The force powers and abilities for the Sith Inquisitor include;

Starting Force powers and abilities

Name Cast time Cooldown Force cost Range Description
Seethe 15s (Channeled) None None Self Pause to prepare for the coming fight, restoring health and force. Damage causes the effect to end prematurely. Cannot be used during combat.
Saber Strike Instant None None 4m Deals 100% weapon damage spread across a flurry of three melee attacks.
Shock Instant 6s 60 15m Shocks the target with high energy damage

Trainable Force powers and abilities

Name Level learned Cast time Cooldown Force cost Range Description
Overload (Rank 1) 4 Instant 30s 20 8m Deals moderate energy damage and knockback to all enemies within 8m. Standard and weak enemies are additionally knocked down for 3s.
Electrocute 8 Instant 60s 30 30m Electrocutes the target, dealing low damage and stunning it for 4s.
Force Whirlwind 8 Instant 60s 30 30m Traps the target in a whirlwind for 60s. Any damage will end the effect prematurely
Unbreakable Will 8 Instant 2m None Self Summon the unbreakable will of the Sith, immediately freeing you of all incapacitating and controlling effects.
Lightning Drain (Rank 2) 10 3s (Channeled) 15s None 15m

Deals very high energy damage to the target and restores Force over the duration of the effect. Lightning Drain also slows the movement speed of the target by 50% , and stuns weak and standard enemies.

Backlash 14 Instant 2m 60 Self Surrounds the caster in a lightning shield, increasing resistance to damage by 25% for 15s. In addition, once per second, the shield shocks melee attackers dealing low energy damage.
Force speed 24 Instant 20s None Self Increases movement speed by 70% for 2s. Does not break stealth.
Sacrifice 26 Instant 10s None 100m Sacrifice companion for instant health to 75% of your total health.
Cloud Mind 28 Instant 60s 60 Clouds the mind of an enemy, instantly lowering the threat to a moderate amount.
Deflection 32 Instant 2m None Self Increase the chance of deflecting blaster bolts by 70% for 15s.
Nightmare 46 Instant 2m 60 10m Send a nightmare down upon all enemies within 8m causing them to cower in fear for 8s. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely.
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