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"Few beings in the galaxy have seen as many battlefields as Shae Vizla. Her list of victories surpasses even Mandalore himself, and the personal fortune she's amassed after decades as a top-tier mercenary is staggering. The quintessential Mandalorian, Vizla is ruthless in battle, gregarious in close company, and utterly dedicated to perfecting her skills in combat.

Despite (or perhaps because of) her years of success, Vizla has taken fewer and fewer contracts in recent years. Her clan has largely withdrawn from galactic events, sparking rumors that Vizla has had a falling-out with her allies in the Empire, Mandalore, or some other powerful client; others believe she's simply run out of worthy challenges. Whatever the cause, it's questionable whether such a renowned gun-for-hire can remain on the sidelines for long.
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Mandalore the Avenger, born as Shae Vizla, is a female Human Mandalorian and Bounty Hunter. She was known for her assistance during the Sacking of Coruscant during the end of the Great Galactic War, in which she aided the Sith Empire by destroying Coruscant's planetary shield and attacking the Jedi Temple. During Zakuul invasion of the galaxy, Mandalore the Vindicated was slain in the fighting against Zakuul. Shae Vizla would be the one to take the title of Mandalore, becoming Mandalore the Avenger.


Vizla was often employed by the Empire to perform jobs against the Republic but developed a fierce hatred for the Jedi Order when her brother was killed by a Jedi Knight. She took jobs that would specifically target the Republic, including the Empire's initial assault on the planet Alderaan. Rumor has it that she was responsible for Darth Malgus surviving Satele Shan's attack near the end of the battle.

Sacking of Coruscant

Vizla agreed to help the Empire subdue the planet Coruscant to help secure leverage over the Republic during peace summits on Alderaan. She shut down the planetary shield and also assisted in attacking the Republic forces that attempted to drive the Sith out of the Jedi Temple during the Sacking of Coruscant

Galactic War

See Shae Vizla: Bounty Hunter

After the end of the Cold War, Vizla retreated from dealing with the Empire and disappeared from the galaxy. Under the nickname "Torch," she traveled to Rishi and established a full Mandalorian clan. She and the rest of her clan had dealings with the Nova Blade pirate gang, and Torch soon learned that the Blades were working for the Order of Revan. She then stopped all deals with the Blades and moved her clan to a distant island on Rishi in the hope of severing contact with the Order. 

She was later tracked and confronted by an operative who was tracking Revan and the Nova Blades who asked for information on the Order's activities. Torch revealed her true identity to the informant, and after a duel revealed the Order's activities. She, along with members of her clan, assisted the Republic and Empire's battle against Revan on Yavin 4.

Revolt against the Eternal Empire

"When Mandalore the Vindicated fell in battle against the Eternal Empire, Shae Vizla reluctantly assumed leadership over the clans. She had sizable shoes to fill: the fallen Mandalore was popular, respected, even revered. As a lone hunter, Shae had very little experience leading people, much less an entire culture.

With the clans fractured and beaten down after years of war with Zakuul, Shae had to adapt quickly to bring her people together. She proved to be just the leader the Mandalorians needed. Her introductory battle as Mandalore the Avenger was the clans' first victory in six months.

With her impressive track record and ruthless combat tactics, Shae is perfectly suited for wartime leadership. Yet some believe the battle-hardened Mand'alor isn't fit to lead long-term, and the end of the war may see more than one challenge for her title.
―Shae Vizla: Mandalore the Avenger Codex[src]
After the invasion of the Eternal Empire on the Galaxy, Mandalore the Vindicated was slain in the fighting against the Eternal Empire. It would be Shae Vizla who reluctantly would take the title of Mandalore, becoming Mandalore the Avenger. She would begin leading the Mandalorians against the Eternal Throne, introductory battle as Mandalore the Avenger was the clans' first victory in six months. However, despite her combat track record with her ruthless combat tactics to boot, she was perfectly suited for wartime leadership. There are doubts though that she's fit for long-term leadership.

When the Alliance was in need of an army to attack the Zakuul Droid factory on Darvannis, Theron Shan had to offer Shae Vizla a chance to hit back at the Eternal Empire, to which Shae agreed. About dozen Mandalorian clans joined her to Darvannis, her most trusted advisers would join her for the battle to come.


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