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Silence the Son

Level 16-18 mission

Planet [[Balmorra]]
Area [[Outpost Victory]]
Start [[Malavai Quinn]]
End [[Malavai Quinn]]

Silence the Son is a level 16 story quest for the Sith Warrior.


According to Darth Baras, Ensign Durmat, Commander Rylon's son, knows his father's true allegiance and is being held in the brig of Republic Outpost Victory, waiting to be questioned by an investigator sent by the Jedi.

Darth Baras has ordered you to silence Ensign Durmat before he can reveal the truth about Commander Rylon. Head to Republic Outpost Victory and find Ensign Durmat in the brig.''

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Silence the Son mission description


  • Locate Ensign Durmat
    • Defeat the Republic Forces
      • Speak to Ensign Durmat
        • Choice: Kill Ensign Durmat
        • Choice: Retrieve the Amnesia Drug
          • Return to Ensign Durmat
            • Choice: Administer Amnesia Drug or Kill Ensign Durmat
            • Return to Lieutenant Malavai Quinn
  • Throw Away the Key (Bonus)
    • Eliminate Resistance Forces 0/12


  • 19,962 XP
  • Credit 455
  • Light Side Icon + -or- Dark Side Icon +

Select One Reward:

  • Tarnished Pummeler's Chestguard

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