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Sith Empire Sith Juggernaut Sith Empire
Sith Juggernaut
Faction: Sith Empire
Starting planet: Korriban
Base class: Sith Warrior
Advanced classes: Sith Juggernaut
Sith Marauder
Republic Counterpart: Jedi Guardian

A stalwart vanquisher of all who oppose them, the Juggernaut embodies the teachings of Marka Ragnos, charging into enemies with heavy armor and pure rage.


Sith Juggernauts are powerful and defensible warriors that wear heavy armor and can crush targets with the Force. Juggernauts can rip their target's armor apart with Sundering Assault, intercept damage with Intercede, and those specialized as an Immortal can endure a great deal of damage and threaten enemies away from allies.

Juggernaut primary abilities[]

These abilities are shared across all three combat proficiencies.

Ability Level Type
Shieldgeneratorproficiency [Armor Proficiency: Focus] 1 Passive
Heavyarmors [Armor Proficiency: Heavy] 1
Shieldgeneratorproficiency [Armor Proficiency: Shield Generator] 1
Retaliation[Retaliation] 2
Sunderingassault [Sundering Assault] 4
Adrenelinerush [Endless Rage] 5
Lightsaberdeflection [Blade Turning] 10
Taunt [Taunt] 14
Chillingpresence [Chilling Scream] 15
Sitwilekrenegade [Guard] 16
Ragingassault [Raging Assault] 18
Intimidatingpresence [Threatening Scream] 20
Rage [Enrage] 22
[Single Saber Mastery] 25
Regenerate [Endure Pain] 28
Forcethrow [Force Push] 30
Saberthrowsith [Saber Throw] 36
Identifyweakness [Enraged Defense] 38
Swwarhardenednoble [Intercede] 50
Saberreflectguardian [Saber Reflect] 51

Combat proficiencies[]

Tank Immortal - As the toughest of the warriors, the Immortal Juggernaut can withstand even the most brutal assaults. Using the Force to turn nearly invincible for short bursts of time and to deliver crushing blows to the enemy, this Juggernaut is capable of taking a beating and giving one, too.
Damage Vengeance - When embracing the dark side of the Force, vengeance can be a powerful ally. With sustained and ruthless lightsaber thrusts delivered in the lithe Shien Form, the vengeance juggernaut increases damage without sacrificing defense, an ideal combination of tenacity and viciousness.
Damage Rage - Fueled by extreme rage, a Sith Warrior can reach new heights of destructive power. Furiously striking at one or more foes with bursts of hate and anger, the Rage Juggernaut forges ahead, the dark side of the Force providing ever more opportunities to crush and obliterate the enemy.

Immortalclassico Vengeanceclassico Rageclassico Level Type
Aegisassault[Aegis Assault] Shatter[Shatter] Ragingburst [Raging Burst] 10 Active
527593 [Soresu Form] Shien [Shien Form] Decimate [Decimate] 12 Passive
Utility Point 14 Passive
[Heavy Handed] Bloodbath [Bloodbath] Spike[Shii-Cho Mastery] 16 Passive
[Quake] Rampage [Rampage] [Saber Strength] 20 Passive
Utility Point 22 Passive
[Lash Out] [Draining Scream] [Dark Resonance] 24 Passive
[Crushing Blow] [Impale] [Obliterate] 26 Active
[Rule of Two] [Ruin] [Battle Cry] 28 Passive
Utility Point 30 Passive
[Blade Barricade] [Ravager] [Overpower] 32 Passive
[Sweeping Fury] [Vengeance] [Dominate] 36 Passive
Utility Point 38 Passive
[Force Grip] [Eviscerate] [Cascading Power] 40 Passive
[Backhand] [Hew] [Force Crush] 42 Active
[Sonic Barrier] [Sundering Throw] [Shockwave] 44 Passive
Utility Point 46 Passive
[Conquering Defense] [Brawn] [Gravity Manipulation] 48 Passive
[Revenge] [Savagery] [Brutality] 52 Passive
Utility Point 54 Passive
[Dark Blood] [Deafening Defense] [Force Lash] 56 Passive
[Invincible] [Vengeful Slam] [Furious Strike] 58 Active
[Consuming Power] [Destroyer] [Furious Power] 60 Passive
Utility Point 62 Passive
[Pillar of Strength] [Gushing Veins] [Enveloping Rage] 64 Passive
[Defensive Slashes] [Bloodmaster] [Fuming Rage] 68 Passive
Utility Point 70 Passive

Utility points[]

Payback[Payback] [Warmonger] [Overwhelm]
Pathcarver[Path Carver] [Deadly Reprisal] [Unyielding]
[Pooled Hatred] [Crushing Fist] [Sonic Wall]
[Strangulate] [Unstoppable] [Unshackling Rage]
[War Bringer] [Through Passion] Template:Seething Hatred
[Hardened Defense] [Through Power] [Consuming Rage]
[Through Victory] [Piercing Chill] [Thrown Gauntlet]
[Extending Roar] [Intimidating Presence] [Reckoning]