Jedi Covenant Is a US East coast PvE server.

History of Name

Jedi Covenant is a secret organization of Jedi headquartered on Coruscant in the time of the Old Sith Wars. It was established after the end of the Great Sith War by Krynda Draay, who felt that it was her failing for not sensing the fall of Exar Kun to the dark side. The Covenant's goal was to use Jedi Consulars as Shadows to search for a shatterpoint that might lead to the resurrection of the Sith, and then take any action necessary to prevent that. The Covenant hated the Sith with a passion, which in itself was an aberration of the Jedi Code. They believed that had such an organization existed before the Sith War, they could have recognized the threat posed by Exar Kun when he was still a Jedi.

Operations Progression



Dark Elite Presence


Infinite Darkness

Pitch Black


Republic Heroes Command

Jawas ate my baby

Keepers of the sacred word


Knights of Starsider

Blinding Light

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