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A shield or shield generator is an off-hand item equipable by Sith Juggernauts, Jedi Guardians, Sith Assassins, Jedi Shadows, Vanguards and Powertechs. When equipped, a shield has a chance to mitigate damage caused by kinetic and internal direct strikes, but will not guard against force or tech attacks. When a shield mitigates a blow, a transparent force field shines briefly around the character, indicating that the attack has had its damage reduced. In order to be equipped, shields require the Armor Proficiency: Shield Generator ability.

Shields have an innate 5% chance to activate with a 20% reduction in damage. Each class that can equip a shield generator also has a stance or ammo type such as Soresu Form or Ion Cell that increases shield chance by 15%.

Shield rating improves the chance that a shield will activate. Absorption rating increases the percent of damage a shield mitigates on each successful activation.

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