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Distant Outer Rim

Allegiance: Independent

Rishi is a planet located in the Distant Outer Rim. It was introduced with the Shadow of Revan expansion.


For a very long time, Rishi remained ignored and untouched on the fringes of the Outer Rim. Its dominant species--the intelligent, avian Rishii--lived a simple and mostly serene existence on the island-flecked world. But when a pirate craft crash-landed on Rishi more than a hundred years ago, all that changed.

With its plentiful fossil fuel reserves and close proximity to a largely unexplored dwarf galaxy, this tropical pearl of a planet has since become a favorite hub for underworld types in search of riches, refuge from authorities or just a good time.

Codex entries[]

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Rishi has 31 codex entries: 5 bestiary, 4 locations, 7 lore, 5 organizations, 8 persons of note, and 1 species.


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