"Shortly after the end of the war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, a series of scandals revealed corruption inside Ord Mantell’s government. Both local journalists and an official Republic Senate investigation proved vital in removing the corrupt cabinet members, but at the same time, a small but vocal group of citizens decided they’d had enough. The protesters declared that the Republic wasn’t doing enough to stop Ord Mantell’s criminal leaders from exploiting common citizens and that any official investigations were “half-measures.” These separatists demanded the planet’s independence. Unsurprisingly, neither the Republic nor Ord Mantell’s leaders were prepared to answer the cries for secession. No one realized how powerful and well-organized the separatists had become until a massive coordinated bombing attack destroyed every major spaceport across the planet. The destruction left the world in chaos, crippling its economy. As the government retaliated against the separatists, Ord Mantell descended into civil war. The separatists’ terms for peace are simple: resignation of Ord Mantell’s entire government, trials and imprisonment of its criminal leaders and the immediate recognition by the Republic of the world’s independence. With a seemingly inexhaustible supply of fresh recruits armed with military-grade weapons, the separatists show no signs of backing down from this fight."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

The Mantellian Separatist Movement is a rebel organization leading an all-out and full-scale insurgency against the Galactic Republic and its corrupt planetary government. They were known to have enough influence and power to take over an entire Republic-held town.

They are actively waging war against both aforementioned war factions.

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