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Sammo Kob

Sammo Kob

Level 48 Melee NPC

Species: [[Twi'lek]]
Gender: Male
Health: 4970
Planet: [[Republic Fleet]]
Region: [[Carrick Station]]
Location: [-4802, -4690]

[[Category:Republic Fleet NPCs]][[Category:Twi'lek NPCs]]

Sammo Kob is a male twi'lek smuggler encountered on Carrick Station, the space station that serves as the command center for the Republic Fleet. Kob recognizes that smugglers are often followed by trouble and offers advice those new to the profession.


Sammo Kob has heard rumors that Rogun the Butcher is upset over several events that took place on Ord Mantel, and as a result has begun searching for a young smuggler. Kob believes it's important that those in the smuggling business watch out for one another. He's begun instructing any young smugglers he encounters to speak with "Lefty" Grandarak about learning a few tricks that might help keep them alive when trouble comes calling.

Begins mission
Galactic Republic Icon class smuggler.png [10] Advanced Training: Smuggler

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