Rocket Boost

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Rocket Boost Rocket Boost Rocket Boost

Cooldown: 1m 30s

Activates a personal jet propulsion unit that increases your movement speed by 110% for 12 seconds. Cannot use while in combat.
This article is for the Legacy ability. For the unlock, see Rocket Boost (legacy).

Rocket Boost is a Legacy speed boost ability. This ability grants the same speed as rank 3 Speeder Piloting.

Legacy unlocks[edit | edit source]

The Rocket Boost ability is unlocked through the Legacy interface under Other. The unlock Rocket Boost can be purchased for Credit.png 2,000,000 after reaching legacy level 8 or by paying Cartel coin.png 400. Once unlocked, the cooldown can be reduced by purchasing Improved Rocket Boost I and Improved Rocket Boost II.

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