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Scavenging (Crew Skills)

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"Scavenging is the art of salvaging useful parts and base materials such as metals, alloys and synthetic compounds from potential technological resources–junk piles, fallen droids, abandoned cargo and broken-down vehicles. The crafting skills Armormech, Armstech and Cybertech utilize Scavenging resources. Scavengers can send their companions on missions to gather resources.

Recommended Crafting Skills: Armormech, Armstech and Cybertech.
―In-game Codex (Crew Skills)[src]

Scavenging is one of the four Gathering Skills. It involves the art of recovering useful materials from parts of old or damaged technology.

This crafting skill has levels from 1 - 400.

When performing a Gathering skill you send one of your five companions out to perform the task. The starting tasks take 3 minutes and get longer as you earn skill points. There are also times you can earn blue/purple scavenging items that require a high level for example 250.

thumb|300px|right|SWTOR Scavenging GuideYou can have all your companions working on this skill but after awhile less of them at the current level will be available, you can still go back to previous levels and choose those missions until they return. You also can perform scavenging on droid types that you kill in the game. When you perform this if a companion is with you they will take care of it so you can keep doing what you need to.

Scavenging is also useful in many flash points. It allows you to access shortcuts only available to people with the scavenging skill. It also allows you to repair some droids to fight alongside you or even heal you and your party.

Recommended Skills

Below are the recommended skills to be taken alongside Scavenging:

Crafting Skills

Armstech Icon1 Armstech
Armormech Icon1 Armormech
Cybertech Icon1 Cybertech

Sub skill for Cybertech should be Scavenging, with this you can scavenge not only from the Missions which cost money but from Droids and piles of scrap in certain areas specially derilect vehicles and downed ships in war zones. Lower level characters can enjoy scavenging while on missions on Coruscant in the Justicar, Black Sun and The works on your way to the Jedi Temple a Few runs through each of these places and taking care to watch the map and the area for those scrap piles and downed droids.


Name Grade Type
Silica 1 Compound
Desh 1 Metal
Laminoid 1 Compound
Aluminium 1 Metal
Plastoid 2 Compound
Bronzium 2 Metal
Plasteel 2 Compound
Chanlon 2 Metal
Lacqerous 3 Compound
Phobium 3 Metal
Fibermesh 4 Compound
Bondite 4 Metal
Resinite 4 Compound
Diatium 4 Metal
Zal Alloy 6 Compound
Durasteel 6 Metal
Conductive Flux 60-149 Crafting Material
Insulating Flux 150-229 Crafting Material
Brazing Flux 230-309 Crafting Material
Thermoplast Flux 310-400 Crafting Material

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