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Servant One was a Sith Pureblood male Sith Lord who served Emperor Vitiate as the leader of the Emperor’s Hand. He was bound to the Emperor to serve as a broken slave, and had no recollection of his name or past life. 

Known Biography

Servant One was witness to the defection of the Emperor's Wrath, a 300-year-old Sith Pureblood called Lord Scourge.

He and his colleague Servant Two identified that a rouge member of the Dark Council, Darth Baras, had silenced the Voice of the Emperor, but being only informational agents of the Emperor's will, they set out to locate a suitable candidate to become the new Wrath. Directing the Wrath to planets based upon the Emperor's will, the two servants of the Hand were able to eventually cripple and destroy Baras, and free the Emperor from his trapped form inside the body of the Voice.

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