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Sith Empire Sith Marauder Sith Empire
Sith Marauder
Faction: Sith Empire
Starting planet: Korriban
Base class: Sith Warrior
Advanced classes: Sith Juggernaut
Sith Marauder
Republic Counterpart: Jedi Sentinel

Entrusted with the task of destroying those who stand in the way of their allies, the dual-wielding Marauder embodies the teachings of Naga Sadow. Never hesitating, never faltering, there is no swifter enforcer in the galaxy.

Skill trees[]

  • Annihilation - Mastering the aggressive Juyo form, the Annihilation Marauder destroys enemies from within.
  • Carnage - Focuses on acrobatic Lightsaber techniques that strike quickly and lethally.
  • Fury - Allows the Warrior greater control of the Force and further mastery of the Shii-Cho form.


Ability Level
Batteringassault [Battering Assault] 10
Berserk [Berserk] 10
Cloakofpain [Cloak of Pain] 10
Duelwield [Dual Wield] 10
Brooding [Fury] 10
[Enraged Slash] 12
Juyo [Juyo Form] 14
Lowslash old [Crippling Slash] 16
Predation [Predation] 22
Obfuscate [Obfuscate] 26
Slicedroid [Disable Droid] 28
Feint [Force Camouflage] 30
Shadowcloak [Undying Rage] 38
Bloodthirst [Bloodthirst] 44
Frenzy [Frenzy] 48
Frenzy [Short Fuse] 50
Conaldualsaberthrowmarauder [Dual Saber Throw] 51


  • Advanced Class: Sith Marauder