Saleucami Fleet Action
Saleucami Fleet Action
A Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor chases two Red Talon Fighters
Vital statistics
Location Hutt Space
Rewards Credits Credits (330)
Fleet commendation 1 Fleet Commendation
Level Available 12
Ship Grade Any
Duration 4:31

This quest is received at the same time Cartel Listening Station is received after you receive your ship. This Space Battle along with the Cartel Listening Station comprise the two missions of the Operation Echo Quake player mission.


You must protect an Imperial squadron that was ambushed by Republic forces in an asteroid field of the planet Saleucami. The attacking Republic forces inlcude a well known pilot named Nezhel "Sunspot" Othren. So this is a chance to take him out as well.


Primary Objectives

  • Eliminate the BT-7 Thunderclap ("Sunspot")
  • Eliminate the Red Talon Fighters - 5


  • Obliterate Talon Fighters and turrets - 50
  • Destroy shield generators - 8


For the normal Talon Fighters, only use your blaster cannons. Save your torpedoes for the Red Talon Fighters. You will get the opportunity to fire on 6 Red Talan Fighters, that come in pairs of 2. Each time they will come in on the left side. You might try to take them out with blaster cannons only if you are able to target them quickly and stay focused on them with blaster fire. You'll have plenty of opportunity to get your 50 count of regular Talon Fighters. If you find you are unsuccessful on taking out more than one of a pair during an encounter, you can either choose to fire torpedoes before they are out of reach, or switch to just using torpedoes on the next pairs to play it safe.

"Sunspot" will appear mid-way through coming in from the upper left with a full squadron. You probably want to use torpedoes to take him out, unless you've upgraded your ship to Grade 2 gear. If you don't take him out on your first encounter, he will reappear so you can finish him off.

The Destroyer that appears toward the end of the battle deals a lot of damage so be more careful of taking damage if you are already getting low prior to it showing up. Game hints suggest that your shields don't regenerate while firing, so holding back on indiscriminate fire prior to this encounter could help ensure your shields are at their best.

If you have Grade 2 gear you can pretty much handle all the Red Talon Fighters, normal Talon Fighters and "Sunspot" with your upgraded blaster cannons. So you might choose to save your torpedoes for the frigates and destroyers, especially if you would like to see if you can destroy any of them.

See Space Combat for general gameplay mechanics.


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