"Gormak have battled both Republic and Imperial forces on Voss since the day they made it their business to interfere with the ancient war for control of the planet. While most Gormak still bear a grudge against all outsiders, a few forward-thinking individuals have realized that the new invaders from Zakuul are a far greater threat to Voss.

Rokuss is a hardened Gormak warrior who has looked beyond his people's traditional hatreds and united with old foes to defeat the Eternal Empire. He saw his older brothers fall in battle to the Alliance Commander years before the rise of Emperor Arcann. Where some would swear a blood oath of vengeance, Rokuss took the lesson that not all battles are worth fighting--and his brothers chose their enemy especially poorly. He now offers his services as soldier and bodyguard to the same Commander who killed his kin. In Rokuss's eyes, helping to defeat the Eternal Empire at the Commander's side is an honorable way to settle the family debt.
―The Honorable Warrior[src]

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