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Saylew was a Twi'lek male who was a pilgrim in Kalikori Village on Tython during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. He was a veteran of fights against Tython's native Flesh Raiders, and lost his wife to the Raiders after an attack on the village. Enraged, he confronted the Jedi Master Orgus Din, blaming the Jedi Order for failing to defend the innocent. The apprentice of Din arrived then, and with the help of Ranna Tao'Ven, convinced Saylew to return home and mourn his deceased spouse.

Continuing to battle the Flesh Raiders, Saylew, along with Moorint and Eseni, were contacted by Bengel Morr, the leader of the Flesh Raider uprising, and asked to deliver Din to him and kill his apprentice in exchange for the attacks on Kalikori Village to cease. They accepted accepted, without the knowledge of Tao'Ven, who had taken her mother's place as Matriarch upon her death, and lured Din away from the village using a signal decoy that would hopefully lead to Din's death. Upon the apprentice's return from assaulting a Flesh Raider stronghold, Morrint injected the apprentice with a sedative. When Tao'Ven demanded to know why, Moorint explained that the Padawan had to die for the safety of the village. The apprentice interjected, Force-persuading the three to lay down their weapons and leave peacefully.

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Saylew can be killed by the Padawan if the player decides not to use The Force to persuade them to leave, or if the player attacks outright.


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