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Every Discipline of the Sith Assassin and the Jedi Shadow has the same Utility Points.

List of Assassin/Shadow Utility Points[]

Utility Point Assassin Utility Point Shadow Tier
[Avoidance] [Celerity] Skillful
[Opressing Force] [Pinning Resolve] Skillful
[Shapeless Spirit] [Mental Defense] Skillful
[Obfuscation] [Misdirection] Skillful
[Lambaste] [Lambaste] Skillful
[Insulation] [Shadowy Veil] Skillful
[Electric Bindings] [Force Wake] Skillful
[Snaring Slashes] [Snaring Strikes] Skillful
[Disjunction] [Mind Over Matter] Masterful
[Static Cling] [Subduing Techniques] Masterful
[Fade] [Fade] Masterful
[Nerve Wracking] [Nerve Wracking] Masterful
[Emersion] [Egress] Masterful
[Sapped Mind] [Sapped Mind] Masterful
[Audacity] [Force Harmonics] Masterful
[Speed Surge] [Kinetic Acceleration] Masterful
[Magnetism] [Humbling Strike] Heroic
[Assassin's Shelter] [Shadow's Shelter] Heroic
[Haunted Dreams] [Containment] Heroic
[Dark Stability] [Sturdiness] Heroic
[Hand of Darkness] [Martial Prowess] Heroic
[Shroud of Madness] [Cloak of Resilience] Heroic
[Gait Manipulation] [Motion Control] Heroic
[Phasing Phantasm] [One with the Shadows] Heroic