Sith Fighter (Jedi Civil War)
Sith Fighter
Production information
Star Forge
Technical specifications
7 meters
Max speed
1,250 km/h (atmosphere)
2 Laser cannons
1 Pilot
Combat fighter

The Sith Fighter, also known as the Sith Interceptor, was a starfighter that was used by the forces of Darth Revan and Darth Malak during the Jedi Civil War.


The design of the Sith Fighter was a hybrid of various technologies, untraceable to any products originating from the known Galaxy, and were unique to the Rakatan space borne shipyard, the Star Forge. The craft obviously had not been designed with the safety of the pilot in mind. The fighter was powered by a prototype twin ion drive system of Rakatan origin, it was seen only in this design and it allowed the craft to reach speeds of over 1,200 km/h. The Sith Fighters design consisted of a hull that housed the cockpit and subsystems, attached to two wing panels, with the weapon systems mounted in the panels. An exclusive feature to this design, was the fighter's ability to fold up its wing panels and turn off it's weapon systems when landed or traveling long distances in order to conserve energy. Roaring into combat, the wings unfolded to a length of 7 meters, while its small front and back profiles made it a difficult target to attack.

Swarm tacics

The colossal manufacturing capabilities of the Star Forge allowed for the Sith Fighter to be produced on a massive scale, and the versatile design of the fighter ensured that craft were capable of being tightly packed in the landing bays of their carriers, such as the Centurion-class battlecruiser, and could be launched moments after the carrier arrived on the battlefield.


The Sith Fighter first appeared when Revan and Malak returned to the Galactic Republic to conquer it, after the Mandalorian Wars. While many of their capital ships were Republic Navy vessels that had defected, the majority of their space borne forces were made of these starfighters. Produced by the Star Forge, they could be easily stored in cargo bays, so a single carrier could deliver swarms into battle. Furthermore, they were quick to scramble, allowing them to strike first with deadly effiency. Darth Nihilus and the Sith Triumvirate also made use of the Sith Fighter, during their campaign against the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order.



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A Sith Fighter in storage.

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