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The Shock Drum is a superweapon designed by the brilliant Sith scientist Tarnis during the Cold War, the device forms part of the Desolator superweapon. Darth Angral deployed the weapon on Tatooine to test its capability's and destroy the world at the same time.


This lore can be found by

Jedi Knight on Tatooine.


"A prototype superweapon developed in secret by the Republic on Tatooine, the Shock Drum has the potential to destroy an entire planet. Designed to emit a series of sonic bursts, the initial stages of activation disable droids and other electronics in an ever-widening circle with the Shock Drum at the epicenter. The sonic bursts become progressively more intense, with the second stage causing damage and even death to organic life. Left unchecked, the ever-stronger vibrations of the Shock Drum can eventually destabilize a planetary core, causing a world to literally fracture."
―In-game codex[src]
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