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Salarr was a Human male who was the leader of the Black Sun crime syndicate on Coruscant during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.


Salarr rose to prominence within Black Sun during the Cold War, so much so that he was contacted by Darth Tarnis with the offer to utilize the gang's resources in exchange for Imperial weapons and armaments. Salarr accepted and hired the Rodian smuggler Vistis Garn to steal the plans for a Republic superweapon, the Planet Prison, from a Republic warehouse. After Garn had transmitted the plans and been subsequently apprehended by a Jedi Knight, Tarnis contacted Salarr, feeling as though his cover within the Republic had the chance of being blown. Salarr arranged for his lieutenant, Zeer, to retrieve Tarnis from the Senate Tower and make it look like a kidnapping.

Tarnis escaped into Justicar territory, leaving Salarr and Black Sun with the weaponry and armor promised as per their arrangement. When Zeer confessed the location of Tarnis' original rendezvous site deep within a Black Sun fortress, the gang repelled a Coruscant Security squadron with their Imperial presents. But soon afterwards, the same Jedi who had apprehended Garn rallied the soldiers and penetrated the base. Fearing for his life, Salarr contacted Tarnis and requesting immediate aid, but upon seeing the Republic forces entering the command center, Tarnis abandoned Salarr to his fate. He was killed by the Jedi after refusing to surrender to Republic custody.


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