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Come join the SWTOR Discord server:

The SWTOR Discord is the largest SWTOR community on Discord and has official ties with the r/SWTOR community as well!

Server Rules

1. Be on your best behavior.

We expect that all members are respectful of one another at all times within the community. Because of this, we strictly prohibit the usage of derogatory jokes or hate speech that attacks individuals or groups based on ethnicity, race, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or disabilities. This includes the advocation, provocation, or encouragement of the above.

  • Always be courteous and follow proper text-chat etiquette. Do not spam, flood, or send messages in excess, including but not limited to gifs, images, screenshots, emojis, or any other digital media.

  • Do not beg or ask for subscription time or cartel coins. Get a job or ask your parents. Additionally, do not beg or ask outright for in-game items or currency.

  • The advertisement of Discord servers/links, petitions, surveys, contests, or giveaways without the staff's express permission is strictly forbidden.

  • Do not Direct Message users randomly, and absolutely no soliciting services, sales, or other real money transactions under any circumstances.

  • Do not @ mention users, roles, or staff without a just reason. You do not need to @ someone who is actively engaging in the chat. Remember to use etiquette!

  • Do not impersonate any of our staff, users, BioWare employees, EA employees, or any external company or individual maliciously.

  • Do not spread information which is false or misleading that may have a significant risk of physical or societal harm.

  • Do not violate the Discord Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. The sharing of copyrighted material, the distribution of malicious software or illegal software, the use of self-bots (/user-bots) is strictly prohibited.

2. Be mindful of spoilers, young padawan.

Do not post spoilers outside of the spoiler channels or without the spoiler tag. Use #spoilers to obtain access to:

  • #swtor-lore is meant for game spoilers and applies to any point within the game's storyline.
  • #star-wars is meant for any other Star Wars spoiler and lore discussions.
  • #other-media is meant for spoilers for any medium that is not concerning to the game or Star Wars content.

Restricted Content.

  • We are Discord Partners and are prohibited from allowing content that falls under adult content. This includes but is not limited to pornographic images, videos, or other media. Nudity is not permitted, content that is obscene, contains excessive violence or gore. Please use caution with sexually suggestive material, as blatantly sexually suggestive is not permitted.

  • We strictly prohibit the discussions of real-world religion, politics, or controversial figures; including in memes or other mediums.

4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

We do not condone nor permit the discussion of tools, programs, or exploits that violate the Terms of Service of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Under no circumstances should links be posted, or DM'd, to websites that condone, promote, or host any of the tools, programs, or methods described above. Finally, do not disclose, discuss, or spread methods to replicate or perform unpatched exploits in the game.

5. Moderator Discretion

Always follow the directions given to you by a staff member. If you disagree, listen first, then you may DM @RE-88 Legacy#4865 afterward with a complaint.

Content Creators

We have a role for our content creators within the SWTOR community and allow them to share their work with the community in #content-share.

  • Are you a SWTOR/Star Wars content creator?

Review the requirements below, but keep in mind: we review each request on a case by case basis. Please review the policy here:

Please DM the bot with the link to your active platforms to get started getting the content creator role. Also please include that you are requesting the content creator role.

BioWare role

If you work for BioWare please contact @Teddy#0001 to get access to a BioWare role within the server.


Is someone breaking the rules and you want to report them privately?

If you would like to send a message to all Staff, you can DM the bot (@RE-88 Legacy#4865). Staff members can see who made a report, but all reports will remain confidential.

Use the bots responsibly

Intentional misuse or exploitation of any of the bots we use here is entirely unacceptable and may result in permanent removal from the server.

Using our bot (@RE-88)

For a list of available commands please see !commands, for additional help see !help.

Where is your bot from and how do I download it?

Our bot is developed, maintained, and hosted by @Teddy#0001. A public version, named M-3PO, is available here.

You can keep track of our bot's changes here.