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Sith Empire Sith Assassin Sith Empire
Sith Assassin
Faction: Sith Empire
Starting planet: Korriban
Base class: Sith Inquisitor
Advanced classes: Sith Assassin
Sith Sorcerer
Republic Counterpart: Jedi Shadow

Assassins leap from the shadows, channeling Force Lightning through their double-bladed lightsabers to disable and drain their enemies. They are masters of subterfuge, feared by even the most terrible opponents.


Once a Sith Inquisitor selects Sith Assassin as their advanced class, they receive a Assassin Supply Pack which contains:

Skill trees[]

  • Darkness: Focuses on defensive techniques to help protect the Assassin and their allies.
  • Deception: Enhances the Assassin's stealth ability, helping them sneak up and dispatch their foes.
  • Hatred: Increases the Inquisitor's mastery of the Force to drain and corrupt their enemies.


Ability Level
Shieldgeneratorproficiency [Armor Proficiency: Shield Generator] 10
Assassinstraining [Assassin's Training] 10
Spinningstrike [Lacerate] 10
Chargedsaber [Lightning Charge] 10
Shadowwalk [Stealth] 10
Doublebladedlightsabers [Weapon Proficiency: Double-Bladed Lightsaber] 10
Electrostaves [Weapon Proficiency: Electrostaff] 10
Darksaber [Dark Charge] 12
Discharge [Discharge] 12
Taunt [Mind Control] 14
[Charge Mastery] 15
Sitwilekrenegade [Guard] 16
Massdisorientation [Mass Mind Control] 20
Mindtrap [Mind Trap] 20
Disappear [Blackout] 22
Force [Force Cloak] 22
Lightsaberreflection [Deflection] 24
Sunderingassault [Maul] 26
[Exploitive Strikes] 28
Disorientingblow [Assassinate] 32
[Trashing Blades] 35
Shadowcloak [Force Shroud] 36
Spike [Spike] 42
Sithwarrior [Overcharge Saber] 50
[Phantom Stride] 51


The Sith Assassin is a stealthy hidden and dangerous Sith member. The Sith Assassin is a sith inquisitor advanced class. The Sith Assassin has many abilities (shown below and above). This Sith is a Master of Spec-Ops Techniques (not referring MWF and all Those call of duty games. It's, its own thing.) Heres a quick list of things the sith assassin can do.

  1. The sith assassin Carries a Double Bladed LightSaber for deadly attacks.
  2. The sith assassin is a master of stealth and popping out of no where.
  3. The sith assassin is More up in you're face the the sith Sorcerer. (Due to having stealth as being a CRC (Close Range Combat) fighter.)
  4. The sith assassin is most experienced in the ways of subterfuge and deception. (Info on Deception Tier is above this.)

The sith assassin does have abilities like lightning and shock. But the sith assassin does have the ability to charge his/her lightsaber. Which gives them more power in saber strikes. You can see more abilities underneath this whole section. It will say more than what I can. But just know that the sith assassin is always going to be a Hidden and Dangerous fighter. Once you see him coming don't bet that you will have an easy fight. As a Sith Assassin you should become a master of subterfuge. But this advice it good for RPG servers. And in an RP-PVP subterfuge would be good if you wish to betray your guild. If you are on a pure PVP server, know this. The best way to get around is to be a higher level. Best idea. If you wish to be a Sith Assassin you're going to need to be good at using Stealth to you're advantage. If you wish to be a Sith Sorcerer then please take notice that this website does have a Guide to a Sith Sorcerer. The acumen of the Assassin is very well made. The Assassin should also be anomalistic. An assassin that goes into FP and WZ (Flashpoints and Warzones) that is between level 20-50+ Would make a good bellwether (Leader). For most assassins you should probably want to get more Dual-Bladded Lightsabers. But electro-staffs would be handy to. Good luck fellow Assassin. May the force be with you.