This lore can be found on Ord Mantell.

Complete the quest Republic Roulette to obtain this codex. You must pick the light side option to get this Codex, if you choose Dark Side Option you will not be able to get the Codex.


Centuries of colorful political history and public revelations of high-level government corruption have given Ord Mantell a reputation for untrustworthy leaders. While this attitude is not entirely unwarranted, certain fringe groups believed their world’s entire government was little more than a kleptocracy. These activists routinely protested outside government offices, demanding the elected officials be brought to justice. For a long time, the fringe groups were dismissed as delusional, paranoid or simply troublemakers. It wasn’t until an entire governmental cabinet was forced to step down for accepting bribes that ordinary citizens began taking the corruption claims seriously. This was the birth of the separatist movement.

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