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Sith Empire SCORPIO Sith Empire

[[Imperial Agent]] companion

Allegiance: [[Sith Empire]]
Species: [[Droid]]
Gender: N/A (Identifies via female programming.)
Age: Unknown
Planet: [[Belsavis]]
Weapon(s): Techstaff (Classic)
Blaster Rifle (KOTFE)
Sniper Rifle (KOTFE)
Likes: Learning and gaining new tech, selfishness, killing threats.
Disikes: Self-sacrifice, duty, wastefulness.
Voice actor/actress: Deborah Kara Unger

SCORPIO is the final companion character of the Imperial Agent and is obtained at the conclusion of the Agent's class quests on Belsavis.

Background[edit | edit source]

SCORPIO is an Imperial Agent companion.

Knights of the Fallen Empire[edit | edit source]

SCORPIO is encountered during Chapter VII: The Lady of Sorrows.

Likes/Dislikes[edit | edit source]

  • Likes: Learning and gaining new tech, selfishness, killing threats
  • Dislikes: Self-sacrifice, duty, wastefulness

Gifts[edit | edit source]

SCORPIO prefers Weapons.

SCORPIO Gift Preferences
Cultural Imperial Luxury Military Republic Technology Trophy Underworld Weapon
Like - - Like - Love Like - Favorite

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

SCORPIO is voiced by actor Deborah Kara Unger.

Codex[edit | edit source]

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