Schematic: RD-05A Sniper Bracers

Requires Armormech (230)
RD-05A Sniper Bracers

Use: Learn to craft this item.

Schematic: RD-05A Sniper Bracers is a schematic that can be used by Armormechs in order to learn how to craft Prototype-quality wrists slot medium armor. This schematic provides the instructions needed in order to create RD-05A Sniper Bracers.


Slicing crew skill

Schematic: RD-05A Sniper Bracers is part of the level 34 Prototype-quality random loot table. It can be obtained as a random loot drop from mobs of the appropriate level range. Additionally, it can be found inside Gilded Prototype Storage Boxes.

Dropped item
  • Loot list/Level 34 Prototype


Schematic: RD-05A Sniper Bracers can be used by Armormechs in order to obtain the schematic needed to create RD-05A Sniper Bracers, Prototype-quality medium armor that can be equipped in a character's wrists equipment slot.

Schematic taught
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