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Every Discipline of the Sith Juggernaut and the Jedi Guardian has the same Utility Points.

List of Juggernaut/Guardian Utility Points[]

Utility Point Juggernaut Utility Point Guardian Tier
Payback Second Wind Skillful
Warmonger Battlefield Command Skillful
Unyielding Defiance Skillful
Overwhelm Debilitation Skillful
Path Carver Trailblazer Skillful
Unstoppable Unremitting Skillful
Deadly Reprisal Narrowed Focus Skillful
Unshackling Rage Focused Freedom Skillful
Pooled Hatred Gather Strength Masterful
Oppressor Intervention Masterful
Crushing Fist Purifying Sweep Masterful
Sonic Wall Guardianship Masterful
Strangulate Pulse Masterful
Emboldening Scream Inspiring Force Masterful
Seething Hatred Preparation Masterful
War Bringer Ardent Advocate Masterful
Thrown Gauntlet Jedi Warden Heroic
Intimidating Presence Daunting Presence Heroic
Through Passion Through Peace Heroic
Intercessor Intercessor Heroic
Whiplash Whiplash Heroic
Consuming Rage Peaceful Focus Heroic
Through Power True Harmony Heroic
Through Victory Cut Loose Heroic