, he was able to develop a perfect understanding of the concept of Unifying Force. During Revan's tenure as a Jedi Master, his command of the Force had reached to such a degree that he could channel both the light and dark sides of the Force simultaneously to perform unique feats. Both as a Dark Lord of the Sith and as a Jedi, Revan learned a variety of Force abilities to succeed in his plans. Revan could use the Force to augment his physical strength, speed, and perform various acrobatic feats. Revan had incredible Force sense abilities. With focus, he could sense the presence of another Force-user across the span of the entire Galaxy. He could also use the Force to assist him under challenging situations which involved precise judgements. During his stay on Dantooine, Revan performed Floating Meditation inconjunction with Telekinesis. Revan was adept at using the Force to directly heal his wounds without seeking medication attention. Revan also possessed the ability to resist the effects of Poisons and Drugs. Revan was proficient in the application of Telekinesis being able to move heavy objects simultaneously with mere gestures. He could also hurl heavy objects as missiles towards his targets. In addition, he could Push, Grip, Choke, Wound, and Crush his targets with the Force. Revan could also use the Force to create a whirlwind of Force energy to overwhelm his opponents. Furthermore, Revan was adept in the use of Saber Throw technique and used this ability to cut down multiple opponents simultaneously from a distance. Revan was proficient in the application of Force lightning, and also in the use of defensive techniques to counter it. Revan could use his bare hands to absorb and deflect very powerful Force lightning attacks. Very few Force-users in the galactic history have demonstrated this ability. Revan possessed the capabilities to influence the physical and mental condition of his opponents. He was capable of using mind tricks on his opponents, and force his will on them. He particularly exploited The One with these abilities. Revan could also steal knowledge from his opponents, and particularly used this ability to probe the mind of Lord Vitiate during his first encounter with him. In addition, Revan could afflict his targets, and replenish his energies by feeding on them. He was particularly immune to the effects of fear. Furthermore, Revan could psychologically manipulate his opponents to use them as tools for his plans. During the reign of Revan as Dark Lord of the Sith, he created a Holocron in which he feeded information of many dangerous Sith techniques and rituals, including the deadly thought bomb. Several millennia later, this holocron was discovered by Darth Bane, who noted that Revan's knowledge of Sith Lore was greater than the entire information contained in the archives of the Sith Academy in Korriban in his time. Though the full extent of Revan's abilities are unknown; prior to his final duel with Darth Malak, the latter acknowledged that Revan had surpassed his expectations. Revan proved his prodigious combat abilities during his struggle against the forces of Sith stationed on Star Forge. He was able to fight his way through large number of battle droids, Sith troopers, and Dark Jedi prior to reaching the position of Darth Malak. Even though Darth Malak was well-prepared for combat on the Star Forge—he had grotesquely adapted the Rakatan device to draw energy directly from the chained Jedi captives—he could not stop Revan. Revan was gifted with Farsight abilities, and commonly experienced Force visions, which guided him in his quests. He could also sense danger in advance.

Other abilities

Revan was an exceptionally capable strategist and tactician. Certain individuals, such as Canderous Ordo, went as far as to place almost the entirety of the Republic's victory in the Mandalorian Wars on his success. Likewise, before his capture during the Jedi Civil War, there were those that believed that it was only a matter of time before he conquered the entire galaxy. Revan's originality as a battlefield commander would earn him the undying respect of both the Mandalorian and Echani warrior cultures as according to the former, Revan represented a supremely worthy foe—one that both embodied their philosophies and showed them their weaknesses. The Echani, on the other hand, believed that Revan represented the epitome of what one could achieve in the arts of war, and that his skill was born out of a highly advanced battle precognition. In addition to his combat prowess, Force mastery, and imaginative battle strategies, Revan spoke and comprehended a variety of languages, including Basic, Mando'a, Binary, Huttese, Shyriiwook, and the Selkatha and Rakatan languages. It is unknown whether this was an intuitive understanding born of his Force sensitivity or the result of his previous application of Force techniques, but the The One, the leader of the Black Rakata, stated that during his time as a Dark Lord of the Sith, Revan ripped the language from the mind of the Rakatans and forced Basic in their minds so they could speak his language. Interestingly, he was unable to understand the language of the Sand People, requiring the use of HK-47 as an interpreter. Like Anakin Skywalker, millennia later, Revan was a skilled mechanic. According to Kreia, the first of his Jedi Masters, Revan exhibited a natural talent and interest in machinery, particularly droids. While Kreia held a great deal of pride for her Padawan's unique abilities with the Force, she was nevertheless confounded by Revan's preference of droids, as she herself could find little to no interest in "all things dead to the Force". Years later, Kreia stated to Meetra Surik that she believed Revan's talent for building droids stemmed from his desire for followers that obey orders without question. With that in mind, Revan would come to succeed in creating his ideal droid not long after recreating himself into a Dark Lord of the Sith. Shortly after the Battle of Malachor V, he built the sophisticated "protocol droid", HK-47. He also displayed this skill during his time searching for the Star Forge, when he was able to repair HK-47 enough to regain many of his old memories and combat programs. However, HK's memories of his previous service with Revan would remain locked deep in his memory core, and untouchable, until Malak revealed to the re-programmed Revan his true identity. He proved adept at repairing abandoned, decommissioned, or rusted droids encountered on his journey and could program them to fight for him. Revan proved himself adept at racing swoop bikes. His first known taste of the sport was on Taris, where he defeated the veteran Black Vulkar racer Redros, taking the Sector Championship to win Bastila Shan's freedom. He continued to compete professionally, eventually winning both the Tatooine and Manaan sector championships. Furthermore, Revan was a skilled pilot. He could fly the Ebon Hawk by himself and control its movements under difficult situations. Revan was also proficient in use of firearms. He proved his skills with these weapons on Endar Spire, Taris, and Rekkiad.


  • Revan appears in The Old Republic, yet the meeting differs between both sides.

    Jedi Master: Revan.



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