S-100 Stinger-class Starfighter
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S-100 Stinger-class starfighter
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Corellian Engineering Corporation






Laser cannons
Proton torpedo launchers


Hyperdrive (Class 2.0)
Low-powered deflector shields

Escape craft(s)
Maximum speed

1,150 km/h (in atmosphere)


1 pilot

Notable crew members
Notable passenger(s)
Notable commander(s)
Notable captain(s)
Cost to buy vehicle(s)

465,000 credits (new)
310,000 credits (used)-3997 BBY
150,000 credits (new)
90,000 credits (used)-3976 BBY

Cost to sell vehicle(s)
Vehicle height
Vehicle length

11.5 meters

Vehicle width

Galactic Republic



The S-100 Stinger-class starfighter was a starfighter that served the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order during, and after the Great Sith War. The Stinger remained the mainstay of the Jedi, until the introduction of the Aurek-class tactical strikefighter just before the Mandalorian Wars.


The Corellian Engineering Corporation S-100 Stinger-class starfighter, was both a military and civilian use snubfighter. A single-seat craft with only 30 kilograms' worth of storage capacity, the fighter's design consisted of a long, narrow primary hull housing the cockpit, from which sprouted two outriggers, each of which held one of the craft's engines and a vertical fin with a laser cannon on top. The Stinger was more than a match for Krath CX-133 Chaos starfighter and their light defensive capabilities were more than made up for in agility as the Stinger was considered one of the most maneuverable fighters in the Galaxy.


The S-100 Stinger-class starfighter was considered one of the most reliable fighters of its time and was a popular fighter for nearly a century before newer and better craft were developed. Because of their light armament, the Republic authorized the sale of Stingers with stock armament to civilians, although their value droped considerably between the time of the Great Sith War and the Mandalorian Wars. The Stinger was still considered the starfighter of choice by many Jedi until the release of the Aurek-class tactical strikefighter.


S-100 Stinger-class starfighters were used by both the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order, and many pilots found it to be their preferred starfighter. Stingers were also available for civilian purchase, despite their light armament, minimal protection and limited utility, the fighters were selling at a steady rate for the price of 465,000 credits new.

Following the Great Sith War, S-100 Stingers continued to see use among the Republic and Jedi forces, continuing to be a mainstay of the Jedi pilots until the development of the Aurek-class tactical strikefighter, ubiquitous during the Mandalorian Wars twenty years later. They also continued to see civilian use although their market value had droped to 150,000 credits, and became popular with planetary defence forces.

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