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S3-F5 is a type of droid.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The establishment of military outposts on worlds with extreme environments has necessitated the development of specialized climate-resistant droids for scouting and ongoing outdoor surveillance. the S3-F5, engineered primarily for operation in low temperature environments, is equipped with advanced sensor arrays, basic weaponry, and a variety of tools and instruments for data collection and minor repairs.

This model is used for a multitude of tasks: patrolling perimeters in whiteout conditions, performing reconnaissance on remote targets, assisting in search-and-rescue missions, and repairing damaged facilities or transports in conditions that no flesh-and-blood species could withstand. The S3-F5, like other probe droids in its class, has only basic movement and limited cognitive analysis functions. Though it’s not necessary to constantly monitor the droid's activities, these limitations mean the S3-F5 is poorly equipped to process and respond to unknown circumstances. They have been known, on occasion, to accidentally attack indigenous creatures or unexpected friendly units. It is suggested that only trained operators alter the S3-F5’s routine specifications, and that great care is taken in programming threat sensors to ensure the droid functions as desired.

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