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Satal Keto
Satal Keto
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Satal Keto was a male Human Sith sorcerer from the world of Empress Teta who was part of a particularly Force-sensitive family, including his father Lord Keto, his aunt Lady Magda Keto and his cousin Aleema Keto. Together he and Aleema would co-found the Krath, a secret dark side cult that successfully overthrew the Tetan Monarchy and proclaimed themselves the rulers of the Empress Teta system.

After taking control of the system, he and Aleema would accept the rogue Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma into their ranks, a decision that left Satal increasingly frustrated as Qel-Droma steadily earned favour with Aleema, going so far as to eventually becoming her lover. Satal would ultimately attempt to assassinate Qel-Droma once the "rogue" Jedi had been revealed - in actuality - as a Jedi infiltrator.

The assassination attempt failed and Satal goaded Qel-Droma into a duel in the Krath command compound known as the Iron Citadel. The duel, which favoured Qel-Droma from the outset, ended with Qel-Droma striking down Satal in an enraged state. Though Satal was mortally wounded, he taunted Qel-Droma one last time and told the former Jedi that his death was the culmination of his far-reaching plan to turn Qel-Droma to the dark side of the Force, a plan which ultimately succeeded.

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