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SWTOR Servers

There are five servers to choose from, after server merges in November 2017. There are no longer PvE/PvP/RP servers, instead, you can enter a PvE or PvP instance on each server, and servers are separated by region and language.


Server Name Open Date Timezone
Satele Shan Nov-08-2017 West
Star Forge Nov-08-2017 East


Server Name Open Date Language
Darth Malgus Nov-08-2017 English
The Leviathan Nov-08-2017 French
Tulak Hord Nov-08-2017 German

Which SWTOR server should I choose?

When you are choosing a new server to transfer to from the list above, keep these points in mind:

  • Timezone. Both NA servers are located in the East Coast, so picking a server is based on preference. Most players play on the weekends or on the weekdays "after work or school". If you have an odd schedule (for example you play in the mornings or middle of the night) try and find a server that syncs up well with your schedule. If you are trying to choose a server due to your unusual playtime schedule, you may even look into playing on a European server if you are in North America, or vice versa. A good way to test this is to make a character on your potential new server, quickly level them off their main planet and head to the fleet. Check the fleet's population during your most frequent playtimes and see if it is what you are expecting.
  • Language. If you only speak English, don't pick a German or French server. On the other hand, if your primary language is not English, but you speak enough to get by, you may want to investigate joining Darth Malgus or either of the North American servers.
  • Guilds. It might be wise to search for a guild to join before you choose a server if you want to do group content like operations, pvp or roleplaying.
  • Top Tier Raiding. Players looking to run the most difficult operations in the game on Master Mode will likely have an easier time finding serious progression guilds on the Satele Shan server, due to it containing the previous Harbinger server.
  • Roleplay. If you are interested in roleplaying, there are no longer any "roleplay" servers. Players may wish to look for a roleplay guild on their new potential server before joining it. Since there are no longer any "roleplay" servers, there is currently no "best RP server", but Star Forge will likely have a healthy RP status due to containing the previous RP-servers Ebon Hawk & Jung Ma for North American players, and Darth Malgus will contain the previous RP-server the Progenitor for European players.

Transferring Servers

It is possible to transfer your characters from one server to another. You can even transfer your character from a European server to a North American server if you want. To transfer a character, log in to, go to your account on the top right, then choose Character Transfer. You will then be able to choose which character you want to transfer, and where you want to transfer it to.

WARNING: Before you transfer your character make sure to empty their mailbox and your GTN listings - they will be deleted. When you transfer, you will lose any outfits you have saved, any strongholds you bought with credits will have to have their initial unlock cost re-paid, your strongholds on your new server will be undecorated, items in your legacy bank will be left behind and you may lose your character name. Make sure you also have room on your new server for your character.

If you want to transfer your legacy but not your main characters, you can create a throwaway character on your old server, then transfer them to your new server. Your legacy will then be on both servers.

What comes with you when you transfer a character:

  • All the items you have equipped
  • All the items in your inventory
  • All the items in your personal bank (green bank)
  • All your current legacy unlocks and achievements (a "copy" is made, so both your new server and old server will have the same legacy unlocks, but they are separate copies and won't stay updated with any new achievements or updates you get)
  • Your stronghold unlocks (the additional rooms you have bought for your strongholds)
  • Your decorations (but they will not be "placed" in your strongholds on your new server)
  • Any stronghold you unlocked with cartel coins (strongholds initially unlocked with credits will have to be re-unlocked for the same price)

What DOES NOT come with you when you transfer a character:

  • Your Character name if it is already taken on your new server (you will be forced to rename your character on the new server - you can now have a space in your character name)
  • Outfits (be careful if you have outfits with expensive dyes or armor you no longer have the original copy of)
  • Mail (it gets deleted)
  • GTN Items (they get deleted)
  • Legacy Currency (including Command Tokens)
  • The way you decorated your stronghold (it will be empty again, but you do not lose your decoration unlocks)
  • Any items in your guild bank, if you have one
  • Any achievements or legacy unlocks you gain on your old server after you transfer will not copy over to your new server, and any new achievements or legacy unlocks you earn on your new server will not copy over to your old server. They get copied, but they are not synced.
  • Characters that use a server transfer will have their Solo and Group Rating reset if they are above 1200 rating. (Changed Oct 2018, update 5.9.3)

How much does it cost to transfer my character in SWTOR?

It currently costs Cartel coin.png 1,000 per character transfer or Cartel coin.png 1,500 for transfering servers from North-America-to-Europe or Europe-to-North-America (cross-region), which means if you are a subscriber you will be able to transfer a character after two/three months of subscription without buying cartel coins via your subscription cartel coin grant. If you are a free to play or preferred player, you can earn cartel coins through achievements. but it will take quite a while to gather enough. You can also buy cartel coins.

There was a temporary price reduction of 90% off. The discount ended a while after the large server merge.


For the servers before Patch 5.5.1, see Server directory (original).

The United Forces update consolidated the remaining 17 original active servers to five new and improved, higher-capacity servers. The server types of PvE, PvP, and RP were also removed, which was replaced by being able to switch between PvE and PvP instances.

Satele Shan

Star Forge

Darth Malgus

The Leviathan

Tulak Hord

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