Bureaucrats are users with the ability to promote other users to administrator and bureaucrat positions. They can also demote administrators, but other users with bureaucrat status must relinquish thier positions themselves, as they cannot be demoted.

TOR Wiki Policy

Because bureaucrat abilities are usually added to those of an already existing administrator, it is usually considered the third and highest rights tier (in front of admin and rollback users). Due to a forum discussion held in early 2014, it was decided that only one bureaucrat is required for the sake of community management on this Wiki.

Known bureaucrats

Current bureaucrats

Former bureaucrats

  • ShatterClub (retired; step down from the administrator/bureaucrat role)

Becoming a bureaucrat

In order to be promoted to bureaucrat, the current bureaucrat must agree to step down and reassign rights to your user account.

Potential reasons to ask for bureaucrat rights

Current bureaucrat is:

  • inactive
  • abusing privileges
  • only using admin powers
  • no bureaucrat user assigned


If you ask for bureaucrat rights, the current bureaucrat may look through your activities to see if you are a good candidate for the position. Here are some things you may want to make sure you have to your name before asking for rights.

  • at least 1,000 edits
  • positive community influence
  • administrator rights
  • positive content contributions
  • detelting duplicate, fanon or spam pages
  • blocking vandalistic users
  • reporting spam
  • member of the Discord
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