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Independent Rishi Hideout Independent
Rishi Hideout
Planet: Rishi
Occupancy (max): 10 (75)
Decorations (max): 350 (1,600)
Expansions: 12
Initial purchase: Credit.png 3,000,000 or Cartel coin.png 2,650
Guild purchase: Credit.png 17,000,000

The Rishi Hideout is a stronghold located on the planet Rishi. As the largest stronghold to be introduced, it also introduces a number of special features that sets it apart from the rest.


Player-Vs-Player (PvP)

  • Rishi Cove: This area of the map acts as a free-for-all 4x4 PvP location that will immediately flag a player as hostile to all other players. Any player that possesses a key to the stronghold will be able to activate terminals around the cove that will raise gates, locking any players within the PvP area. On the observation deck that overlooks the cove, there are also two terminals that allow;
    • Bolsterizer: Applies the Bolster effect to any player who interacts with it.
    • Remove Observation Droid (RVD): Any player that interacts with this will gain control of a remote viewing droid that will allow them to view the PvP combat up close.
  • Sky Deck: This area acts as a large 8x8 PvP location. It also introduces a new hook type, Arena. On the north side of the Sky Deck is a control panel flanked by a Frogdog and Rotworm terminal. Using any of these three terminals allows players to play a fully functional version of Huttball or Team Deathmatch.
  • Not So Speedy achievement
  • Inconspicuous achievement


Escape the daily grind of galactic life by traveling to your own personal slice of paradise. This remote hideout on Rishi was once home to an infamous pirate crew-but not to worry! The property has been cleared of its sordid occupants by a heroic group of adventurers, and subsequently refurbished to include multiple customizable structures, a battle arena, and its own private beach!


Unlocks Credits (personal) Cartel Coins (personal) Max decorations Max occupancy Credits (guild)
Initial purchase Credit.png 3,000,000 Cartel coin.png 2,650 350 10 Credit.png 17,000,000
The Overlook Credit.png 1,500,000 Cartel coin.png 1000 +100 +5 Credit.png 2,900,000
Cove Credit.png 2,000,000 Cartel coin.png 1,800 +100 +3 Credit.png 10,000,000
Sun Room Credit.png 825,000 Cartel coin.png 600 +50 +5 Credit.png 2,000,000
Hillside Room Credit.png 825,000 Cartel coin.png 600 +50 +5 Credit.png 2,000,000
Patrol Carrier Credit.png 1,500,000 Cartel coin.png 1,200 +175 +10 Credit.png 3,000,000
Reactor Room Credit.png 975,000 Cartel coin.png 450 +50 +5 Credit.png 2,400,000
Bridge Credit.png 1,200,000 Cartel coin.png 725 +100 +5 Credit.png 3,000,000
Training Room Credit.png 740,000 Cartel coin.png 425 +50 +5 Credit.png 1,400,000
Starboard Quarters Credit.png 825,000 Cartel coin.png 600 +75 +5 Credit.png 2,000,000
Port Quarters Credit.png 830,000 Cartel coin.png 600 +75 +5 Credit.png 2,000,000
Captain's Quarters Credit.png 830,000 Cartel coin.png 600 +75 +2 Credit.png 2,000,000
Sky Deck Credit.png 2,800,000 Cartel coin.png 2,000 +350 +10 Credit.png 37,000,000
Total Credit.png 16,470,000 Cartel coin.png 13,250 1,600 75 Credit.png 86,700,000






  • Patch 5.9.2 - Galactic Legend (7 Aug 2018): Added.