"Rising above the Valley of the Dark Lords, the Sith Academy is a monument to the power of the dark side and the might of the Sith Empire. Would-be students throughout Imperial space compete for the privilege of studying within the Academy halls, but only those strong in the Force are selected–and most of those perish in the struggle to become Sith. Beyond the training rooms lay many secrets that remain hidden to all but the most powerful Sith Lords. Higher levels contain chambers for members of the Dark Council, where few living creatures are permitted. Whispered rumors suggest that the Emperor himself has a sanctum within the Academy, but no one has seen the Emperor on Korriban for many years."
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The Sith Academy on Korriban is a facility dedicated to training Force sensitives in the ways of the Sith and running archaeological projects in the Valley of the Dark Lords.


Established at the back wall of the Valley of the Dark Lords, the exact date of the Academy's founding is lost to history, tracing its roots back to at least the time leading up to the Great Sith War. Following the Sith holocaust of 5,000 BBY, the temple's upper structures were ruined, but this did not prevent the academy from being fully operational as of 3,993 BBY. Despite the Academy's existence, the Jedi Order did not lead an assault on the facility after the conclusion of the war.
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Sith Academy Interior.

Revan's Empire

By the time of the Mandalorian Wars the entrance to the academy was the only surface level structure remaining, with sublevels being employed for the training of apprentices. When Darth Revan and Darth Malak reopened the academy upon their return as Sith Lords to train warriors for their Empire, classes resumed in the sublevels as they trained to fight in the Jedi Civil War. Its students during this time were either Force-sensitives looking to take a side in the conflict, or fallen Jedi, disillusioned with either the Jedi Order, the war or the Republic in general.

Headed by a Headmaster, one of the academy's leaders following the Great Sith War was Jorak Uln, an early headmaster of the who was later succeeded by Uthar Wynn who operated the academy during Lord Revan's reign over the Empire. Unbeknownst to Wynn, Revan had been captured by the Jedi during the war and his memory altered. Revan would return to Korriban in the guise of a Sith apprentice and infiltrate the academy during his search for the lost Rakatan Star Maps. During this time, Revan killed Wynn with the help of fellow apprentice Yuthura Ban, Wynn's own apprentice. After Wynn´s death, Revan convinced Ban to leave the academy and rejoin the Jedi Order. However, the redemption of Yuthura Ban and the death of Wynn caused an uprising at the academy. When leaving the valley, Revan and his crew were interrogated by the Sith Guards about why he left the tomb of Naga Sadow untouched during his visit. Unintentionally revealing his purpose for visiting the tombs, the guards attacked, pitting the entirety of the Academy against the crew of the Ebon Hawk. However, due to the experience and training that the crew had and the sheer power and fighting prowess of the former Dark Lord, they managed to defeat the Sith and escape, killing most of the Sith present at the academy.

The history of the academy all but ended with the climax of the Jedi Civil War. Shortly after the destruction of the Star Forge in the Battle of Rakata Prime, infighting at the academy and elsewhere, known as the Sith Civil War turned Korriban into a graveyard once more. It was looted after the fighting died out and the Academy was abandoned again. It wasn't until 3,951 BBY that Jedi Knight Meetra Surik visited Korriban to search for Jedi Master Lonna Vash. Surik encountered an academy totally different than Revan had during his Star Forge quest: due to lack of Sith teachers, the academy had been completely automated, with students relying on computers for basic training. As Surik wandered the emptied academy, encountering only tuk'ata and cloaked Sith assassins of the Sith Triumvirate, she found Vash's corpse inside an interrogation room. On her way out, she briefly dueled with Darth Sion, however, at the urging of Kreia who preferred not to accompany Surik and thus stayed on the Ebon Hawk she fled the battle, knowing she would have another chance to battle the Sith Lord.

True Sith Empire

The academy was protected by turbolaser batteries during the Great Galactic War.

When the Sith Empire recaptured Korriban and ousted the Republic garrison there during the start of the Great Galactic War, the Empire ordered the reconstruction of the academy and the rejuvenation of the Valley. Rebuilding the pyramid structure that formed the main levels of the academy, the Academy trained hundreds of Sith over the years, swelling the ranks of the Empire's forces. During the Cold War the Sith Empire was losing more Sith than it was gaining, allowing for slaves and even aliens to train and become acolytes, although this was frowned upon by many Imperials.

Eventually the Emperor's Wrath and Darth Nox arrived and were trained, becoming immensely important members of the Sith Empire and reaching apprenticeship far quicker than usual acolytes. The academy was plagued not only by failed acolytes who caused problems outside the academy, but by instructors suspected of not being true Sith. Inquisitor Arzanon and his Intelligence agents patrolled the academy's grounds searching for traitors in their midst.


Following the abandonment of the True Sith Empire, the academy fell into ruin and the Valley of the Dark Lords was forever more a husk of its former glory. While Sith would return to Korriban over the centuries, the old academy would never be reoccupied. When the Brotherhood of Darkness took up residence on the planet, they erected their own academy in nearby Dreshdae.


The Academy is a very spacious building with three levels. The facility boasts countless rooms and long, sprawling passages. [1] Including a Main Hall, Interrogation room and training facilities.

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