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Sith Empire SCORPIO Sith Empire

Imperial Agent companion

Faction: Sith Empire
Species: Droid
Gender: N/A (Identifies via female programming.)
Age: Unknown
Planet: Belsavis
Weapon(s): Techstaves (Classic)
Blaster rifles (KOTFE)
Sniper rifles (KOTFE)
Voice actor: Deborah Kara Unger

SCORPIO is the final companion character of the Imperial Agent and is obtained at the conclusion of the Agent's class quests on Belsavis.


Background (Summary): Claims to have been designed for heuristic self-improvement by unknown parties. Current chassis is of recent design, suggesting multiple precursor bodies or independent database.

Over a century ago, SCORPIO became involved with the Star Cabal organization and accepted guardianship of Belsavis Megasecurity Ward 23. In return for rare technology, SCORPIO willingly acted as the Star Cabal's security system until application of control codes by Cipher Nine. Currently unable to directly harm Cipher Nine without provocation or depart Cipher Nine's presence on a long-term basis.

Personality: Application of Wreyn-Tsatke Cyber-Psychology Scale results in a 9-NIX rating for SCORPIO (level 9 intelligence, non-human, independent, unknown) with 22% accuracy. These preliminary results match anecdotal experience--SCORPIO places no inherent value on biological or cybernetic life and is interested primarily in self-iteration through rapid experience. If given appropriate challenges and upgrade opportunities, SCORPIO may prove cooperative for limited periods. She appears to value others who share her traits--intelligence, amoral self-interest and curiosity.

Similar cybernetic personalities include Mentor (10-NCM) and G0-T9 (8-HSM)--both considered galaxy-level threats. Recommend full application of Wreyn-Tsatke Test at earliest opportunity.

Knights of the Fallen Empire[]

SCORPIO is encountered during Chapter VII: The Lady of Sorrows.


Likes: Learning and gaining new tech, selfishness, killing threats

Dislikes: Self-sacrifice, duty, wastefulness


SCORPIO prefers Maintenance and Technology gifts.

SCORPIO Preferences
Gift Affection
Cultural 💙
Maintenance ❤️❤️❤️
Military 💙
Technology ❤️❤️❤️
Trophy 💙
Weapon 💚💚



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